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The Alternate Universe BBS is a Computer Bulletin Board System that is dedicated to Gay and Lesbian Fandom. If you have a computer and modem you can connect with other Gaylaxian members and Science Fiction and Fantasy fans world-wide.

The Alternate Universe BBS started out as a way for Gaylaxians members who were separated by geographic distances to communicate with each other. What it has grown into is a full-fledge Gay Fandom conversation environment. We will be an on-line archive for Affiliates Newsletters. We have created Gaylaxiarf topical conversation area that include Gaylaxian Roleplaying, Cay Comics, Gaylaxicon IV, and Gay and Lesbian Science Fiction and Fantasy!

The Alternate Universe is a member of FidoNet and UseNet and carries world-wide conversation echos on Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Science Fiction Lovers. The Alternate Universe is PC PURSUITable and runs Quick Point Mail Express (QMX). QMX alloys users to download messages and read/reply offline thus keeping phone bills low.

To become a member of the Alternate Universe BBS you will need to get your affiliates password from your group leader. We accept 300, 1200, and 2400 bps modem calls. Our number is:


The Alternate Universe BBS is operated by Joe Leonard, one of the co-founders of Capital District Gaylaxians. For more information write:

The Alternate Universe BBS

c/o G.D.G.

P.O. Box 66054

Albany, NY 12206 FidoNet: 1:267/202 UserNet: uunet!neis!gaylax!leo InterNet: neis!gaylax!leo@uunet

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