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Doctor Who was one of the longest-running shows in television history, sci-fi or otherwise. For more than 30 years the good doctor from Gallifrey travelled in the tardis with different companions in his various incarnations and had encounters with all manner of strange creatures, the most notable being the Daleks with their harsh cry "Ex-ter-mi-nate!" Although the show ceased production several years ago, apart from a telemovie, it is still alive and well in the hearts and Websites of its many fans.

There are dozens if not hundreds of sites devoted to Doctor Who, especially in Britain and the USA. On the whole the ones I looked at were better on information than pictures, but that's not to say there aren't good graphics out there. Only a small sample can be examined here, but many have links to others, and the Whovian with time to spare should have hours of nostalgic fun.

Doctor Who Home Page This is a text-based page but it is up-to-date and highly informative. There's a huge FAQ section covering the history of the show, the "lost" episodes, various aspects of fandom with addresses, and much more. The site also has an impressive list of links.

Doctor Who In Detail 3 Given the Doctor's ability to regenerate periodically (a handy device to explain the cast changes), it seems appropriate that this site should be in its third incarnation. Under each Doctor is a season-by-season list of episodes with broadcast details and cast and credits information. A brief note on each season overall is included.

There is also a page of statistics including the number of times the most famous baddies appeared.

It's informative but a bit dry, and there are no episode summaries.

Doctor Who Appreciation Society Formed in 1976, the DWAS has some 2500 members. If you want to join, there are details of how to do it, as well as some news (such as the deaths of cast members) and, most interestingly perhaps, some on-line back issues of the Society's magazine with articles, reviews, interviews and humour for the Whovian.

The Doctor Who Blooper List Doctor Who was never a show renowned for its state of the art special effects or high production values. This site is a lovingly detailed episode by episode catalogue of the dialogue gaffes, on camera crew members, continuity errors and other mistakes made during the filming. It's a lot of fun for the fan with a sense of humour (or the chronic nitpicker).

Mr T Versus the Cybermen One of a number of parodies of the show on the Net, this one magically puts the A-Team's strongman into a graphic novel-like Doctor Who scenario with dialogue bubbles to match. (T calls the Doc "Time Fool!"). Fun if you're in the mood.

Home of the Tardis This site "just for the fun of it" contains an array of bits and pieces including screensavers, wallpaper, sounds and a Dalek game. The creator is happy for anyone to take and enjoy anything, a marked contrast to the territoriality of some sites (then again, if you've put a lot of work into something, it's galling to see it turn up elsewhere, especially when you're uncredited).

Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time (Travel) This site lists characters and companions and has brief story synopses by doctor. It links to other news pages and also has brief mentions of the Doctor's forays into other media (books, films, radio and so on).

The Ms Doctor Who Page Why hasn't there ever been a female incarnation of the Doctor? This page offers a bit of discussion and some links on the topic, notably to The Time Grrrl as well as a bit of fan art and fiction. Not too much here but a different perspective.

Who Link: Doctor Who On the World Wide Web If you're overwhelmed by the sheer number of Who sites you might like to start here, an annotated list of links.

Doctor Who Guide This site offers brief episode summaries, a few pictures, information on companions and major enemies and the show's origins as well as some RealAudio sounds.

Outpost Gallifrey An American site, proving the Doctor's international appeal, that also covers Babylon 5, Star Trek and Star Wars. It features an episode list, book reviews, a chronology and links.

Scott McLauchlar's Home Page An Australian fan's page with a list of Australiana web sites including the Doctor Who Club of Australia's site.

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