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Yes, Doctor Who is back tonight. And, yes, it's a new episode. These days, given constant last-minute schedule changes, interruptions, hassles and headaches, viewers can be thankful for every scrap of reliable information they can get. Of course, all this is subject to change.

Assuming an asteroid doesn't hit the Earth, The Lodger, the 11th episode in the new Doctor Who's fifth season will air as scheduled.

It's a playful, gentle outing, full of warm, witty banter between the Doctor (Matt Smith) and the portly homebody (James Corden) he decides to share a room with, temporarily, in the historical English army town of Colchester.

The Lodger revolves around a mysterious stranger who lives upstairs. No one ever sees him, except in dark silhouette or shadow, but at least he's quiet and keeps to himself, for the most part.

The Lodger is a parody of horror-movie conventions, from the strange creaks and groans in the middle of the night, the skewed camera angles, to ghostly little girls chanting, "Please, can you help me?" Then there's the mysterious watermark on the ceiling that keeps spreading.

"I wouldn't touch that, if I were you," the Doctor cautions his wide-eyed roommate, and you just know the roomie will do exactly that - though when, how and under what circumstances is harder to guess.

One of Doctor Who's most disarming traits is the way it sets the viewer up to expect something, and then delivers when one least expects it.

Here's another surprise. Tonight's episode is funny. At one point, the Doctor joins a neighbourhood game of pickup soccer and it's a delight to watch.

Tonight's outing is a joyful respite, and a setup for the heart-wrenching two-part season finale, which is supposed to air next week, but these days only psychics, Timelords and network schedule planners know for sure.

(Space - 7 p.m.)

Caption: Corden & Smith: witty bantering.

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