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IN TURKEY, they think of it as a comedy show. In California, it has become a cult. In New York, viewers digest it along with their breakfast cereals.

It's 'Dr Who' — the BBC's record breaking space-fiction show which greets 1980 with a new episode starting on Saturday. The imperturbable Time-lord with two hearts and a tin-dog called K9 is punting down the river Cam. But the doctor does not enjoy the calm of Cambridge for long. The planet Shada is in trouble and there is a baddie called Skagara to be put in his place.

Fans would be livid if we revealed any more of the story line — but the BBC has no plans for killing off Dr Who, and Tom Baker is happy to go on playing him 'until the viewers start reaching for the Off button'.

Baker is the fourth actor to be Dr Who (the others were William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee). 'People ask me if I ever get tired of playing Dr Who and if I'm afraid of becoming typecast,' he said. 'The answer is that I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. When I report for work at the BBC, I read the schedules for all the other shows and ask myself: "Is there anybody doing anything I'd rather be doing?" And there isn't. Then I ask: "Is there anybody who would rather be doing Dr Who?" And there are plenty.'

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