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Doctor Two (The Sun) (2013)


  • Publication: The Sun
  • Date: 2013-11-23
  • Author:
  • Page: TV Magazine, p. 6
  • Language: English

The tenth and 11th Time Lord, David Tennant, 42, and Matt Smith, 31, reveal all on the star-studded special marking 50 years of Doctor Who

How does it feel to be back playing the Doctor after three years, David?

DAVID: It's been really good fun. I did think: 'Surely I'm too old to be doing this now?' and there are lots of things that you become nervous about: 'What if Matt thinks I'm stepping on his toes? Or what if I can't remember how to do it?' And people almost expected Matt and me to be at loggerheads, but we've really enjoyed it.

MATT: David's a brilliant Doctor. It's quite strange, I always have this surreal thought where I look at him and think: 'Oh my God, there's Doctor Who!' It was exciting to see him back in his pinstriped suit and Converse [trainers]. I just enjoyed spending time with him and it was enlightening to compare his experience with my experience as the Doctor.

DAVID: With this show, there is so much excitement and enthusiasm for it that the lead-up to being here is often more of a delight than actually shooting it! There are lines and the pressures of filming, so for the 50th you have to put aside the idea that you're making a moment in television history or it would paralyse you.

Did you ever expect to come back to the show?

DAVID: Well, I left Doctor Who very happy and the expectation had been that I'd end up in this special because there is a precedent for old Doctors coming back for an anniversary. I think people think I've been lying for months — if not , years — about not knowing this was happening, but it genuinely was alarmingly last minute. I still watch Doctor Who every time it's on, along with the rest of the nation, and 50 years is quite a legacy, a huge thing for television in general, so I'm honoured to be part of such a celebration.

Of course, you both play two different incarnations of the time-travelling Doctor — what's the dynamic between your characters?

DAVID: It's delicious to be handed a situation that's so original, and a character meeting a version of himself is not something you come across in a lot of drama. To get to play that with someone as quick and brilliant as Matt is nothing short of jolly good fun.

MATT: Our Doctors sort of get on, then they don't get on and then they get on again... it's like two brothers who are evenly matched, fencing a lot.

DAVID: Our two Doctors bicker a little but they also quite like each other. And there aren't as many lines to learn when there's more than one of you!

What are you most excited about seeing in the 50th anniversary special?

MATT: I think Doctor Who was born to be in 3D, so that's really exciting [the episode will air in 3D in cinemas at the same time as the BBC broadcast]. You've got all sorts of things that are going to look great in 3D — the TARDIS landing in Trafalgar Square, with me dangling underneath. I had to persuade them to let me go up. It was 90ft, raining and really windy and I was hanging from a wire, but I had the most wonderful view of London. The Zygons are also back. But for me it's about the meeting of the two Doctors.



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That's the bit of the script that I loved doing. Having David and Billie [Piper, who plays Doctor's assistant Rose Tyler] back sprinkles a bit of fairy dust on it all. And David gets a great entrance.

How do you think the two assistants Rose (Billie Piper) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) compare?

MATT: Jenna brings a real tenacity to the Doctor's companion as Clara challenges the Doctor in a slightly different way. And she refuses to go on trips with him, which is bizarre! She's also quite forthright with her opinions and I think Jenna works very hard at bringing all that to life.

DAVID: Billie, I think, is one of the country's great actors and one of my favourite people, and to be on set with her is a particular joy. She gives, and has given, Rose a humanity that captured a nation's heart.

David, you're proof to Matt that there is life after playing the Doctor...

DAVID: The way the show is now and the level of success it's enjoying, it opens more doors than it closes.

MATT: Obviously, one hopes for a career into one's thirties and forties! At the moment, the Doctor is all-consuming, but yes, I would like to have a career afterwards.

DAVID: I think there are probably some people who will employ you!

Is there anything you can give away about the episode The Day Of The Doctor? MATT: We would tell you, but if we did, you'd never see us again. That would be it. We'd be cooped up somewhere, locked up, never allowed out...

WATCH IT! Doctor Who:

The Day Of The Doctor

Saturday 7.50pm BBC1


The 3D episode will screen at selected UK cinemas at the same time as it is broadcast on BBC1.

The action takes place in 2013 at London's National Gallery and in 1562, where a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England, while in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion...

The Zygons and Daleks appear.

John Hurt will star as an incarnation of the Doctor, but will he be friend or foe?


Fifth Doctor Peter Davison will appear

River Song (Alex Kingston) makes a dramatic return.

The Perfect Day

Doctor Who's executive producer Steven Moffat exclusively gives TV Magazine five reasons why our readers should tune into The Day Of The Doctor

1 THE NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN DOUBLE ACT THAT IS DAVID TENNANT AND MATT SMITH... IN 3D! "Female members of the audience actually wept with excitement when we screened a new trailer for the 50th and they saw Matt and David, together for the first time. It was the most amazing sight in the world. They are very funny together. And you don't get many chances to see Doctor Who on the big screen. There are elements that will knock your socks off. Some of the effects work and the staging is remarkable."

2 JOHN HURT AND BILLIE PIPER ARE IN IT. "When we first discussed the idea of 'another Doctor' — a forbidden, hidden, mysterious Doctor — we always said: 'It should be someone like John Hurt.' Somebody stupidly famous and distinguished who you always rather wanted to be the Doctor. Oddly enough, it could never have been, say, Brad Pitt, because you wouldn't believe he was the Doctor. Johnny Depp would be a great Doctor. If he phones up in 48 years' time and says lie wants to be the Doctor, he'll probably get the part.

"And Billie as Rose is such an enduring companion. That's partly down to the fact that when she got the part, Billie was a faded pop star and revealed herself to be a sensational actress. That was a great showbiz moment."

3 IT WILL STILL MAKE SENSE EVEN IF YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THE SHOW BEFORE. "A challenge has been to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary in a way that makes sense to people who haven't even seen Doctor Who. You really only need the basic knowledge of Doctor Who to understand it. I don't really accept that anyone in Britain doesn't know it's about a man who changes his face and lives in an old-fashioned telephone box that's bigger on the inside. I always think that Doctor Who is a bit like James Bond — you can start anywhere in the series. Don't you want to know what this party is about?"

4 THERE'S THE DOCTOR'S SECRET WIFE! "We've had a running gag in the show for a while where Queen Elizabeth I has appeared and in David Tennant's spell, the Doctor mentioned that he married her. So now's the time — with Joanna Page playing Elizabeth — for David's Doctor to explain that mess."


"The 50th anniversary episode is about moving the Doctor's story forward. What would change him as a person forever and alter the course of his life? It's equally about the next 50 years of Doctor Who. We've got many more stories to tell, and I've already written the first episode for Peter Capaldi [who arrives as the 12th Doctor this Christmas]. It's sort of written from the angle of the companion [Clara] because this new bloke is a weird stranger..."

For more Steven Moffat revelations about the 50th anniversary episode and the future of Doctor Who, go to


Doctors in arms: David (left) and Matt with their 50th anniversary scripts

Travelling companion' Billie Piper returns as Rose Tyler

The three Doctors: (l-r) Matt, David and John Hurt Joanna Page stars as Queen Elizabeth I

Exterminate! Will the Daleks be a force for good or evil this time round?

Doctor hovers above

Peter Capaldi was revealed as the next Doctor in a special show in August

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