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The Sun

articles (231) date
Almost everyone seems to be making a lot of money out of the Daleks except the man who designed them 1965-08-03
Out of the unknown—a new face to fight the Space villains 1974-02-16
The new who is taking off in real style 1974-12-28
The nice, the nasty and the ugly in a star line-up from Dr Who 1975-01-09
Cover-up job for Louise 1977-01-01
Monsters are just what the Doctor ordered 1977-06-03
Have a lot of affairs, then get married 1977-07-17
By Gummidge, It's Who! 1978-11-11
Who-La-La! 1979-05-05
See Dr. Who in person 1979-10-06
A spy's wife stays mum 1980-01-04
Who's Who? (The Sun) 1980-02-28
Dr Who's boy wonder takes off 1980-05-16
Lalla Takes a Trip 1980-05-24
Will the cruel Beeb really kill off K9? 1980-06-07
K9 lives! 1980-07-12
How will Who lose his Lalla? 1980-07-15
Suzanne Danielle 1980-08-06
Spy girl Mary is playing it dirty 1980-08-14
This is a new Who! 1980-08-30
Life at 400 can be a pain 1980-09-13
Meglos 1980-09-27
Short cut into space 1980-10-25
Tom Quits--now a woman Dr Who? 1980-10-25
Who do you want next? 1980-11-01
TV Vet Is New Space Doctor 1980-11-05
Farmer Frazer can't find true love 1980-11-15
Dr Who Finds Time To Wed Lalla! 1980-11-20
A date with the Doctor 1980-11-22
Love in the Tardis 1980-11-22
Hit composer Ron is dead 1981-02-23
Doctor Tom runs out of time! 1981-03-21
Two for Who 1981-06-27
Look Who fell in love 1981-08-29
A tonic for the Doctor 1981-11-14
Happy to be you know who 1981-11-14
Who duo line up for thrills 1981-12-05
Sherlock heads for a romp 1981-12-05
Why I had to shut that door 1981-12-12
Doctor Who Is Hit For Six 1982-01-02
Why Long Tom Baker feels as sick as a parrot! 1982-01-06
Whodunnit? 1982-02-15
I still love Lalla says sad Dr Who 1982-05-03
On a bicycle made for Who! 1982-05-08
Icy hello 1982-07-12
Dr Who Beauty To Quit 1982-07-15
Mark's time for Dr Who! 1982-09-16
Alvin's misses teams up with Dr Who! 1982-11-02
Who Knows Who Best? 1983-04-09
Dishy Dr Peter Says Ta-Ta to Tardis! 1983-07-29
Murdered Star Booked to Join Dr Who 1983-08-03
Now Colin Clocks on as Dr Who 1983-08-20
A special adventure to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the world's longest-running science fiction series 1983-11-25
Ta-Tardis 1984-01-11
Day my blood ran cold 1984-03-15
Sun bingo winner Nina keeps the Faith... 1984-07-20
Who? Doctor, That's Who! 1984-08-06
Not tonight, Dalek 1984-10-30
It's a Girl George for the proud Dr Who! 1984-12-29
20 things you don't know about Doctor Who 1985-02-16
Who's getting 300 fan letters a week? 1985-02-23
Dr Who axed in plot by the BBC 1985-02-28
Dr Who is axed in a BBC plot 1985-02-28
Save our Tardis! 1985-03-01
More complaints because you axed Dr Who, Mr Grade 1985-03-01
New crisis for the Doctor 1985-06-08
Robot hired as waiter in restaurant 1985-06-27
How Dr Who grew into a Dr Huge 1986-02-17
Doctor Who stars lashed 1986-08-30
Have a go! 1986-09-24
Bonnie pal for Dr Who 1986-10-21
Who too scary 1986-10-25
Who's Next? TV Hunts Doc No 7 1986-12-19
Alexei's set to be Dr Who 1986-12-20
Doctor Who Blasts Off! 1987-01-05
Dr Who sacked 1987-01-06
Dr Who's real enemy! 1987-01-06
My Dr Who axing will hit cot death cash 1987-01-07
New Doctor Who is the unknown McCoy 1987-02-28
McCoy, That's Who 1987-03-03
Who's Milky Way Kiddo! 1987-08-13
20 things you didn't know about new McWho 1987-09-05
Look Who's lost 50lb! 1987-10-26
Telly Pirate Zaps Dr Who 1987-11-23
Will it be Dr Basil? 1988-03-22
Doctor! It's The Daleks Again 1988-04-12
This week's Top 40 1988-06-13
10 Out Of This World Things About Doctor Who's Tardis 1988-06-20
Royal Ban On Dr Who 1988-06-29
Monsters miss out 1988-10-06
Bin those Daleks! 1988-10-12
Time Is Up, Doc 1988-11-03
Time Travel Is A Piece Of Cake 1988-11-16
Look Who It Is! 1988-12-15
Who's Who? (1988) 1988-12-24
The dole for broke Dr Who 1988-12-31
Who's My Name 1989-01-11
What a carry on Rebecca! 1989-02-24
Whodunnit 1989-06-08
Whodunnit? (1989) 1989-06-16
Sun Fun 1989-09-02
Ace style of Doctor Who's girl 1989-09-13
Doc fails time test 1989-10-09
Anorexia Almost Exterminated Me! 1989-10-12
Dr Who killed by the Street 1989-10-21
Sly in Tardis Riddle 1992-10-06
Dr Hoot 1993-04-10
Thirty years and a handful of Doctors later, Doctor Who is still going strong 1993-05-19
Dr Who pops into the Vic 1993-09-01
The BBC has released a special limited edition boxed set of the Doc adventures 1993-09-04
Doctor, you've made me feel 20 years older 1993-11-20
Top Sci-fi 1993-12-17
Mechanical Sea Monster Eats Dr Who Boffin 1994-03-31
Eric stops Idle gossip 1994-05-27
Who's a Silly Boy 1994-07-27
Python Eric is Dr Who 1995-05-22
Exterminate! (1995) 1995-07-25
Take a trip down memory lane with 30 years of Doctor Who 1995-09-23
Look who's Who! 1996-01-11
He's Back! 1996-05-24
Doctor Who Trivia Test 1996-05-25
Doctor Phew! (The Sun) 1996-05-25
Any chance of taking us back to a holiday heatwave? 1996-05-27
Don't miss ... 1996-05-27
What I Watched Last Night 1996-05-28
Who Dares Wins! 1996-05-29
Who's playing fiend 1997-02-05
New Labour In Spin On My Tardis Trip 1998-10-10
Tardis lands a winner 1998-10-14
Beeb honours Doctors Who 2002-05-20
Exterminated! (The Sun) 2004-07-02
Dalek Attacks Beeb 2004-07-06
Dalek's Boo-Who 2004-07-23
Who Next? 2004-07-30
All Resistance Has Been Exterminated! 2004-08-05
Daleks to have da-legs 2004-08-09
Worst thing we ever did-- giving them legs 2004-08-09
Tardis legend Tom has never heard of new star Eccleston 2004-09-21
Exterminated (2004) 2004-09-23
Admit it, Billie there's something going on with you and Dr Who 2004-09-27
Doctored Who 2004-11-03
Billie and Chris MkII 2004-11-10
Evan Help Surgeon Who Did This, Chris! 2005-01-29
Dalektable! (The Sun) 2005-01-31
Top of the docs 2005-03-09
Billie plots return to pop 2005-03-09
Who's who of monsters 2005-03-10
Dr Who save my life says Billie Piper 2005-03-10
I chased an actor dressed up as an alien pig on my first day ... it was bonkers 2005-03-21
Inside the Tardis 2005-03-22
Doctor Boo! 2005-03-23
Who's this in a dogs' home? 2005-03-24
Looka-Yikes 2005-03-24
Doc foe dies of old age 2005-03-25
Who dares.. 2005-03-26
The Who Was Who in Dr Who 2005-03-26
Your handy cut-out guide to the greatest day on telly - ever 2005-03-26
Your worst nightmare .. new Daleks that can go UPSTAIRS! 2005-03-27
Who's the daddy (The Sun) 2005-03-28
Doctor Who Quits 2005-03-31
Doctor Woo 2005-03-31
Who do you think you are? 2005-04-01
And the date of the election is ... 2005-04-01
Who Cares If Time Lord Leaves Early? 2005-04-04
Political prisoners 2005-04-16
Casanova Will Be the New Dr Who 2005-04-16
Dr Who's T-Rusted Sidekick 2005-04-25
Shocker for Doc 2005-04-26
Gwen Stefani must be a secret fan of Doctor Who 2005-04-30
Death of the Doctor 2005-06-04
Who Lets The Dog Out 2005-06-18
I'd love to be Dr Nude 2005-07-28
First pictures of new Doctor in action on Xmas special 2005-07-29
K9 Is Killed Off (But he regenerates just like the Dr) 2005-09-15
Hip Hip Who-ray 2005-10-26
It's Ant and Doc! 2005-12-03
Top of the Docs (2005) 2005-12-26
Time, Lord 2006-02-25
It's Doctor Who and the Bra-dis 2006-03-29
Billie will do Who series 3 2006-03-30
Dr Hype and not a Dalek in sight 2006-04-20
Free Doctor Who DVDs 2006-04-22
Time's up, Billie 2006-06-15
Who's This? 2006-06-16
Who v Bitch 2006-08-03
The Martha Ship 2006-08-10
Flash Doc's a Time lewd 2006-08-12
Who's Next? (The Sun) 2006-12-28
The Tardis Chainsaw Massacre 2007-01-26
Who vs Marster 2007-01-30
Can't Get Who Out Of My Head 2007-07-03
Space Hopper 2007-07-05
Look Who's back (The Sun) 2007-11-28
Exterminogue 2007-12-12
20 years on, and Davros doesn't look a day older 2008-06-17
Doc in Cyber Special 2008-11-24
Who's That Girl? (2009) 2009-05-30
Suits Who, Sir 2009-07-21
Dr Who Much? 2010-02-25
Who's the baddie? 2010-04-03
Sonic the Screwdriver 2010-04-08
Who's Baldy? 2011-04-27
Rejuvenate 2012-04-10
Hit show killed my career says fourth Doctor Tom Baker 2012-06-07
Jen Up On Who Is Who 2012-06-09
It's the Beginning of the End 2012-09-01
Who's That Girl? 2012-12-08
Exterminknit! 2013-01-29
Police box to return 2013-04-29
Time To Say Goodbye? 2013-05-18
Who You Calling A Racist? 2013-05-27
Doctor Two (The Sun) 2013-11-23
Doctor Grew 2014-06-17
How Our British Time Lord Has Conquered Planet Earth 2014-08-23
Doctor New (The Sun) 2014-08-23
New Who signing 2014-09-09
Doctor's feelgood, Downton ... shabby 2014-12-26
Jenna's Got A Baz-Who-Ka 2015-05-20
Want to see one's sonic screwdriver? 2015-06-05
The Exterminate Factor 2015-09-19
Stark mad to be Doc 2017-02-02
Boo Who (The Sun) 2017-04-06
Dalektable (2017) 2017-07-17
Docther Who 2017-07-17
Politically Correct Brigade 2017-07-18
Time for Marty Poppins? 2017-07-19
Is all the fuss about the Doctor Who being a woman the biggest non-story in the Universe? 2017-07-20
Who's No. 2 2017-07-20
We Won't Doc Jodie's Wages 2017-07-21
Easy to see why Beeb went for a female Doctor... 2017-07-21
Doctor's sidekick tragedy 2017-07-22