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Exterminate to Fornicate (2006)

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Sizzling Rose Tyler and the honky Doc are set to send pulses racing in the sexy new series of the sci-fi show

GORGEOUS Billie Piper is poised to turn up the heat in the new series of Doctor Who.

The actress, who plays Rose Tyler, says she has become "a little minx" with Time Lord David Tennant, 34, on board.

And we can reveal how she:

• Snogs the new Doc in the first 20 minutes of the first episode.

• Has her body taken over by an alien who fondles her boobs.

• Gets jealous when she catches the Time Lord kissing another woman later in the series.

• Has a fight with the Doe's ex-assistant Sarah Jane Smith because she wants him to herself

• Gets the hump when her on-off boyfriend Mickey becomes a Tardis traveller

And writer Russell T Davies hasn't ruled out the Doc and Rose finally getting it on in the future. The new series begins on April 15 on BBC1 with a scorching opening episode called New Earth.

It's a sequel to last year's episode, The End of the World, where the time travellers witnessed the last few minutes of the Earth's life before it exploded. But within minutes fans will see how producers have sexed up the show.

Rose and the Doc arrive on the new Earth in the year five billion and 23 and bump into their old foe, Lady Cassandra (voiced by Zoe Wanamaker, 56).

She hatches a plot to find a pure human, so she can take over their 1 body and become whole again.

She switches bods with poor Rose and runs her hands over her new one, cooing: "Wow! My curves!"

Billie, 23, claims her character has really been spiced up.

She revealed: "Rose is a little minx this year. I had three kisses with Christopher Eccleston before. But this time it's like - wahay."


Billie also claims she loved filming the snogging scenes: "I couldn't wait to kiss David but we didn't do tongues. That's because we were eating egg and cress sandwiches."

But this isn't the only kiss of the series to get fans steamed up as the Doc ends up locking lips with another woman.

Russell, 42, said: "The Doctor does kiss someone else and it's another woman. Rose doesn't like it." Rose finds herself with a fight on her hands to keep hold of the Doc - whom she is smitten with.

Firstly, the Doc invites her boyfriend Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke, 30) to join them in the Tardis for their space adventures. Rose is unhappy that he is on board - almost like a gooseberry. And there are more problems in store for her when the Time Lord ,.. is reunited with his old assistant Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen, 58).

The pair even have a bust-up over who the Doc likes best.

Billie said: "It's brilliant because Rose and Sarah Jane have this bitch fight."

Russell claims it was his intention for the sexual chemistry between Doctor Who and Rose to be stepped up a gear.


He said: "I want to keep things on the edge. It will be cooking on screen.

"There is always something emotionally charged going on with 4 them - even when they don't speak. Who knows what will happen?"

A host of stars will make guest appearances during the series, including Peter Kay, 32, and Hustle actor Marc Warren, 39.

But both Billie and David admit that when filming in Wales ends tomorrow, they will be glad to spend time with their partners.

Billie, who is dating Amadu Sowe, 27, said: "My boyfriend has come to visit quite a lot but not as much as I would have liked."

And David, who is going out with Thunderbirds star Sophia Myles, 26, after meeting her on set, said: "Being apart has not been a problem but it will be good to have a holiday."

Caption: LOOK WHO'S FLIRTING: Sexual chemistry between David Tennant and Billie Piper is clear. Below, a scene from the new series

Bosses to bank on Billie

TV BOSSES are ready to break the bank to keep Billie Piper after the award-winning actress's contract ends next year.

Fans are worried that if she doesn't sign up for more shows then scriptwriters could kill off her character Rose.

Last night Billie would only say: "Maybe I'll go on for years and years ... who knows?"

Behind the scenes, producers are drawing up plans to try and keep her on the show.

Last year they suffered a big blow when Christopher Eccleston. 42, quit as the Doctor after just one series. They hope his successor David Tennant, 34. stays a lot longer.

A source said: "Billie has the upper hand and if they want her to stay then they will have to come up with a tempting offer."

A BBC spokesman said: "Scripts are still being written for series three so we cannot say what will happen."

Caption: DOC SIDE: The BBC want Billie to stay in the Tardis

Russ spills thrills

HERE is writer Russell T Davies's show-by-show guide to the series exclusive to the Daily Star:

1. New Earth

It's set in the year five billion. The Doc and Rose find a plague farm run by evil cat nuns. And guess who pops up? Their old enemy Cassandra. And she's as evil as ever.

2. Tooth and Claw

This one is based in Balmoral Castle in Scotland and the Doctor must protect Queen Victoria - from a werewolf. It's very frightening. We'd not done a werewolf before.

3. School Reunion

The Doctor is reunited with old friends Sarah Jane Smith and K9. Hurrah! They meet at a mysterious school that has been over-run by the evil Krillitanes.

4. Girl in the Fireplace

A terrifying story set in 18th century France. The Doc and Rose end up in the court of Louis XIV. If you are scared of the monster under your bed, watch out!

5 & 6. Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel

Our time travellers face the terrifying Cybermen. They've been revamped with new costumes but we've stayed faithful to the originals.

7. The Idiot's Lantern

The title is an old term from 1950s that means a TV set but in Doctor Who of course it's never that simple - it also means it's a source of danger.

8 & 9. Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

We find ourselves on a very desolate alien world and we push the Doctor and Rose to the edge - further than they've ever gone before.

10. Love and Monsters

This is an off-beat episode featuring the Abzorbaloff, which is a creature created by a Blue Peter viewer. And it's got "Sir" Peter Kay in. It was a joy to film.

11. Fear Her!

It's a story about danger on an ordinary housing estate. A monster in your garden.

12 & 13. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday I can't give it away.

Caption: Nun shall pass: Evil cats

We've got a big Star role

DOCTOR Who and his crew lust can't get enough of your Daily Star and our coverage of the show.

Writer Russell T Davies says he and the cast love reading all our great exclusives about the BBC's hit time-travelling series.

Russell, 42, said: "You ran a story headlined The Germans Kidnap Doctor Who and it was on the front page. We were all running around on set holding up the paper and going: 'Have you seen this? It was amazing.

You have been very supportive of the show and were very grateful. So thank you for that!"

Last year we delivered a feast of out-of-this-world scoops about the show - including how the Doc would end up in the Big Brother house.

Caption: DR PHEW: Billie and David kiss in the opening episode of the new series

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