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chronological view
title publication date
Cherilea Swoppet Daleks Plastic Warrior 2006-01-01
Festive viewing The Spectator 2006-01-07
Sci Fi Channel to Air New 'Doctor Who' Associated Press 2006-01-13
Doctor in at Sci Fi Variety 2006-01-13
Captain Jack of all trades Radio Times 2006-01-14
You Ask Us Radio Times 2006-01-14
Letter of the week Radio Times 2006-01-14
The Tardis touches down in the US Western Mail 2006-01-14
Check out Doctor Who's Christmas South Wales Echo 2006-01-16
One-time Dr Who Colin Baker does not dwell in the past Daily Express 2006-01-17
£2,000 Dalek.. the ultimate toy! Daily Star 2006-01-20
Billie's with her Dr Woo Daily Star 2006-01-21
Doctor Woo! Daily Star 2006-01-27
Capt. Jack Gets Own Show Perceptions 2006-02-01
Time, Lord The Sun 2006-02-25
The scarf-clad Dr Who era dawns again Tom Baker's time-honoured look is back- with added chic Financial Times 2006-02-25
The Queen has a new favourite Doctor National Post 2006-02-25
Eve's on Doctors' orders Daily Record 2006-02-25
Dr. Who 2: Sexed-Up British Intelligence The New York Times 2006-03-05
The Doctor is in? The Des Moines Register 2006-03-10
Back to the future, with better FX: A new Doctor is in The Village Voice 2006-03-15
Beeb Must Ditch the Dumb Shows Daily Star 2006-03-15
Who's Returning To TV? Doctor Who, That's Who Knight Ridder
Belleville News-Democrat
The Return of the Regenerated: A New 'Doctor Who' The New York Times 2006-03-17
It's worth checking into what's up with 'Who' Chicago Tribune 2006-03-17
Doctor Who is back to its campy roots The Toledo Blade 2006-03-18
Sci-fi show with a special effect Los Angeles Times 2006-03-19
Exterminate to Fornicate Daily Star 2006-03-20
To sci-fi fans: The Doctor's back Naperville Sun 2006-03-21
Geek chic The Advocate 2006-03-28
It's Doctor Who and the Bra-dis The Sun 2006-03-29
Doctor Who returns, featuring K9 and Kay The Guardian 2006-03-30
Long-term Tennant of the Tardis Metro (England) 2006-03-30
Is the next driver of the Tardis set to be a woman The Times 2006-03-30
Billie will do Who series 3 The Sun 2006-03-30
Who's That Girl (2006) Daily Star 2006-03-31
It's not long now ... Radio Times 2006-04-01
Jack of All Trades Out Northwest 2006-04-01
Lesbe Havin' Who Billie Daily Star 2006-04-02
Dr Who zombies inspired by the hospital superbug Sunday Express 2006-04-02
Time Lord or messiah? Church Times 2006-04-07
More from Doctor Who The Bookseller 2006-04-07
It's nearly time ... Radio Times 2006-04-08
David Tennant says there's going to be a bit of interplanetary nookie in the upcoming series of Dr Who Daily Star 2006-04-08
Doctor! Doctor! (TV Quick) TV Quick 2006-04-08
Here's to you, Doctor Who and all your regenerations The Cleveland Plain Dealer 2006-04-09
Venus Envy TV Guide 2006-04-10
Dr Who's Willy is Just Like a Tardis Daily Star 2006-04-11
Tennant's The Man To Steel The Show The Mirror 2006-04-12
A waste of time and space The Times 2006-04-12
The Who's Who of Doc Enemies Daily Star 2006-04-13
Who's sexy? TV Quick 2006-04-15
Billie is first £100m TV babe Daily Star 2006-04-15
David Tennant is perfect as the hero Radio Times 2006-04-15
All aboard the TARDIS Radio Times 2006-04-15
Torrid times in the Tardis The Times 2006-04-15
Cat nurses, lonely zombies, mind-swap machines and a fat man who's slowly turning into stone The Guardian 2006-04-15
Parlez-vous Doctor Who? The Times 2006-04-15
Tennant moves in Total TV Guide 2006-04-15
The new series of Doctor Who gets off to a sensational start The Times 2006-04-15
Charlie Brooker's screen burn The Guardian 2006-04-15
Doctor's appointment (2006) TV & Satellite Week 2006-04-15
Doctor Tennant the Timephwhoard The Times 2006-04-17
New Doctor's a real tonic Daily Express 2006-04-17
New Doctor wins the battle for TV viewers The Times 2006-04-17
Doctor Who? (The Times) The Times 2006-04-17
Dr Who's 'Cut-Out' Girl Back The Mirror
Dr Hype and not a Dalek in sight The Sun 2006-04-20
Doctor Who not as serious as War of The Worlds The Times 2006-04-21
Doctor Who always had time for a social crusade Daily Express 2006-04-21
Cybermania! TV & Satellite Week 2006-04-22
Some kids are going to be wondering about their parents during tonight's episode Daily Mail 2006-04-22
Genesis of the Daleks Radio Times 2006-04-22
Beast of the night TV Magazine 2006-04-22
Free Doctor Who DVDs The Sun 2006-04-22
Bad wolf? Radio Times 2006-04-22
The nuns' story The Spectator 2006-04-22
Royal prey Radio Times 2006-04-22
Billie's a waste of time The Mail on Sunday 2006-04-23
K9 is back and ready to fight in shining armour The Times 2006-04-24
Dr Who Stars' Stalker Terror Daily Star 2006-04-24
Hot Doc bags a million more Daily Star 2006-04-24
Who's a lucky dog? K9 gets series The Australian 2006-04-25
K9 back after 23-year paws Edinburgh Evening News 2006-04-25
Television - Back In Time The Northern Echo 2006-04-27
Oil's not well at school canteen Times Educational Supplement 2006-04-28
Friends reunited Radio Times 2006-04-29
K-9 bounds into cg for new Jetix spin-off show Televisual 2006-05-01
No complaints over this Doctor's fee The Times 2006-05-01
Ex-Doc has Six appeal Daily Star 2006-05-04
The last of the red-hot lavas The Times 2006-05-06
Appointment TV (Radio Times) Radio Times 2006-05-06
Tick tock! Radio Times 2006-05-06
One Final Question (Michelle Gomez) Radio Times 2006-05-06
Who's that girl? Doctor's new assistant The Guardian 2006-05-07
Will Billie be exterminated by the Beeb? Sunday Express 2006-05-07
BBC's digital stakeout riles rivals Variety 2006-05-08
Triple whammy for return of Time Lord Daily Star 2006-05-08
Nemesis to revelation Birmingham Post 2006-05-09
Billie to be first female Doctor Who? Daily Star 2006-05-09
Heavy Metal (2006) Total TV Guide 2006-05-13
It is bad enough when your computer crashes The Times 2006-05-13
Heavy metal Radio Times 2006-05-13
Monsters Inc The Times 2006-05-13
Doctor at The Mill Televisual 2006-05-15
Doctor Ooo ... you are awful Daily Star 2006-05-16
The Mick of Time Radio Times 2006-05-20
Two lonely hearts Radio Times 2006-05-20
Phoenix Frights Daily Star 2006-05-24
Who is The Doctor? He is TV's joybringer Tribune (London) 2006-05-26
Do not adjust... Radio Times 2006-05-27
Don't tell us Who Radio Times 2006-05-27
Doctor Who's Joliet tie The Joliet Herald News 2006-05-28
Turning TV shows into brands Televisual 2006-06-01
Doctor Who Knows His Aliens, But Just What Would He Make Of Big Brother? Daily Star 2006-06-01
You Ask Us (2006-06-03) Radio Times 2006-06-03
Ood ... you are awful Radio Times 2006-06-03
TV Billie says Ta-Tardis Daily Star 2006-06-06
More from the Timelord The Bookseller 2006-06-09
Talk of the devil Radio Times 2006-06-10
You Ask Us (2006-06-10) Radio Times 2006-06-10
Time's up, Billie The Sun 2006-06-15
A fan's guide to the top five Dr Who companions Western Mail 2006-06-16
Cybermen battle is the last for Rose The Times 2006-06-16
Who's This? The Sun 2006-06-16
Who's that girl! Daily Star 2006-06-16
What I'm watching Radio Times 2006-06-17
Careful what you wish for ... Radio Times 2006-06-17
The Doctor with timeless appeal The Times 2006-06-19
Unearthly child Radio Times 2006-06-24
O Rose, thou art not sick The Bookseller 2006-06-30
Monsters lite Radio Times 2006-07-01
Time to move on Radio Times 2006-07-01
Storyboard news Televisual 2006-07-01
What's in the Piperline? Radio Times 2006-07-01
Who's that girl? The Times 2006-07-05
Sidekick whose time has come The Times 2006-07-05
Doctor New (Daily Mirror) The Mirror 2006-07-05
Agyeman to be next Doctor Who sidekick The Stage and Television Today 2006-07-06
Tears before bedtime Radio Times 2006-07-08
On the set with ... David Tennant Radio Times 2006-07-08
The sad day has arrived for Billie Piper to bow out Daily Mail 2006-07-08
Doctor keeps his patients waiting The Times 2006-07-10
Doctor Who bids farewell to Billie Daily Express 2006-07-10
Big numbers tune in Piper exit on 'Who' The Hollywood Reporter 2006-07-11
Let's hear it for British thrillers Financial Times 2006-07-15
View from behind the sofa The Tablet 2006-07-15
The only contest worth watching last weekend was Daleks versus the Cybermen on Doctor Who The Stage and Television Today 2006-07-20
DEF I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S. Radio Times 2006-07-22
On another planet with you Radio Times 2006-07-22
I gushed tears watching Billie Piper's emotional farewell What's on TV 2006-07-22
Dr. Who spinoff heads 'maverick' BBC3 lineup The Hollywood Reporter 2006-07-25
The science of Doctor Who Focus 2006-08-01
Who v Bitch The Sun 2006-08-03
Power of the Prime Time Lord Sunday Express 2006-08-06
Just What The Doctor Ordered... The Herald (Ireland) 2006-08-10
The Martha Ship The Sun 2006-08-10
Martha and the Tie Lord Daily Star 2006-08-12
Flash Doc's a Time lewd The Sun 2006-08-12
Icon of the Month Third Way 2006-09-01
Look Who's Back ... It's Jack Daily Star 2006-09-01
Billie Piper The Stage and Television Today 2006-09-07
Billed as "X Files meets This Life" The Pink Paper 2006-09-21
Exterminating wasted time Woolwich News Shopper 2006-09-27
Time traveller steps into family history Express & Echo 2006-09-27
It's Doctor New On 'Doctor Who': 10th Actor Takes Title Role On Sci-Fi Series The Tampa Tribune 2006-09-29
Jack of Hearts Gay Times 2006-10-01
Tides Grill Gay Times 2006-10-01
Appointment with the Doctor Waikato Times 2006-10-05
Now, some thoughts on some recent TV watching Chicago Tribune 2006-10-09
Wacky, witty new series should please Doctor Who fans Ottawa Citizen 2006-10-09
Join the time lords: they don't miss a minute The Sunday Times 2006-10-15
Jack the Lad Daily Star 2006-10-19
All right Jack The Northern Echo 2006-10-19
Fears over sexy new Doctor Who spin-off Daily Mail 2006-10-20
Who Dunnt Daily Record 2006-10-20
Captain Jack is Back Daily Post 2006-10-21
Torchwood is a much more difficult proposition The Times 2006-10-21
The Torchwood Files Radio Times 2006-10-21
Gripping yarns The Times 2006-10-21
Shame of BBC hypocrites Sunday Express 2006-10-22
It contains gay sex and bloody violence...but never mind, let your children stay up to see Torchwood, says the BBC Sunday Express 2006-10-22
I think I really can sustain interest in a series, purely on the basis that Captain Jack Harkness is sexually charismatic The Times 2006-10-23
Aspirational middle-youth telly viewers make sci-fi Torchwood a record-breaker Western Mail 2006-10-24
The X-Files meets This Life Daily Express 2006-10-25
Time lord's X-rated flop Daily Express 2006-10-26
Obsessive fan of the week! Entertainment Weekly 2006-10-27
Base notes Radio Times 2006-10-28
Top Gear takes pole position at awards The Times 2006-11-01
Programme times they are a-changin' The Times 2006-11-02
The show is trashy and not in a good way The Stage and Television Today 2006-11-02
Aliens, perverts and fun for all the family Tribune (London) 2006-11-03
Daft and funny ... but strangely compelling The Herald (Ireland) 2006-11-09
Parents under attack from the Daleks' pester power Daily Mail 2006-11-12
Absolutely fabulous alien role Kentish Times 2006-11-16
Who is top of the charts? The Bookseller 2006-11-17
Techno Toys Daily Express 2006-11-18
The Cybermen clank back into business Ottawa Citizen 2006-11-20
Return of evil Cybermen just what the doctor ordered The Gazette 2006-11-20
Doctor Who most family-friendly hour on TV right now Regina Leader-Post 2006-11-20
Richard Mayes The Times 2006-11-22
BBC Wales praised for 'sexy and modern' programmes Western Mail 2006-11-25
A Cyberman isn't just for Christmas... The Sunday Times 2006-11-26
Cyberman Christmas brain scramble Western Mail 2006-11-28
RJ Bell The Stage and Television Today 2006-11-30
A Robot Santa? ... I Ain't Bovvered Daily Record 2006-11-30
Doctor Who: Complete Series 2 Empire 2006-12-01
Review of the year 2006 Radio Times 2006-12-02
Christmas Shopping Guide The Herald (Ireland) 2006-12-06
Fans Say Dave Is Top Of The Docs Daily Star 2006-12-07
Back to the future (The Bookseller) The Bookseller 2006-12-08
Top toys on Santa's list Gorey Guardian 2006-12-13
More spin-offs predicted after Doctor Who captures viewers Western Mail 2006-12-15
Originality is old hat as the BBC spins off its top series The Times 2006-12-16
Doctor Who takes on spiderwoman The Northern Echo 2006-12-19
Can Sarah Jane save the day? Birmingham Mail 2006-12-21
Torchwood part one The Pink Paper 2006-12-21
Monster smash: A Tardis chase, a spiderwoman and Catherine Tate on the run The Guardian 2006-12-22
Dennis the Menace meets his match at last as Doctor Who annual tops the publishing charts The Guardian 2006-12-23
An intimate tête-à-Tate The Times 2006-12-23
The Inside Story Radio Times 2006-12-23
The Claus of doom Radio Times 2006-12-23
Doctor Who: Blood of the Daleks Radio Times 2006-12-23
Dr Who's secrets revealed Daily Post 2006-12-23
Doctor makes it a white hot Christmas The Times 2006-12-26
Timeless - why I Love Doctor Who The Age 2006-12-28
Who's Next? (The Sun) The Sun 2006-12-28
The Doctor's deadliest foe? Typecasting The Times 2006-12-29
Doctor Who to quit denied but fourth series not yet ordered Western Mail 2006-12-29
Doctor's Orders Doctor's Orders! Evening Times 2006-12-30
Here comes the bride - and the monster The Press and Journal 2006-12-30

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