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title publication date
Who, What Starlog 1989-01-03
Ex-Dr Who Colin Baker might wish he'd stayed in his Tardis come 1 April Bella 1989-01-04
Who's My Name The Sun 1989-01-11
Science Fiction Auction Wausau Daily Herald 1989-01-12
Dr Jon ... 20 years on Sunday Express 1989-01-15
Good doctor takes on wasps in space The Canberra Times 1989-01-16
All The World's A Stage The Sydney Morning Herald 1989-01-16
Dr Who now on stage The Canberra Times 1989-01-19
After October, the Doctor is gone!! The Gamecock 1989-02-01
Jon Pertwee, warts and all TV Times 1989-02-04
Robot Ron News of the World 1989-02-05
The Doctor is In (Vidette-Messenger) The Vidette-Messenger 1989-02-18
Cybermen play while Doctor's away Today 1989-02-24
What a carry on Rebecca! The Sun 1989-02-24
The Magnus Opus Con 4 Science Fiction and Fantasy Fair has moved The Gamecock 1989-03-01
Tar Heel public TV woos you with festival Wilmington Star-News 1989-03-03
Fantasy convention Spartanburg Herald-Journal 1989-03-07
Gerald Flood Variety 1989-03-07
Komix Castle The Red & Black 1989-03-09
Sci-fi fans beam up to Intergalactic Expo Chicago Tribune 1989-03-10
Let your keyboard to the talking Madison Capital Times 1989-03-11
Dr. Who Club The Vidette-Messenger 1989-03-13
Jon Pertwee in Doctor Who The Ultimate Adventure The Sunday Times 1989-03-19
Dr. What The Gamecock 1989-03-20
Speaking of $$$$ The Evening Sun (Baltimore) 1989-03-21
Doctor Who 25th Anniversary Toronto Star 1989-04-02
The old Dr. Who had lousy sets and terrible props Green Bay Press-Gazette 1989-04-08
Good news/bad news The Miami Herald 1989-04-08
Who's that man! Liverpool Echo 1989-04-10
Who's a Lucky Boy Daily Star 1989-04-11
Who's Who (Liverpool Echo) Liverpool Echo 1989-04-12
Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure The Stage and Television Today 1989-04-13
Doctor Who: televized science fiction as contemporary melodrama Extrapolation 1989-04-15
Just what the doctor ordered (Lichfield Mercury) Lichfield Mercury 1989-04-21
Computerised special effects! The Observer 1989-04-23
McBain dies at height of TV career The Herald 1989-04-27
Who's the lucky boy then, Doc? Daily Express 1989-04-27
Kenny McBain The Times 1989-04-29
Doctor Who: The Silver Anniversary Starlog 1989-05-02
Dog Days Starlog 1989-05-02
More TV shows face blackout The Times 1989-05-10
Jon Pertwee: putting Dr Who on stage New Idea 1989-05-13
Cult leader's mission to return to future The Herald 1989-05-15
Doctor, we seem to have landed on our feet here The Herald 1989-05-16
Kenneth McBain Variety 1989-05-17
In search of the truth about volatile Verity The Daily Telegraph 1989-05-24
Aargh! Who's that evil Parson? News of the World 1989-05-28
Stranded by the Doctor Starlog 1989-06-01
Science fiction fan has a date with the Doctor The Newcastle Journal 1989-06-02
A 1963 classic in two parts Radio Times 1989-06-03
Daleks' screen debut St Ives Weekly News 1989-06-08
Whodunnit The Sun 1989-06-08
Anniversary party-membership drive Orlando Sentinel 1989-06-08
Spectacular stunts on Saturday The Newcastle Journal 1989-06-08
No match for the latest enemy The Stage and Television Today 1989-06-15
Whodunnit? (1989) The Sun 1989-06-16
Dr Who Girl Cheats Death News of the World 1989-06-18
Dr Who, Ron Ron The Mirror 1989-06-25
Dr. Who helped bring them together Wisconsin State Journal 1989-07-02
Matters in Conflict Starlog 1989-07-04
Who's that on the No. 68 bus? Edinburgh Evening News 1989-07-05
It's Dr Who & the Daleks! Edinburgh and Lothians Post 1989-07-06
Monsters, gore, tales of terror: It's just another Saturday night The Baltimore Sun 1989-07-15
Who Knew? The Baltimore Sun 1989-07-29
Spaced out in San Jose The Stanford Daily 1989-08-03
That's whom The Record 1989-08-13
Doctor Who shows great resilience through time-and-space adventure Montreal Gazette 1989-08-19
Colbourne's way Radio Times 1989-08-26
Good Old Days of TV was top pledge draw The Evening Sun 1989-09-01
The man who travels through time in an old police box returns to our screens in September Empire 1989-09-01
Sun Fun The Sun 1989-09-02
Monster bash Radio Times 1989-09-02
Trading Futures Starlog 1989-09-05
Who Choice Starlog 1989-09-05
Another visit from the Doctor The Newcastle Journal 1989-09-06
A number of "Dr. Who" episodes are available through Playhouse Video Chicago Tribune 1989-09-08
Sylvester isn't the real McCoy Daily Star 1989-09-09
Inconsequential television week The Newcastle Journal 1989-09-09
Ace style of Doctor Who's girl The Sun 1989-09-13
Today, Doctor Who is wholesome The Stage and Television Today 1989-09-21
Doctor Who ... who is he? Radio Times 1989-09-23
Who's this Doctor? Your Ace has grown into a queen Daily Mail 1989-09-23
What's Up, Doc? (TV Guide) TV Guide (Great Britain) 1989-09-23
Is public television too snobby? Daily News 1989-09-24
Doctor's orders (Liverpool Echo) Liverpool Echo 1989-09-26
Hartnell's Monsters The Shreveport Times 1989-09-28
Ace ... she's driving me mad Radio Times 1989-09-30
Dr Who fans get ready for the big invasion Liverpool Echo 1989-10-06
Doc fails time test The Sun 1989-10-09
Anorexia Almost Exterminated Me! The Sun 1989-10-12
Dalek-ited to meet you! Liverpool Echo 1989-10-14
Who watches Doctor Who? Radio Times 1989-10-21
Dr Who killed by the Street The Sun 1989-10-21
Sutherland dares Daleks in Dr Who role The Herald (Ireland) 1989-10-23
Lust in space The Mirror 1989-10-23
First of a four-part adventure set during World War II The Daily Telegraph 1989-10-25
Who's Who Then? Liverpool Echo 1989-10-26
A Timeless Time Lord! The Daily Telegraph 1989-10-26
Dr Who encountered a Northumbrian vicar played by Nicholas Parsons Church Times 1989-11-03
Sci-fi fans united to form Time Lords The Red & Black 1989-11-08
Dr. Whodunit Toronto Star 1989-11-11
National TV archive is urged by film institute The Daily Telegraph 1989-11-21
Harvey (Norman Pace) puts a price on timelord Sylvester McCoy's head The Daily Telegraph 1989-11-22
Doctor Who ... the future Radio Times 1989-11-25
Doc's too diddy to duff up Daleks News of the World 1989-11-26
I Was Nearly Zapped By Doctor Who! The Sunday People 1989-11-26
Doctor goes independent The Stage and Television Today 1989-11-30
Doctor to go private? The Daily Telegraph 1989-12-01
Dalek Man, London Starlog 1989-12-05
Who's Dr. Who, anyhow? Montgomery Advertiser 1989-12-21

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