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title publication date
For Tom Baker, Dr Who is better than a dog's life The Times 1976-01-03
Heading for a Rough Landing The Mirror 1976-01-03
Television's science fiction man for the young The Irish Times 1976-01-24
Watch out Dr Who, Mary's fighting mad Daily Express 1976-01-26
Tardis time-slip urged The Guardian 1976-01-26
Dr Who finds a champion The Guardian 1976-01-28
When Daniel Fryer and Caroline Simpson express their views ... they are not to be brushed lightly aside The Guardian 1976-02-02
Intergalactic pod now faces Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1976-02-02
It's Sarah Jane - star of scream Daily Express 1976-02-19
Dr. Het Parool 1976-02-21
Dr. Who te griezelig De Telegraaf 1976-02-25
Doctor Poo Monster Fun 1976-03-01
Currently battling with the gigantic horror of the Krynoids The Mirror 1976-03-02
Dr Who's Value The Sunday Times 1976-03-07
Dr. Who en het onheil Limburgs dagblad 1976-03-08
Dr. Who komt op derde Science Fiction festival Het Vrije Volk 1976-03-11
Dr. Who op Science Ficion festival Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
Leeuwarder Courant
Kijk, Daar Is Dr Who! Het Vrije Volk 1976-03-18
Originele „tunes" van BBC-series op de plaat Leeuwarder Courant 1976-03-20
Actor divorced The Times 1976-03-31
Your chance to ask about UFOs Liverpool Echo 1976-04-06
Screen premier for youngsters The Newcastle Journal 1976-05-03
Simple Computer Voice Practical Electronics 1976-05-15
Liz Sladen (Sarah Jane) stopt met „Doctor Who" De Telegraaf 1976-05-17
Who are you, Doctor Who? The Herald 1976-06-11
Jon Pertwee and the Time Machine The Times 1976-06-12
A Dr Who is captured The Mirror 1976-06-24
Dr Who meets the Clichés The Listener 1976-07-01
The amazing world of Doctor Who Woman (England) 1976-07-01
Dr. Who and the Pescatons Liverpool Echo 1976-07-10
Flash to Dr Who The Observer 1976-07-11
Keep your Daleks The Mirror 1976-07-16
Terror TV Monster Fun 1976-08-01
Dr. Who and the Pescatons contest winners Liverpool Echo 1976-08-14
Who loves you Doctor? The Guardian 1976-08-31
Win a Raleigh Chopper in the Monster Painting Competition Battle Picture Weekly 1976-09-04
Mandragora energy! Radio Times 1976-09-04
The man Who is The Guardian 1976-09-04
Saturday preview Toronto Star 1976-09-11
A Season for All Viewers Ottawa Journal 1976-09-18
Ashford's Choice (1976-09-18) Ottawa Citizen 1976-09-18
Batman of dr. Who? Leeuwarder Courant 1976-09-24
A science fiction series Ottawa Journal 1976-09-25
Why Katy did it! Reveille 1976-10-01
The Daleks invade England! Famous Monsters of Filmland 1976-10-01
Ashford's Choice (1976-10-02) Ottawa Citizen 1976-10-02
Who girl bows out The Mirror 1976-10-23
Who do you do-- it's Leela, the Doctor's new girl Daily Express 1976-10-27
Dr Who should perhaps no longer be a source of surprise The Guardian 1976-11-01
TV Star Scene Casa Grande Dispatch 1976-11-04
British TV Machine No. 1 in World Market The Kansas City Times 1976-11-20
Slecht? Leeuwarder Courant 1976-11-26
His life is just a stunt Belfast Telegraph 1976-11-29
Jon Pertwee is who Ottawa Journal 1976-12-04
BBC sorry for sadism in Dr. Who The Daily Telegraph 1976-12-29
Mary Misses Out on Dr Who The Mirror 1976-12-29
BBC admits Dr Who was 'too realistic' The Guardian
Birmingham Post
The Newcastle Journal
Tough and sexy-that's Dr Who's new ally Bristol Post 1976-12-29
Dr. Who and the Hell Planet The Mirror 1976-12-31

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