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chronological view
title publication date
A Family Adventure Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-01-01
Jon Pertwee: The Gallant Doctor Starlog 1984-01-05
Who's Who in outer space Time 1984-01-09
Who's the Height of Bad Taste? Daily Star 1984-01-11
Ta-Tardis The Sun 1984-01-11
Meeting tonight of The Watchers The Daily Northwestern 1984-01-11
Save my Tardis! Daily Mail 1984-01-11
Steven's plan to save the Tardis Evening Argus 1984-01-11
Doctor, you look awful The Mirror 1984-01-11
Save the TARDIS, I say Daily Express 1984-01-14
Tom Baker--Who? 'Who,' That's Who Los Angeles Times 1984-01-15
Doctor Who Is More Of A Doctor What... The Sydney Morning Herald 1984-01-15
Dr. Whomania strikes the area The Telegraph (Alton, IL) 1984-01-21
Some of the whys and wherefores of 'Doctor Who' The Christian Science Monitor 1984-01-25
Dr Who is one out of the box The Age 1984-01-26
Who x Who x Who Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-02-01
The exterminators return Radio Times 1984-02-04
The play's the thing for Shakespeare Company The Daily Pennsylvanian 1984-02-09
Douglas Camfield The Stage and Television Today 1984-02-09
Philly hears a Who The Daily Pennsylvanian 1984-02-09
Anthony Ainley Starlog 1984-02-09
Protect the police-box! Radio Times 1984-02-11
Who Has Two Hearts, 13 lives--and 5 Faces? TV Guide 1984-02-18
Who's got Who? The Sunday Times 1984-02-19
Naked truth about a new Miss Who The Mirror 1984-02-23
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Mirror) The Mirror 1984-02-23
Space beauty on the launch pad Daily Express 1984-02-23
Nicola Bryant joins the cast of Doctor Who Bournemouth Daily Echo 1984-02-23
Do you look like this? Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1984-02-27
Dr. Who is way out, but still so British The Beaver County Times 1984-02-28
Doctor Who, the new season Starburst 1984-03-01
All of us who enjoy Dr. Who must write to KTWU Blue Rapids Times 1984-03-01
How to Make a Snowball Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-03-01
Dr. Who aimed for Chicago stage landing Chicago Tribune 1984-03-01
The Doctor Who Technical Manual School Library Journal 1984-03-01
Dr. Who Fan Club, Everly Documentary Launch Ch. 8 Drive The Tennessean 1984-03-03
Who's best yet Radio Times 1984-03-03
Who's Who's girl? The Mail on Sunday 1984-03-04
The new girl in the life of Doctor Who, the TV sci-fi hero whose adventures are followed by millions of Australians, has made a rather dramatic debut The Sydney Morning Herald 1984-03-04
Cheesy drag Philadelphia Daily News 1984-03-05
A glaring error! Starlog 1984-03-08
Who on Earth... The Sunday Times 1984-03-11
Galaxy-jumping Dr. Who lands in Hollywood The Daily Intelligencer
The Paris News
The New Mexican
The Globe and Mail
Nashua Telegraph
Ocala Star-Banner
Green Bay Press-Gazette
The Daily News-Journal
Madison Capital Times
Pensacola News Journal
Daily World
Lebanon Daily News
Quad-City Times
Asbury Park Press
Albuquerque Journal
Albany Democrat-Herald
The Morning News
The Newark Advocate
The Journal-News
Herald & Review
The Indianapolis Star
The Tampa Tribune
Poughkeepsie Journal
The Daily American
The Daily Times
Battle Creek Enquirer
Edmonton Journal
The Palm Beach Post
The News Leader
Iowa City Press-Citizen
Longview News-Journal
Mansfield News-Journal
The Journal Times
The Missoulian
South Bend Tribune
Regina Leader-Post
Trade Winds Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1984-03-13
Day my blood ran cold The Sun 1984-03-15
Peri for short Edinburgh Evening News 1984-03-15
Where does Doctor Who buy his salami? The Observer (University of Notre Dame) 1984-03-15
Mr. Baker is taking over the role from Peter Davison The Daily Telegraph 1984-03-16
A who done it for Dr Who Daily Record 1984-03-16
The new Who (1984) Bournemouth Daily Echo 1984-03-16
Win a Trip to England The Daily Tar Heel
The Heights
It's just what the doctor ordered Daily Star 1984-03-16
A who's who of TV's new faces Daily Mail 1984-03-16
Who goes there The Times 1984-03-16
The man who will be Who Daily Mail 1984-03-16
Tonight is lift-off for new Dr Who The Mirror 1984-03-16
A dream come true for Doctor Who Radio Times 1984-03-17
He was lucky to have the lovely Nicola Bryant as his assistant Sunday Express 1984-03-18
Count Me In Philadelphia Daily News 1984-03-19
Dr Who Is Even Nastier! Daily Star 1984-03-22
Time for a time Lord Bryant and McNally Daily Express 1984-03-22
Doctor Who: not for children Radio Times 1984-03-24
Doctor Who fan club formed here Spokane Chronicle 1984-03-27
Dr. Who St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1984-03-30
Cult Hit 'Dr. Who' Aids CPTV Coffers Hartford Courant 1984-03-30
Trekkies move over for 'Doctor Who' fans Lakeland Ledger 1984-03-30
Page the galaxies Radio Times 1984-03-31
TV Worth Watching... Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-04-01
The mysterious Dr. Who The San Francisco Examiner 1984-04-03
Dr. Who gets technical Santa Cruz Sentinel 1984-04-06
John Nathan Turner Producing Doctor Who Starlog 1984-04-10
Doctor Who has fan club The Lincoln Star 1984-04-11
I'd like to know if there is a fan club in town or in the area Lincoln Journal Star 1984-04-11
Lost In Space (1984) The Citizens' Voice 1984-04-13
Dr. Who British Sci-Fi Film from Another Era The Sacramento Bee 1984-04-14
Richard Hurndall obituary The Daily Telegraph 1984-04-14
Richard Hurndall The Times 1984-04-16
Upheaval At Lionheart Brings Western-World In As Partner, Nathan, Miller Walk The Plank Variety 1984-04-18
What Was Your First Ambition? Riverfront Times 1984-04-18
Dr. Who In New Role As Sherlock Holmes The Philadelphia Inquirer 1984-04-21
The TARDIS has been given a reprieve The Sydney Morning Herald 1984-04-22
Dr. Who again (Lincoln Star) The Lincoln Star 1984-04-22
College journalist gets her interview Herrin Today 1984-04-25
Tom Baker, the real Dr. Who, took role because he was broke Herrin Today 1984-04-25
Dr. Who Club Changes Name ... Patterns 1984-05-01
Three More Votes for Who Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-05-01
Who Is This Man? Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-05-01
Call the Dr., please Film Comment
The Sydney Morning Herald
Yes, Money Isn't Everything, But It Is Something Philadelphia Daily News 1984-05-02
On the Set of "Resurrection of the Daleks" Starlog 1984-05-10
Kelly Auditorium St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1984-05-11
Dr. Who fans (The Tampa Tribune) The Tampa Tribune 1984-05-13
Break Time Philadelphia Daily News 1984-05-15
Doctor Where? (The Age) The Age 1984-05-21
An Appointment with the Doctor Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-06-01
Doctor Who (TV Guide) TV Guide 1984-06-02
South on Saturday Cambridge Evening News 1984-06-03
Dr Who has scrap with Cybermen Gazette and Post 1984-06-07
Here, There & Everywhere - An Insider's Guide To What's Hot In Town Philadelphia Daily News 1984-06-08
Guess Who's In Dr Who .. It's Koo! The Sunday People 1984-06-10
Koo Set to Star with Dr Who The Mirror 1984-06-10
Fans: They Have Stars In Their Eyes Los Angeles Times 1984-06-12
Koo Falls Out with Dr Who News of the World 1984-06-17
Barefoot in the Park Edinburgh Evening News 1984-06-18
Dr Who club party The Canberra Times 1984-06-18
New view of Street credibility The Newcastle Journal 1984-06-22
Let's play two Chicago Tribune 1984-06-26
Dr Who Is Alive and Well and Living in Nasmyth St. The Observer 1984-07-01
Faith puts on a new face for Dr. Who Daily Express 1984-07-03
Isla Blair plays Isabella Edinburgh Evening News 1984-07-06
The men from outer space TV Times 1984-07-14
Sun bingo winner Nina keeps the Faith... The Sun 1984-07-20
Winning cards The Times 1984-07-25
Preregistration for a Doctor Who convention The Daily Tar Heel 1984-07-26
Dr. Who convention Evening Independent 1984-07-27
Best Bets Lakeland Ledger 1984-07-27
Who are you? The Tampa Tribune 1984-07-30
Dr. Who Maniacs The San Francisco Examiner 1984-07-31
Who Stole My Heart Away department... The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1984-08-01
Heading for horror Bournemouth Evening Echo 1984-08-01
Dr. Who Day Philadelphia Daily News 1984-08-03
Today - A Guide To What's Going On In And Around Philadelphia Philadelphia Daily News 1984-08-04
Let's have British repeats Radio Times 1984-08-04
Winners of the overall best float contest Bournemouth Daily Echo 1984-08-06
Who? Doctor, That's Who! The Sun 1984-08-06
Davison prepares Dr. Who Hattiesburg American 1984-08-09
Dinah's time for a change Daily Star 1984-08-14
Nyssa to star Loughborough News 1984-08-14
Doctor Jon's Fans Put On the Style Daily Star 1984-08-16
Dr. Who Theatre is in trouble and scheduled for the axe The Tennessean 1984-08-17
Doctor Who has a fan club Lakeland Ledger 1984-08-25
An entertaining family day out The Illustrated London News 1984-08-25
Ch. 8 Drive Raises $60,297 The Tennessean 1984-08-28
Moving to new place and time The Arizona Republic 1984-08-29
The Doctor from a monastery Bath Star 1984-09-06
Where, when and how to find Dr. Who (Who?) Courier-Post 1984-09-14
Nominated—for a three star award Daily Express 1984-09-15
Baker only Dr. Who on Ch. 25 Akron Beacon Journal 1984-09-16
Dr. Who divorce The Daily Telegraph 1984-09-17
Guardians of Light and Time The Daily Tar Heel 1984-09-20
Doctor Who comes of age The Daily Telegraph 1984-09-21
Aliens at war! The Daily Telegraph 1984-09-21
WLVT moves 'MacNeil/Lehrer,' adds 'Dr. Who' The Morning Call 1984-09-28
For Who Fans Starlog 1984-10-09
Fans Galore Variety 1984-10-10
Discount for Who? Chicago Tribune 1984-10-12
Daleks--the cuddly terrors Edinburgh Evening News 1984-10-12
Popular Channel 39 Programs Rescheduled to Earlier Hours The Morning Call 1984-10-14
Dr Who's monster party Liverpool Echo 1984-10-18
You wanna talk to who? Chicago Tribune 1984-10-18
We're a public television station that listens to its community The Morning Call 1984-10-19
Who's a big success! Evening Chronicle 1984-10-20
Dr. Who fans plan convention (1984) Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-21
Dr. Who? (Gannett News Service) Gannett News Service
St. Cloud Times
Chillicothe Gazette
Daily Record
El Paso Times
Hattiesburg American
Iowa City Press Citizen
Lansing State Journal
Palladium Item
Pensacola News Journal
Statesman Journal
The Californian
The Journal News
The Morning News
The Shreveport Times
Wausau Daily Herald
Who, did you say? Wilmington Star-News 1984-10-26
Yet another doctor in the parade of who's 'Who' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1984-10-28
Who's Who? Winona Daily News 1984-10-30
It's Charmer Karmelion Daily Star 1984-10-30
Not tonight, Dalek The Sun 1984-10-30
Shock 'n' Roll The Town Talk
The Seattle Times
Who's New? Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-11-01
Who's "It" in Brookfield Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-11-01
Happy Birthday, Dr. Who Airwaves 1984-11-01
You and Who Acorn User 1984-11-01
Doctor Who Collection Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1984-11-01
Cinderella Bournemouth Daily Echo 1984-11-02
Four, count 'em, four Dr. Whos at Hyatt Regency The Star (Tinley Park, IL) 1984-11-04
Tonic for a science-fiction addiction The Philadelphia Inquirer 1984-11-05
Fan Club Directory Starlog 1984-11-06
Patrick Troughton: The Character Actor who Brought Character to Doctor Who Starlog 1984-11-06
Dr Who to be Saturday movie The Morning Call 1984-11-11
A pig and his pen pals Radio Times 1984-11-12
Love's labours The Times 1984-11-17
Patrick's magic Liverpool Echo 1984-11-17
Whoniversal Classics The Wall Street Journal 1984-11-20
Sci-fi fans call for the interplanetary Doctor Chicago Sun-Times 1984-11-23
Looking into the future with Dr. Who Chicago Tribune 1984-11-23
Dr. Who and his retinue Chicago Tribune 1984-11-24
Out of this world (Daily Herald) Daily Herald 1984-11-24
Names & Faces The Boston Globe 1984-11-25
Who's Who? (Associated Press) Associated Press
Lakeland Ledger
The Times-Leader
Tampa Bay Times
The Greenwood Commonwealth
Dr. Who fans protest Tampa Bay Times 1984-11-26
In Whovian Heaven The Washington Post 1984-11-26
Who's tops? Why, it's the Doctor The Janesville Gazette 1984-11-29
Home for the Holidays The Post-Crescent 1984-11-30
Dr. Who Fans Take Note Patterns 1984-12-01
More on Dr. Who Tampa Bay Times 1984-12-04
Public radio, TV stations raise funds for programing The News-Press 1984-12-08
Book Notes Los Angeles Times 1984-12-16
Fate of 'Who' The Tennessean 1984-12-20
It's Dr Who turning to Cinders Daily Express 1984-12-22
Living with my VCR The New York Times 1984-12-23
Say what you will about PBS fund huckstering, but report on recent dollar drive is worth copying Chippewa Herald-Telegram 1984-12-26
Baby for actress The Times 1984-12-27
Who's a sleepy little girl? Daily Mail 1984-12-29
Georgia Elizabeth The Daily Telegraph 1984-12-29
Who's baby The Mirror 1984-12-29
Who's Baby! Daily Express 1984-12-29
It's a Girl George for the proud Dr Who! The Sun 1984-12-29
Even for time lords, time marches on The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1984-12-30

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