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title publication date
Move over Dalek London Evening Standard 1996-01-03
Exterminated:Dream of British Doctor Who film London Evening Standard 1996-01-10
Dr Who takes off in £5m TV revival The Daily Telegraph 1996-01-11
Doctor Who to return after time out The Scotsman 1996-01-11
Look Who's Doctor No 8 The Mirror 1996-01-11
Dear Paul McGann The Independent 1996-01-11
Our man McGann beats the stars to become new Dr Who Daily Express 1996-01-11
Look who's Who! The Sun 1996-01-11
Smart Dalek Daily Record 1996-01-11
Revival of Dr Who Irish Independent 1996-01-11
Bad news for Daleks as the doctor is reincarnated The Times 1996-01-11
Calling The Doctor Daily Mail 1996-01-11
Having The Time Of His Lives The Observer 1996-01-14
Discarded Tardis The Times 1996-01-17
Whoville express The Morning Call
Detroit Free Press
Eight score eight New Statesman 1996-01-19
Who's that high-speed girl? The Times 1996-01-20
Discarded Tardis reply The Times 1996-01-20
Jon Pertwee is back aboard the Tardis Radio Times 1996-01-20
Doctor Who: The Ghosts of N Space Radio Times 1996-01-20
Doctor Who fans The Pink Paper 1996-01-26
It's Dr Who and the Dial-eks! Daily Record 1996-01-31
Look Who Gets A Bonk! The People 1996-02-11
Who's Sorry Now (The Mirror) The Mirror 1996-02-15
Who is McGann this time? Radio Times 1996-02-17
So Who's a pretty boy then, Doctor? Daily Express 1996-02-17
Daleks whisk back in time Daily Express 1996-03-01
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Sight & Sound) Sight & Sound 1996-03-01
Time future contained in time past? Report 1996-03-01
Doctor Who highlights sci-fi programs on WUSF, channel 16 Sarasota Magazine 1996-03-01
Dr Who hits the airwaves The Herald (Ireland) 1996-03-02
Dr Who goes head first to the future News of the World 1996-03-03
TARDIS Travel Agent Starlog 1996-03-05
Peter Pan 'nightmare' The Times 1996-03-08
London kerbs Dalek assault Daily Express 1996-03-08
My Dr Who Had No Time For Sex The Mirror 1996-03-14
Doctor who had no name Daily Express 1996-03-15
Dalek dialect The Times 1996-03-16
Dr Who — Return of the Lord of Time Irish Independent 1996-03-16
Inside the Tardis (Radio Times) Radio Times 1996-03-16
Doctor Who, 2 BBC Dramas, AbFab Released The Washington Post 1996-03-24
Trump card Liverpool Echo 1996-03-25
Look Who's Tops in £250m TV Package Liverpool Echo 1996-03-27
Dr. Who boosts Ch. 42 Sun-Sentinel 1996-03-29
Credit to the extermination Vox 1996-04-01
Time-traveling alien from BBC, "Dr. Who' at USF The Tampa Tribune 1996-04-13
Tardis 2 has its insider secrets Daily Express 1996-04-18
Doctor Who leads the nostalgia boom The Stage and Television Today 1996-04-18
Time proves no barrier to police box The Daily Telegraph 1996-04-19
The Backlot MediaWeek 1996-04-22
Liza: I'm not a druggie Star 1996-04-30
Look who's being revived The Sydney Morning Herald 1996-05-01
Time Lord travels to the Nineties The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-04
Raiders of the lost archives The Herald 1996-05-04
Up against the old enemy The Herald 1996-05-04
A blast from the past and the future - it's Doctor Who Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Patriot-News
Deseret News
The New Doctor Who (1996) Starlog 1996-05-07
Preston Lockwood obituary The Stage and Television Today 1996-05-09
Larry McMurtry and 'Doctor Who' Tower Over TV's 'Sweeps' Month The Christian Science Monitor 1996-05-09
The low-budget BBC sci-fi series comes to Fox as a big-budget made-for-TV movie TV Guide 1996-05-11
Saving the world from dastardly aliens The Globe and Mail 1996-05-11
The new Who TV Guide 1996-05-11
Mr. Who? The Town Talk 1996-05-11
Show Builds on 26-Year Journey Through Time and Space Chicago Sun-Times 1996-05-12
Sci-Fi Gets Ready for the Millennium The New York Times 1996-05-12
Doctor Who returns to TV in yet another incarnation Knight Ridder
Beaver County Times
Green Bay Press-Gazette
The Des Moines Register
Dr. Who Comes Back In Time Tulsa World 1996-05-12
Britain's 'Doctor Who' is revived in Fox TV movie Minneapolis Star Tribune
The Billings Gazette
Back from the past Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph
Knight Ridder
Dr. Who? When? Where? The Washington Post 1996-05-12
The doctor's in -- this time on Fox The Orange County Register 1996-05-12
Who's On First With Fans Chicago Sun-Times 1996-05-12
On the lighter side, the world is ending St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1996-05-12
Best bets The Boston Globe 1996-05-12
Superb 'Doctor Who' movie likely pilot for new series The Denver Post 1996-05-13
Fox's 'Dr. Who' Leaves Its Viewers Yearning for More of The Doctor Times Union 1996-05-13
Who's this? Fox doctors up old sci-fi show Daily Herald 1996-05-13
You Know Who Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Medicine Hat News
Doctor returns to TV tonight with a big 'Who'-ray! Associated Press
Times Daily
Bangor Daily News
Kentucky New Era
North Hills New Record
Great Falls Tribune
The Greenville News
Mattoon (Ill.) Journal Gazette
Northwest Herald
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
Stevens Point Journal
North Hills News Record
South Bend Tribune
Daily World
The Daily Advertiser
Doctor Who lacks charm to gain new sci-fi fans Austin American-Statesman 1996-05-13
Who's On: First A Telepic, Maybe A Series Daily News
Tallahassee Democrat
A hue and cry for Doctor Who The Indianapolis Star 1996-05-14
Who of BBC fame returns Houston Chronicle 1996-05-14
A famous science-fiction series seeks a new audience with a TV movie Greensboro News & Record 1996-05-14
Paul McGann stars in "Doctor Who" Daily Journal (Indiana) 1996-05-14
Doctor Who Variety 1996-05-14
Who's on Fox? Yes Indeed The Washington Post
Lakeland Ledger
Who cares about bad knockoffs? The Globe and Mail 1996-05-14
The original series was terribly British Lansing State Journal 1996-05-14
Doctor Who is for fans only USA Today 1996-05-14
Bringing cult hero back to life USA Today 1996-05-14
Who's coming to prime time The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1996-05-14
Paul McGann is eighth 'Doctor Who' this time in two-hour Fox movie The Brownsville Herald
The Tampa Tribune
Philadelphia Daily News
Knight Ridder
The Free Lance-Star
The San Bernadino County Sun
Albuquerque Journal
The Clarion-Ledger
Rockland Journal News
The Daily Advertiser
Clever 'Dr. Who' has not lost his touch Mobile Register 1996-05-14
Stepford men and 'Dr. Who' are just weakened updates Detroit Free Press 1996-05-14
Who's Next - Fox Movie Puts a New High-Tech Shine on Old Sci-Fi Icon Sun-Sentinel 1996-05-14
950-year-old alien with two hearts lands in S.F.! Only time will tell his fate The San Francisco Examiner 1996-05-14
Rx for Pleasure: A New "Dr. Who" Contra Costa Times 1996-05-14
There's a new Who, and it's about time The Baltimore Sun 1996-05-14
Fox Revives Doctor Who Tonight The Virginian-Pilot 1996-05-14
Dr. Who debut welcome return for Fox, viewers The Cleveland Plain Dealer 1996-05-14
Universe in Trouble? Just Call Doctor Who The New York Times
The Anniston Star
This is the first new telemovie about the millennium The Philadelphia Inquirer 1996-05-14
The Doctor Is In: New Version Of Cult Science-Fiction Show Serves Up Sly, Hip Entertainment Chicago Tribune 1996-05-14
Fox Steals Charm of Dr. Who The Miami Herald 1996-05-14
Role lifts Paul McGann from Who? to Doctor Who The Baltimore Sun 1996-05-14
Who's Back? Another 'Dr. Who,' That's Who St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Commercial Appeal
Fox Flick a Who's 'Who' of Sci-Fi Daily News 1996-05-14
Dr. Who Gets New Life As TV Film San Francisco Chronicle 1996-05-14
Paging Doctor Who: a by-the-numbers guide for Whovians-come-lately Philadelphia Daily News 1996-05-14
T.A.R.D.I.S. Brings Dr. Who to Fox Tonight Orlando Sentinel 1996-05-14
Calling all Whovians (1996) Minneapolis Star Tribune 1996-05-14
Dr. Who's calling in a new film The Dallas Morning News 1996-05-14
Doctor Who makes new transformation Los Angeles Times 1996-05-14
Sci-fi fans should enjoy 'Doctor Who' flick on Fox tonight The Courier-Journal 1996-05-14
Will Fox's 'Doctor Who' Woo Fans? Richmond Times-Dispatch 1996-05-14
Who's Dr Who? News of the World 1996-05-19
Jon Pertwee obituary Associated Press
Toronto Sun
Dr Who actor Pertwee dies Agence France Presse 1996-05-20
Time Lords Mourn Jon Pertwee Press Association
The Irish Times
Doctor Who comes down to earth The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-20
Daemon Software Midweek 1996-05-20
Jon Pertwee obituary (Daily Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-21
List of Week's TV Ratings, May 13-19, 1996 Associated Press 1996-05-21
The world of Dr Who mourns Jon Pertwee The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-21
The true eccentric who was born to be Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-21
New Dr Who wastes no time for first kiss London Evening Standard 1996-05-21
Dr Who star dies of heart attack Irish Independent 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee, British actor The Washington Post 1996-05-21
Time runs out for a veteran Time Lord Daily Express 1996-05-21
Dr Who, but not as we know him London Evening Standard 1996-05-21
Entertainment world pays tribute to the man who was probably the best Dr Who of all The Herald 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Independent) The Independent 1996-05-21
A Doctor For All Time The Guardian 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Times) The Times 1996-05-21
New incarnation of TV's most enduring doctor Wicklow People
New Ross Standard
Enniscorthy Guardian
The Bray People
The Gorey Guardian
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Stage) The Stage and Television Today 1996-05-23
Lives Lived: Jon Pertwee The Globe and Mail 1996-05-24
Knowing who's Who The Independent 1996-05-24
He's Back! The Sun 1996-05-24
Doctor's Appointment TV & Satellite Week 1996-05-25
Return of the Time Lord Radio Times 1996-05-25
Doctor Who Trivia Test The Sun 1996-05-25
The big TV event this week is the return of Doctor Who TV Times 1996-05-25
Up against the Doc Daily Record 1996-05-25
Doctor Phew! (The Sun) The Sun 1996-05-25
It's the moment Doctor Who fans have been waiting for TV Times 1996-05-25
Doctor Who Meets Planet Hollywood The Times 1996-05-25
The nostalgic may hanker for the old black-and-white days and Daleks, but the Time Lord has moved on The Times 1996-05-25
It's Doctor Who - but not as we know it! TV Times 1996-05-25
Time is of the essence for Dr Who Paul McGann Hello! 1996-05-25
Andrew Billen meets Paul McGann, the new, made-for-America Doctor Who The Observer 1996-05-26
It's life, Doctor, but not as we know it The Sunday Times 1996-05-26
Any chance of taking us back to a holiday heatwave? The Sun 1996-05-27
Don't miss ... The Sun 1996-05-27
Will the earth move when the Doctor shares his first screen kiss with Grace Holloway? Daily Express 1996-05-27
A Time Lord's place is in the past The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-28
Welcome back, Doctor, whoever you are The Times 1996-05-28
What I Watched Last Night The Sun 1996-05-28
Who's Last Midweek 1996-05-28
Switch On Daily Record 1996-05-28
Why I Won't Be At Jon's Funeral - Jean Marsh Press Association 1996-05-28
Who's time just ran out? Daily Mail 1996-05-28
Waste of time travel The Guardian 1996-05-28
Doctor's timely return Daily Express 1996-05-28
Selling out and alienating everyone London Evening Standard 1996-05-28
Who Dares Wins! The Sun 1996-05-29
The Time Lord lands in a period drama The Independent 1996-05-29
Dr Who has been exterminated The Independent 1996-05-29
Doctor with the PR touch The Stage and Television Today 1996-05-30
Fanzine tribute to the Doctor The Stage and Television Today 1996-05-30
The punters queue for new Doctor Who The Bookseller 1996-05-31
Dr Why? New Statesman 1996-05-31
Return of 'Doctor Who' Sight & Sound 1996-06-01
That very odd one-off Americanised feature length instalment of Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1996-06-01
Jon Pertwee (Radio Times) Radio Times 1996-06-01
Down to earth with a bump The Sunday Times 1996-06-02
Doctor Who leaves his hearts in San Francisco News of the World 1996-06-02
Time Lord Immemorial Who Weekly 1996-06-03
Doctor's orders (1996) Radio Times 1996-06-08
Under attack from giant rabbits and Daleks The Bookseller 1996-06-14
Who-ray! The Doctor's back Radio Times 1996-06-15
Dr Defiant The Times 1996-06-15
Partners in time Empire 1996-07-01
Jon Pertwee 1919-1996 Starlog 1996-07-02
Patent problem for dancing K9 Financial Times 1996-07-02
Dr Who returns The Times (Victor Harbor, South Australia) 1996-07-05
Design Choice: The Tardis Marketing 1996-07-11
Jon Pertwee (Variety) Variety 1996-07-22
Dr Who and arch rival the Daleks drop in on Haverfordwest Carnival on Saturday The Mercury 1996-07-26
Turn-Off Dr Who Is Exterminated The Mirror 1996-07-26
The Doctor is in Cinefantastique 1996-08-01
Dr. Who? Sylvester McCoy, that's who! Cinefantastique 1996-08-01
I can't let Doctor Who pass without comment Gay Times 1996-08-01
Memorial service for Jon Pertwee The Times 1996-08-02
Doctor Who has changed Woroni 1996-08-15
Boom to bust and back again The Daily Telegraph 1996-08-24
Doctor, Doctor ... Radio Times 1996-08-24
Dr. Who Bombed Sun-Sentinel 1996-08-25
Actress Sophie Aldred from Greenwich Greenwich & Eltham Mercury 1996-08-29
Time Lord Tales Starlog 1996-09-05
Paul's Lazenby connection Liverpool Echo 1996-09-14
Blaze Daleks exterminated Western Daily Press 1996-09-16
Exterminated (Daily Mirror) The Mirror 1996-09-16
K9 goes up in flames with Daleks Daily Express 1996-09-16
Where's Who? The Gainesville Sun 1996-10-21
Invasion Llangollen In Britain 1996-11-01
Doctor Who (Cinefantastique) Cinefantastique 1996-11-01
The Day That Changed My Life Daily Mail 1996-11-11
Convention's a who's Who of that British TV sci-fi favorite Chicago Tribune 1996-11-22
The time travel of their lives Edinburgh Evening News 1996-11-26
Who? Chicago Sun-Times 1996-11-29
He vanquished the Daleks but proved no match for Roseanne The Guardian 1996-12-07
Screen scene pulls the crowds Liverpool Echo 1996-12-09

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