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The Age

articles (44) date
'Ware the Daleks 1965-02-19
Moderately enjoyable fare for juveniles undaunted by spooky forests and Things 1965-12-20
Two O'Clock Rush 1966-10-13
Patrick Troughton makes a younger if less cantankerous Dr. Who 1967-09-12
Well look Who's here 1979-02-16
A Dr. Who encounter of the philosophical kind 1979-02-22
Dr. Who fans get together 1979-11-23
Doctor Who for the grown-ups 1980-01-24
The good doctor at work 1980-04-30
Doctor's dilemma (The Age) 1980-08-25
Readers put their views about Dr Who's sex life 1980-08-26
Dalek lover 1980-08-27
What is Dr Who? 1980-08-28
A dog's life 1980-10-13
More Demand for Dr. Who 1981-06-04
A family affair at Yannathan 1981-06-11
Much ado about Dr Who 1981-06-11
All the latest on Dr Who 1982-03-04
Will the doctor bowl 'em over? 1982-04-22
Contest for Dr Who fans 1982-08-26
Dr Who finds time his ruler 1982-08-26
Who mania raging on 1983-02-17
Dr Who is one out of the box 1984-01-26
Box of Delights a real treat for all 1985-12-19
Just what the doctor ordered 1988-02-04
Fans of the British sci-fi series, 'Dr Who', have bombarded this newspaper recently with pleas for help 1988-09-15
Ferreting out the culprits 1988-11-10
How robots-on-casters can still dominate TV 1999-09-23
What a sci-fi guy 2003-02-14
The Doctor is in (The Age) 2003-09-06
About time 2003-09-18
A doctor so sexy it's scary 2005-05-21
Time Lord travelling again, this time to the stage 2005-05-31
Timeless - why I Love Doctor Who 2006-12-28
Spin-off from the Tardis 2008-10-30
Not quite the new Doctor Who 2009-01-22
Festive Tardis right on time 2010-12-23
Adam Richard, Doctor Who nut 2011-12-22
Transported by tunes of the Tardis 2012-01-21
Australian premiere for new Doctor Who stage spectacular 2013-08-05
Doctor Who fans celebrate 50th 2013-11-23
Doctor to host stellar symphony 2013-12-19
A rousing return for Dr Who aficionados 2014-02-03
The Doctor will see you now (The Age) 2014-08-21