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title publication date
Dr. Who strikes again The Miami News 1981-01-03
Dr Who Is On The Move Again The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1981-01-04
Dr. Who's on first (1981) The San Francisco Examiner 1981-01-07
The Shadow Man TV Times 1981-01-12
It's carry on K9 Daily Express 1981-01-16
The Voice of Youth Daily Express 1981-01-21
The Keeper of Traken Dunfermline Press 1981-01-30
Who's not afraid now, Doctor? Daily Record 1981-01-31
An experiement in self-portrait photography The Sunday Times 1981-02-08
Nudes are not for me says Lalla The People 1981-02-08
All creatures great for the new Dr Who The Australian Women's Weekly 1981-02-11
Hit composer Ron is dead The Sun 1981-02-23
Ron Grainer obituary The Stage and Television Today 1981-02-26
Janet Fielding, who plays Tegan Dunfermline Press 1981-02-27
I'm bossy enough to take on two doctors! Daily Express 1981-02-28
Tom picks up another girl Daily Record 1981-02-28
WVIZ's 'Doctor Who' offers fantasy for science fiction lovers Daily Kent Stater 1981-03-03
Diana Is 19 Charles Is 32, I Does An Age Gap Matter? Belfast Telegraph 1981-03-05
Doctor's Orders: Get Away From It All The Sunday Times 1981-03-08
Doctor Tom runs out of time! The Sun 1981-03-21
Vet Peter Joins The Doctors' Who's Who Daily Star 1981-03-21
Time's up for the Time Lord The Mirror 1981-03-21
Marriage is good for me says Tom Daily Express 1981-03-21
Where Dr Who fears to tread Daily Mail 1981-03-21
Personal choice The Times 1981-03-21
Back to word The Times 1981-04-15
Whozat! Doctor to skittle 'em The Mirror 1981-04-16
It was all just a con The Palm Beach Post 1981-04-26
The Return of Doctor Who Starlog 1981-05-05
Well, this certainly buggers our plan to conquer the Universe Punch 1981-05-08
Tales of the kids' lib detectives The Christian Science Monitor 1981-05-11
Courtroom Drama Is Gripping Worthing Gazette and Herald 1981-05-22
Black group tells CRTC racists using the media The Globe and Mail 1981-05-26
Creator of TV 'Doomwatch' dies at 53 The Daily Telegraph 1981-05-28
Sudden death of Dr Doom Daily Express 1981-05-28
Latest wills The Times 1981-06-02
More Demand for Dr. Who The Age 1981-06-04
Much ado about Dr Who The Age 1981-06-11
A family affair at Yannathan The Age 1981-06-11
What can you tell me about mad, lovable "Dr. Who" Chicago Tribune 1981-06-21
Two for Who The Sun 1981-06-27
Sci-fi fans agree: Star Trek's the most enterprising series The Fort Lauderdale News 1981-06-28
Who's Who: A History of the Six Doctors Who Starlog 1981-08-04
Jeremy Bulloch Starlog 1981-08-04
Latest wills (1981-08-15) The Times 1981-08-15
What's a Panopticon? Ask a 'Who' Fan Tulsa World 1981-08-15
Not the Nine O'Clock Nudes! Daily Record 1981-08-20
Look Who fell in love The Sun 1981-08-29
Lis aims to be a slimline Sarah Jane Liverpool Echo 1981-09-07
Dr. Who Series On Channel 25 Call and Post 1981-10-03
Julian Glover Starlog 1981-10-06
British Leyland Daily Mail 1981-10-16
In the swim? Radio Times 1981-10-17
A timely guide to who's who in space Yorkshire Evening Post 1981-10-29
Who's Who? (The Times) The Times 1981-10-30
Dr Who Exhibitions The Times 1981-10-30
Who's Dr Who's favourite Dr Who? Daily Mail 1981-10-31
It was the inability to make a fire which kept the plot busy The Daily Telegraph 1981-11-08
Dr Who for ever The Observer 1981-11-08
The Five Faces of Dr Who The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1981-11-08
K9 comes out of the doghouse Daily Express 1981-11-13
Happy to be you know who The Sun 1981-11-14
A tonic for the Doctor The Sun 1981-11-14
The Doctor's 749th Birthday Celebration The Daily Tar Heel 1981-11-17
Talking shop Down Under The Stage and Television Today 1981-11-19
Now it's Louise in captivity Daily Record 1981-11-19
The mind-stretching and the macabre The Times Literary Supplement 1981-11-20
Who Is The Hero Of Fantasy Series The Tampa Tribune 1981-11-21
The Doctor arrives Gulf Times 1981-11-21
Out-Of-This-World Drink The Tampa Tribune 1981-11-23
Dr Who fans hold first Scots convention The Herald 1981-11-28
Travellers in time without a Tardis The Herald 1981-11-30
New ray of hope for 'Dr. Who' fans Democrat and Chronicle 1981-12-03
Who duo line up for thrills The Sun 1981-12-05
Sherlock heads for a romp The Sun 1981-12-05
Through Channels The Ukiah Daily Journal
Gaffney Ledger
Feather River Bulletin
Why I had to shut that door The Sun 1981-12-12
Tom's still not shaken off his old Tardis Liverpool Echo 1981-12-16
Parrot poser for Dr Who The Times 1981-12-18

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