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title publication date
From Beatleland—It's the Daleks Chicago Tribune
The Cumberland Times
The Eugene Register-Guard
Austin American-Statesman
The Bridgeport Telegram
The Kokomo Morning Times
San Bernardino Sun-Telegram
Weird exile from space TV Times (Australia) 1965-01-06
Our look what's following the Daleks Daily Express 1965-01-06
After those Daleks, more monsters on Saturday afternoon The Mirror 1965-01-06
I overcame by allergy to science fiction to watch the new Dr. Who series Financial Times 1965-01-06
6ft ant is BBC's latest TV monster The Daily Telegraph 1965-01-06
Spaceman Bill is down-to-Earth Reveille 1965-01-07
In Engeland worden monsters op de televisie bijzonder populair Leeuwarder Courant 1965-01-08
James Bond meets Noddy and the Daleks The Guardian 1965-01-09
Who's Who? (TV Week) TV Week (Australia) 1965-01-09
When? The Mirror 1965-01-11
What to stay home for The Canberra Times 1965-01-11
First programme in a new B.B.C. science fiction adventure serial The Canberra Times 1965-01-11
Lotsa Ghoul Excitement on Brit. TV Variety 1965-01-13
Television at the weekend The Guardian 1965-01-18
Will this man influence young minds? CBC Times 1965-01-23
Keeping the Children Happy and Informed The Times 1965-01-23
Free Daleks The Stage and Television Today 1965-01-28
BBC ban on 'Morse code' record The Daily Telegraph 1965-01-29
Calling D for Dalek The Children's Newspaper (England) 1965-01-30
The Perishers The Mirror 1965-01-30
BB Operate The Daleks At Boys' And Girls' Exhibition Stedfast Mag 1965-02-01
The Boys' Brigade Steadfast Magazine 1965-02-01
Successful Dr. Who series is Verity's first assignment The Yorkshire Evening Press 1965-02-05
In the beginning... The Mirror 1965-02-07
Did you know? The Australian Women's Weekly 1965-02-10
Why Ray can't exploit those Daleks Tit-bits 1965-02-13
'Ware the Daleks The Age 1965-02-19
Spotlight on this top TV series June and School Friend 1965-02-27
Dr. Who meets dreaded Daleks Ottawa Citizen 1965-02-27
The Daleks Are Invading Coventry Co-operative Coventry Evening Telegraph 1965-03-05
Ban Record Wilmington Star-News 1965-03-05
Now the Daleks move in for cinema invasion Daily Mail 1965-03-05
Invasion Newspaper Enterprise Association
Mt. Vernon Register-News
Dr... What! Fabulous 1965-03-06
Moseley Infant School Coventry Evening Telegraph 1965-03-06
Hits on BBC Sci-Fi Series Invading Pix Variety 1965-03-07
Daleks on her mind The Mirror 1965-03-09
Daleks on the Move Kinematograph Weekly 1965-03-11
B B C plans to bring the Daleks back to life Daily Mail 1965-03-13
Terribly Unfair To The Daleks! Daily Express 1965-03-13
Life with the Daleks was never like this The Mirror 1965-03-13
The Blood Maggot from Drain X The Mirror 1965-03-13
Terry Nation's pepperpot monsters certainly get around! The Stage and Television Today 1965-03-18
He dishes out fifteen million thrills a week The Weekly News 1965-03-20
Square wave, hip sound The Observer 1965-03-21
Doctor in Space The Australian Women's Weekly 1965-03-24
Dr. Who and The Lionheart Radio Times 1965-03-27
Once bitten, Bill's not shy TV Week (Australia) 1965-03-27
Do-It-Yourself Dalek Meccano Magazine 1965-04-01
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum The Stage and Television Today 1965-04-01
And Now, Dr. Who's Who Ladies' Home Journal 1965-04-01
Barbara and Ian leaving 'Dr. Who' Daily Express 1965-04-02
Dr. Who losing his fellow travelers The Daily Telegraph 1965-04-02
A Dalek is (now) a many-splendoured thing Kinematograph Weekly 1965-04-08
Dr. Who and Daleks at Bingley Hall Coventry Evening Telegraph 1965-04-10
Mechanoids Challenge The Daleks The Mirror 1965-04-15
The Daleks meet their match in this flame-belching Mechanoid The Daily Telegraph 1965-04-15
I can see only the wooden charmlessness of the adventurers New Statesman 1965-04-16
Doctor Who Goes Back To Marco Polo Days Ottawa Journal 1965-04-17
Daleks' Doom The Daily Telegraph 1965-04-17
Doctor Who In New Series Winnipeg Free Press 1965-04-18
Puppets The Stage and Television Today 1965-04-22
Two of the gentle Thals Tatler 1965-05-05
The Climate for Experiment Tatler 1965-05-12
Robots from another planet Variety 1965-05-12
William Hartnell as Dr. Who The Canberra Times 1965-05-16
Drama and light entertainment (1965-05-27) The Listener 1965-05-27
Broke but not downhearted Ottawa Citizen 1965-05-31
The Dalek invasion of Cannes Kinematograph Weekly 1965-06-03
Dr Who down to Earth Reveille 1965-06-03
The Vicious Voords Menace To Dr. Who Winnipeg Free Press 1965-06-13
Take a Dalek to the beach The Australian Women's Weekly 1965-06-16
Drama and light entertainment (1965-06-17) The Listener 1965-06-17
New Space Chills Via Flesh-Eaters Ottawa Journal 1965-06-19
Studio One The Observer 1965-06-20
What Comes In Cans And Is Nasty? Daily Express 1965-06-23
Studio One (Tomorrow) (The Times) The Times 1965-06-24
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Kinematograph Weekly) Kinematograph Weekly 1965-06-24
Kid's Stuff The Daily Telegraph 1965-06-25
Girls chase Dr. Who Daily Express 1965-06-25
Dr. Who and his space adventurers meet a new enemy The Daily Telegraph 1965-06-25
Doctored-Who and the Daleks The Mirror 1965-06-25
Space-Machine doctor New Statesman 1965-06-25
Consultants anonymous The Observer 1965-06-27
Dr. Who & The Daleks (Daily Cinema) The Daily Cinema 1965-07-01
Battle of the robots made this best yet The Stage and Television Today 1965-07-01
A-t-t-e-n-t-i-o-n : You can win a dalek! Lion 1965-07-01
Ex-ter-min-ate Them! Daily Express 1965-07-01
Stephanie has a date with Dr. Who! Lichfield Mercury 1965-07-02
Dr. Who & The Daleks Variety 1965-07-07
Unlucky planet Tatler 1965-07-07
The times of the Aztecs The Canberra Times 1965-07-19
Studio One (The Times) The Times 1965-07-22
TV Jumper for a 'Dalek' Fan Coventry Standard 1965-07-22
My View ... by Bill Edmund The Stage and Television Today 1965-07-22
Deadly Dolls Newspaper Enterprise Association
Iola Register
Cullman Times Democrat
LeMars Globe Post
Bristol Daily Courier
Centralia Sunday Sentinel
Blytheville Courier News
Beatrice Daily Sun
Jacksonville Courier
The Orange County Register
Miami News Record
Ogden Standard Examiner
Huntingdon Daily News
Raleigh Register
Logan Herald Journal
Racine Journal Times
Portsmouth Times
Great Bend Daily Tribune
Mt. Vernon Register-News
Fond du Lac Reporter
The Lima News
Amarillo Globe-Times
Dr. Who and the Daleks Monthly Film Bulletin 1965-08-01
A lack of method in their madness The Guardian 1965-08-02
Almost everyone seems to be making a lot of money out of the Daleks except the man who designed them The Sun 1965-08-03
Me, Dalek. Variety 1965-08-04
UGH calls up new monsters to face Dr. Who Daily Express 1965-08-07
Dr. Who's new enemies The Mirror 1965-08-07
Dr. Who v Vargas The Daily Telegraph 1965-08-07
Bold style The Guardian 1965-08-09
Weirdies The Stage and Television Today 1965-08-12
Daleks Invading the A.B.C. Cheshire Observer 1965-08-13
Daleks steal the show from Dr. and Co. The Newcastle Journal 1965-08-14
Horrors--on TV Launceston Express 1965-08-21
The children might like it The Observer 1965-08-22
Thames Prowler Montreal Gazette 1965-08-23
Your Film Guide Norwood News 1965-08-27
Daleks a Hit In BBC Serial Winnipeg Free Press
The Bermuda Recorder
Television actor William Hartnell is quite happy to be known now as Dr Who The Newcastle Journal 1965-09-01
New four-part Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1965-09-09
Top Gear Column The Newcastle Journal 1965-09-10
New Beach Aid Amarillo Globe-Times
Associated Press
Tarnished! The heroes of my childhood Belfast Telegraph 1965-09-16
ITV Declares War on Dr Who The Mirror 1965-09-21
Drama and light entertainment (1965-09-30) The Listener 1965-09-30
Dr. Who Again Radio Times 1965-09-30
Chit Chat The Stage and Television Today 1965-09-30
The Daleks on the Stage The Times 1965-09-30
No Robots The Mirror 1965-10-04
Roll-around cut-outs Hobbies Weekly 1965-10-06
Daleks arrive from out of space? Kinematograph Weekly 1965-10-14
Sit Tight -- The Daleks are Here! Lichfield Mercury 1965-10-22
They're going bald headed for Dr. Who The Mirror 1965-10-23
Bald-Headed for Dr. Who Daily Express 1965-10-23
Daleks are coming for Christmas Belfast Telegraph 1965-10-23
Dr. Who set 'em painting for Mercury prizes Lichfield Mercury 1965-10-29
Dalek Parade The Des Moines Register 1965-10-31
Television in the Service of Science Fiction The Times 1965-11-06
In the new adventure beginning this afternoon the space-time travellers encounter their old enemies Radio Times 1965-11-11
Voice Behind the Daleks The Mirror 1965-11-13
Space girls land in Belfast Belfast Telegraph 1965-11-19
Meet the Daleks in Ann Street Belfast Telegraph 1965-11-22
Toyshop roundabout The Times 1965-11-22
Wyndham's The Times 1965-11-24
Games of Action Brighten Season Oakland Tribune 1965-11-25
The Dalek contest featured in TV 21 was an enormous success Kinematograph Weekly 1965-11-25
Dr. Who and Co top the toy charts The Newcastle Journal 1965-11-26
Face to face The Mirror 1965-11-29
Ann Street Christmas List Belfast Telegraph 1965-11-29
Dr. Who helps to rob '1984' of impact Daily Express 1965-11-29
Dr. Who, as he appears in the British science-fiction TV series Famous Monsters of Filmland 1965-12-01
Dalek Tickets Belfast Telegraph 1965-12-01
A touch of The Avengers: The new girl linking up with Dr Who tonight Daily Mail 1965-12-04
Look out, Daleks! Sara is gunning for you Daily Express 1965-12-04
Hurry to Ann Street Belfast Telegraph 1965-12-08
A tiny glimmer of hope appears for the de-materialised Doctor and Steven in tonight's episode Radio Times 1965-12-09
Why I have banned 'Dr. Who' in our home The Mirror 1965-12-09
Arrangements are being made for the dubbing in Arabic Belfast Telegraph 1965-12-10
Warning The Mirror 1965-12-14
Ann Street One Stop Shopping for Your Last Minute Gifts Belfast Telegraph 1965-12-15
The Daleks Invade Earth Kinematograph Weekly 1965-12-16
The Curse of the Daleks opens at Wyndham's Theatre London Life 1965-12-18
Moderately enjoyable fare for juveniles undaunted by spooky forests and Things The Age 1965-12-20
The Curse of the Daleks at Wyndham's The Guardian 1965-12-22
The Curse of the Daleks (Financial Times) Financial Times 1965-12-22
The Daleks split the audience The Daily Telegraph 1965-12-22
The Daleks Come to Life The Times 1965-12-22
Now take your seats for a trip to the Moon, boys and girls London Life 1965-12-25
A seasonable bit of goodwill The Stage and Television Today 1965-12-30
Let's go to a Show! The Tewkesbury Register 1965-12-31

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