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London theatres The Guardian 1975-01-02
Move over, Dalek (Times Literary Supplement) The Times Literary Supplement 1975-01-03
The nice, the nasty and the ugly in a star line-up from Dr Who The Sun 1975-01-09
Dr Who -watch it in D.E.R! The Mirror 1975-01-15
Colored employment neglected in British TV The Daily Illini 1975-01-18
Now Mrs. Whitehouse takes on Dr. Who Daily Express 1975-01-21
BBC chief on 'too rich TV diet' for children The Times 1975-01-21
Dr Who Gets a Blasting The Mirror 1975-01-21
Dr. Who under fire Belfast Telegraph 1975-01-21
A camp fellow The Listener 1975-01-23
The new Dr Who episode has been a sad disappointment New Statesman 1975-01-24
Who is afraid of Who? The Mirror 1975-01-24
The doctor's dilemma Belfast Telegraph 1975-01-25
How boiler-suit Tom became Dr Who Edinburgh Evening News 1975-01-25
The Yo-Yo Makes a Comeback Liverpool Echo 1975-02-06
Meanwhile, back on the frontiers of Time and Space The Stage and Television Today 1975-02-13
Actors wins fight for annuity The Daily Telegraph 1975-02-20
The mean machines Radio Times 1975-03-08
Weekend Wallpaper The Irish Times 1975-03-17
Curb Dr Who-Mary The Mirror 1975-03-27
Contrary The Mirror 1975-04-02
Hell-raiser Tom calms down, on Doctor's orders Daily Express 1975-04-19
TV's First Dr. Who Dies Aged 67 Liverpool Echo 1975-04-24
William Hartnell obituary (Associated Press) Associated Press
The Washington Post
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The New York Times
TV's First 'Dr Who' Dies Coventry Evening Telegraph 1975-04-24
William Hartnell obituary (The Guardian) The Guardian 1975-04-25
First Dr. Who dies The Newcastle Journal 1975-04-25
Mr William Hartnell The Times 1975-04-25
Dr Who, the first Dalek fighter, dies The Mirror 1975-04-25
The dotty, dotty doctor, hero of 15 million Daily Express 1975-04-25
The original Dr. Who dies at 67 The Daily Telegraph 1975-04-25
Actor William Hartnell dies at 67 The Herald 1975-04-25
Original 'Dr Who' Dies The Canberra Times 1975-04-25
Dr Who is blamed over epidemic of spider fears among young children The Times 1975-04-28
Be warned ... Liverpool Echo 1975-04-28
Doctor Who gives kids the creeps The Guardian 1975-04-28
Dr Who Blasted For TV Tots' Web of Fear Daily Express 1975-04-28
William Hartnell obituary Variety 1975-04-30
William Hartnell obituary (Variety) Variety 1975-04-30
William Hartnell obituary (Television Today) The Stage and Television Today 1975-05-01
Kevin Lindsay obituary The Stage and Television Today 1975-05-08
Who's afraid ...? New Scientist 1975-05-15
On a tuffet The Listener 1975-05-22
The Saturday "spot" has had a great deal to do with the success of BBC's Dr Who Tribune (London) 1975-05-23
Dr. Who: Science Fiction Hero The Bakersfield Californian
Progress Bulletin
Cliff-Hangers of Dr. Who Los Angeles Times 1975-07-01
Dr. Who wordt gespeeld door de Engelse acteur Tom Baker De Telegraaf 1975-07-21
Nieuwe jeugdserie Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 1975-07-28
Oplettende kijkers zullen hebben gezien dat rie eerste aflevering van de science-fiction jeugdserie „Dr Who" helemaal niet de eerste was De Telegraaf 1975-07-30
Dedicated Georgian 'Dr Who' arrested The Times 1975-08-07
Leven van het verleden Het Parool 1975-08-12
Daleks' Join the Wage War The Mirror 1975-08-18
Op de foto Tom Baker als Doctor Who Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 1975-08-25
Doctor Ooh Mad (UK) 1975-09-01
Master of the Daleks The Newcastle Journal 1975-09-03
Who knows? The Newcastle Journal 1975-09-03
KCET Tops Public TV Stations in Pledge Drive Los Angeles Times 1975-09-04
Terry and the Daleks—or how to write yourself into a profitable corner Belfast Telegraph 1975-09-11
I needed that Tardis at the theater Reveille 1975-09-19
Click--I Light Up Blackpool! Reveille 1975-09-26
Who's Who in the time warp? The Listener
Ottawa Journal
Fun on the Pitch with Pete Murray Reveille 1975-10-03
Fight against time Reveille 1975-10-17
Sunk by a slice of cheesecake Reveille 1975-10-24
Playing football charity match The Stage and Television Today 1975-11-13
Time Lord has a timely attitude The Universe 1975-11-14
Discover KCET Tonight Los Angeles Times 1975-11-18
Watch This Space - At Your Peril! The Mirror 1975-11-22
Poor old Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1975-12-04
The TV addict's Who's Who .. The Mirror 1975-12-12
Feet up for Dr. Who's Sarah Liverpool Echo 1975-12-20

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