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title publication date
A spy's wife stays mum The Sun 1980-01-04
Bianchi Aviation Film Services Variety 1980-01-09
Welcome Back Dr Who The Observer 1980-01-13
Where's there a Who club? Starlog 1980-01-15
A new fantasy lies beyond NU at Chicago sci-fi escape shop The Daily Northwestern 1980-01-18
Doctor Who for the grown-ups The Age 1980-01-24
Great moments that stay in the memory The Stage and Television Today 1980-01-31
Una nuova serie di telefilm inglesi prende il posto di «Happy Days» TV Sorrisi e Canzoni 1980-02-03
David Whitaker obituary The Stage and Television Today 1980-02-14
Parents give 'Dr Who' a bitter pill to swallow The Times 1980-02-15
Now Dr Who Faces Parents' Attack Liverpool Echo 1980-02-15
Lalla on a new time trip The Mirror 1980-02-18
Time tripper's fear of flying Liverpool Echo 1980-02-22
Who's Who? (The Sun) The Sun 1980-02-28
LA 'Doctor Who' Convention Set The Orange County Register 1980-02-29
Why Who's In The Land Of Tut TV Times 1980-03-01
The Who Interview Starburst 1980-03-01
Who Goes There (1980) The Times 1980-03-05
Dr Who ads 'successful' The Canberra Times 1980-03-05
Dr. who? Dr. Who -- that's who! Los Angeles Herald Examiner 1980-03-09
Sci-Fi Convention Set at Valley View The Scranton Tribune 1980-03-10
Logopolis Dunfermline Press 1980-03-13
Who do they appreciate The Courier & Advertiser 1980-03-19
Day Dr Who got cold feet! Evening Argus 1980-03-21
America Loves The Doctor Starlog 1980-04-01
A Visit with The Doctor (Who) Starlog 1980-04-01
Dr. Who? I'm slave to it, says Penny The Newcastle Journal 1980-04-10
Dr. Who fans rejoice! The Des Moines Register 1980-04-20
The good doctor at work The Age 1980-04-30
Doctor's Office Starlog 1980-05-06
Lalla goes back in time Yorkshire Evening Post 1980-05-10
Dr Who's boy wonder takes off The Sun 1980-05-16
Matthew Who The Mirror 1980-05-16
Can I have some information about Tom Baker? The People's Friend 1980-05-17
Who's a lucky girl, then? The Mirror 1980-05-24
Lalla Takes a Trip The Sun 1980-05-24
Here's a Starter for --- The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1980-05-25
Dr. Who made his stateside television debut during this past year Starlog 1980-06-03
The Doctor's In Starlog 1980-06-03
Good Lord-it's Lalla Belfast Telegraph 1980-06-05
Will the cruel Beeb really kill off K9? The Sun 1980-06-07
Spacious Living in Lincoln! The Mirror 1980-06-25
Terrance Dicks Starlog 1980-07-08
It was gratifying to see an original interview with Tom Baker Starlog 1980-07-08
K9 lives! The Sun 1980-07-12
How will Who lose his Lalla? The Sun 1980-07-15
Solidarity with Dr Who New Statesman 1980-07-25
What's Doctor Who doing in the desert? TV Times 1980-07-31
Suzanne Danielle The Sun 1980-08-06
Yesterday's Men and Women Belfast Telegraph 1980-08-09
Tuning up 'Doctor Who' The Canberra Times 1980-08-10
Spy girl Mary is playing it dirty The Sun 1980-08-14
Last of the Jaggeroth! The Times 1980-08-24
Doctor's dilemma (The Age) The Age 1980-08-25
Readers put their views about Dr Who's sex life The Age 1980-08-26
Dalek lover The Age 1980-08-27
What is Dr Who? The Age 1980-08-28
This is a new Who! The Sun 1980-08-30
Who's New Out in Space? The Mirror 1980-09-06
Life at 400 can be a pain The Sun 1980-09-13
Strike ends at the BBC Liverpool Echo 1980-09-19
Shows go on as Beeb scenery strike ends Daily Star 1980-09-20
Who's Next? (Matthew Waterhouse) Blue Jeans 1980-09-27
Meglos The Sun 1980-09-27
Teenage takeover in 'Doctor Who'? Radio Times 1980-09-27
Inside Dr. Who and the Wombles Belfast Telegraph 1980-09-29
Page 1 Bookshop Belfast Telegraph 1980-09-29
Dalek booked for Co. Down Belfast Telegraph 1980-10-02
All go in Book Week Evening Chronicle 1980-10-04
A pair of Dr. Who's socks will also go under the hammer Belfast Telegraph 1980-10-06
Ex-ter-min-ate! It's The End for Dr Who's Dog Daily Express 1980-10-08
K9 gets the boot! The Mirror 1980-10-08
A dog's life The Age 1980-10-13
The New Dr Who Starburst 1980-10-15
What it's like to be Dr. Who Yorkshire Evening Post 1980-10-18
Janet's the new girl in life of Dr. Who ... Liverpool Echo 1980-10-23
Janet who? .. she's the girl for Dr Who Daily Record 1980-10-24
New girl for flying Dr Who Daily Star 1980-10-24
Dr Who's new girl Daily Express 1980-10-24
Australian Girl for Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1980-10-24
On Doctor's Orders Daily Mail 1980-10-24
Goodbye! Tom Quits as Dr Who Daily Express 1980-10-25
Tom Baker quits after seven years The Mirror 1980-10-25
It's time for a change, says Dr Who Liverpool Echo 1980-10-25
And now for Miss Who? Daily Express 1980-10-25
Who's next? The Times 1980-10-25
Who's who in Who Daily Mail 1980-10-25
Exterminate! Daily Record 1980-10-25
Who's on next? Daily Mail 1980-10-25
Time's up, Doctor Daily Star 1980-10-25
Short cut into space The Sun 1980-10-25
Tom quits as Dr Who The Mirror 1980-10-25
Two lucky lads step into space Daily Express 1980-10-25
Tom Quits--now a woman Dr Who? The Sun 1980-10-25
Will Viewers Exterminate Dr. Who Before These Do? The People 1980-10-26
Dr Who gets Aussie co-star The Sydney Morning Herald 1980-10-26
A female Dr. Who? The Stage and Television Today 1980-10-30
The descent of K9 Radio Times 1980-11-01
Who do you want next? The Sun 1980-11-01
TV Vet Is New Space Doctor The Sun 1980-11-05
A Doctor Who from the dales The Courier & Advertiser 1980-11-05
Tristan boards the Tardis Daily Mail 1980-11-05
Peter Who? Daily Record 1980-11-05
A journey into the unknown Daily Record
The Mirror
TV Vet's The New Dr Who The Mirror 1980-11-05
New Doctor Who The Times 1980-11-05
Just what the Doctor ordered (1980) Express & Star 1980-11-05
TVOntario kills Dr. Who after 'racism' protest Toronto Star 1980-11-06
Is Dr Who, aged 750, about to face up to sex? Daily Express 1980-11-06
Tristan as Dr Who The Canberra Times 1980-11-07
TVOntario cancels rest of Dr. Who The Canadian Press
Ottawa Citizen
Farmer Frazer can't find true love The Sun 1980-11-15
Tom and Lalla to wed Birmingham Mail 1980-11-19
Dr Who to wed Romana Liverpool Echo 1980-11-19
Love catches up with Dr. Who Belfast Telegraph 1980-11-19
Tom Baker, television's Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1980-11-20
Wedding bells for Dr. Who The Newcastle Journal 1980-11-20
Dr Who Finds Time To Wed Lalla! The Sun 1980-11-20
And whosoever knoweth just cause or impediment Daily Mail 1980-11-21
I'm afraid it's going to be a huge wedding guest list! Birmingham Mail 1980-11-21
How I fell for Dr Who Daily Express 1980-11-22
Dr Who Recruit (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1980-11-22
A date with the Doctor The Sun 1980-11-22
Sarah's Set to Join Dr Who The Mirror 1980-11-22
Make space for three, Dr Who Daily Express 1980-11-22
Dr Who recruit The Times 1980-11-22
Love in the Tardis The Sun 1980-11-22
Attack of the funnybook fanatics The Mass Media 1980-11-25
History in wax The Illustrated London News 1980-12-01
Dr. Who's Companions Come to Hollywood Starlog 1980-12-02
K9 Gets A 'Vet' With A Nose For Fear ... Liverpool Echo 1980-12-06
Why John had to be put down Daily Record 1980-12-13
Time lord has no time for a honeymoon Belfast Telegraph 1980-12-13
Doctor Who's Next Adventure The Sunday Times 1980-12-14
Dr Who meets his match The Observer 1980-12-14
Television time traveller Dr. Who The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1980-12-14
Look Who's Got Married Sunday Express 1980-12-14
Dr and Mrs Who The Times 1980-12-15
Inflation threat to TV favourites The Sunday Telegraph (England) 1980-12-21
Welcome, Villainy The Boston Globe 1980-12-25
The spoofy British series makes its bow Saturday The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1980-12-28

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