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Staying power Chicago Tribune
The San Francisco Examiner
Philadelphia Daily News
Doctor Who Blasts Off! The Sun 1987-01-05
Dr Who sacked The Sun 1987-01-06
Who Is Who Starlog 1987-01-06
Dr Who's real enemy! The Sun 1987-01-06
Colin Baker: Gallifrey Vice? Starlog 1987-01-06
Tom Baker: The Curious Heart of Doctor Who Starlog 1987-01-06
My Dr Who axing will hit cot death cash The Sun 1987-01-07
Whovian Alliance of Salem Statesman Journal 1987-01-09
Doctor Who: what an improvement! Radio Times 1987-01-10
The American fans of Doctor Who wish to express their disappointment and regret The Stage and Television Today 1987-01-15
Dr. Who Fan Club monthly meeting The Miami News 1987-01-16
Where is Who? The San Francisco Examiner 1987-01-23
Dr Who shuns sex change Today 1987-01-27
Look who's lining up for romance Daily Star 1987-01-27
Party on the air for 14 countries Financial Times 1987-01-29
Location Who Starburst 1987-02-01
Creating Doctor Who Starlog 1987-02-03
US Who fans speak out The Stage and Television Today 1987-02-05
Dr. Who Headlines Science Fiction Convention The Miami Herald 1987-02-05
Dr. Who: British exhibit touring states The Town Talk 1987-02-07
Who loves 'Who'? Many, that's who The Tampa Tribune 1987-02-09
A 'remarkable Canadian' who changed the face of TV The Globe and Mail 1987-02-11
Honoring TV pioneer Newman The Vancouver Sun 1987-02-11
Lost Colony Tardis of Salisbury The Lexington Dispatch 1987-02-13
Who's coming to town March 14, 15 The Tennessean 1987-02-24
New Doctor Who is the unknown McCoy The Sun 1987-02-28
The Magnetic Dr. Who Cincinnati Magazine 1987-03-01
Seventh Doctor Who is the real McCoy The Newcastle Journal 1987-03-03
Dr. Who is the real McCoy Today 1987-03-03
Who do you do, Doctor The Mirror 1987-03-03
Sylvester Who? The Times 1987-03-03
Who's the Doc? The Northern Echo 1987-03-03
The new Dr Who is real McCoy The Guardian 1987-03-03
McCoy, That's Who The Sun 1987-03-03
Unknown galaxies open up for Dunoon's Dr Who! Dunoon Observer & Argyllshire Standard 1987-03-07
Weird 'Doctor Who' hooks fans The Des Moines Register 1987-03-17
Dr. Who Celebration Tour The Washington Post 1987-03-18
Enter a Dalek ... The Herald 1987-03-20
Following "Dr. Who" for fun and adventure The Diamondback 1987-03-26
Who Is In Washington? Yes -- Dr. Who! The Washington Post 1987-03-27
Former 'Doctor Who' Dead at 67 Associated Press
Chicago Tribune
The New York Times
The Daily Register (New Jersey)
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Dr. Who Star Troughton Dies in City Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 1987-03-29
Time Has Run Out for Dr Who Patrick News of the World 1987-03-29
Patrick Troughton obituary (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1987-03-30
Mr Patrick Troughton The Times 1987-03-30
Dr Who's last journey Today 1987-03-30
Dr Who Troughton dies Sunday Express 1987-03-30
A time lord dies Western Mail 1987-03-30
Lost time lord The Guardian 1987-03-30
Scottish-born Sylvester McCoy was officially announced as the new star of the BBC's long running programme Doctor Who on the 2nd March Starburst 1987-04-01
Art contest winner The Evening Sun 1987-04-01
Patrick Troughton obituary (Variety) Variety 1987-04-01
From Barbados To Shopping Spree, Items At Auction To Help WXEL Sun-Sentinel 1987-04-02
Locals love Dr. Who Red & Black 1987-04-05
Bessie the car The Baltimore Sun 1987-04-05
Ian Marter 1943-1986 Starlog 1987-04-07
TV Kate celebrates after Dynasty boost Daily Express 1987-04-07
Doctor Who Renewed Without Baker Starlog 1987-04-07
Patrick Troughton obituary (Television Today) The Stage and Television Today 1987-04-09
Sylvester McCoy materializes in Atlanta Comics Buyer's Guide 1987-04-10
Dr. Who exhibit attracts area 'Whovians' Frederick News 1987-04-10
Public TV Outlet's Auction Falls Short Of Goal, Raising $137,000 To Buy Programs Sun-Sentinel 1987-04-17
Mini-fest The Seattle Times 1987-04-25
All eyes on new Dr. Who The Herald (Ireland) 1987-04-25
Dr. Who Appreciation Society The Cincinnati Enquirer 1987-04-26
Dr. Who Fan Club of Lincoln Lincoln Star 1987-04-26
Patrick George Troughton Science Fiction Chronicle 1987-05-01
Who's Who next? Daily Express 1987-05-05
Travel into time with Doctor Who Hazleton Standard-Speaker 1987-05-06
Touring Doctor Who brings mobile exhibition to area The Pottsville Republican 1987-05-09
Who is the new Dr. Who? Chicago Tribune 1987-05-10
Fiction becomes fact in boy's living room La Crosse Tribune 1987-05-18
A pioneer at WTTW - Ed Morris blazed trails in local TV Chicago Sun-Times 1987-05-20
Fans of the long-running British television series Doctor Who can meet John Nathan-Turner Democrat and Chronicle 1987-05-21
The Good Doctor travels back in time Cambridge Evening News 1987-05-22
Doctor Who Coming To Athens Lancaster Eagle-Gazette 1987-05-23
Names in the News, May 25, 1987 Associated Press
The Globe and Mail
The Lexington Dispatch
Reading Eagle
Spokane Chronicle
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The Odessa American
Casper Star-Tribune
Daily World
Florida Today
News Journal
Statesman Journal
The Paducah Sun
The Sentinel
Quad-City Times
The Bakersfield Californian
New Jersey Herald
Indianapolis News
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
The Daily Advertiser
Dr. Who fans read on Tallahassee Democrat 1987-05-29
Patrick Troughton obituary Scene 2 and 17 1987-06-01
New Who In Town Starlog 1987-06-02
Sylvester McCoy, The New Doctor Who Starlog 1987-06-02
Patrick Troughton 1920-1987 Starlog 1987-06-02
Traveling exhibit of the BBC's 'Doctor Who' stopping here The Pittsburgh Press 1987-06-12
Tour spreads news of PBS series cult Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1987-06-12
Who celebration at Ch. 48 studio The Cincinnati Enquirer 1987-06-19
Who's coming? Why, it's Dr. Who Green Bay Press-Gazette 1987-06-21
7th Doctor Who to visit Urbana Herald & Review 1987-07-01
Jacqueline Pearce: In Servalan's Secret Service Starlog 1987-07-02
Doctor Whom? The Tampa Tribune 1987-07-03
The Doctor Who Celebration and Tour Chicago Tribune 1987-07-03
Doctor Who will be in Green Bay La Crosse Tribune 1987-07-04
What's 900 years old and fights squishies? Toronto Star 1987-07-05
Telewhovians rejoice at travelling exhibition Winnipeg Free Press 1987-07-06
Party is scheduled The Odessa American 1987-07-10
For Doctor Who fans, a guaranteed Whoot in D.M. The Des Moines Register 1987-07-16
Doctor Who traveling show to be at Dahl Rapid City Journal 1987-07-19
Screen Dr Who twice a week New Straits Times 1987-07-21
Dr. Who's trailer Rapid City Journal 1987-07-27
Doctor Who's next stop is South Dakota Argus Leader 1987-07-28
Expertise that goes to waste New Scientist 1987-07-30
Daleks go to market Daily Express 1987-07-31
Dr. Who fans will want to check out three new releases from Playhouse Video Chicago Tribune 1987-07-31
The TARDIS: Symbol of Being Human Time Traveller 1987-08-01
Show for Dr. Who fans Lawrence Journal-World 1987-08-09
Who's Milky Way Kiddo! The Sun 1987-08-13
Who's that girl with the doc? The Newcastle Journal 1987-08-13
Sophie's the one for Who Daily Express 1987-08-13
Faith Brown and Dr Who join the BIG laugh-in Capital Gay 1987-08-14
Who's kidding as a time-traveller takes off again Sunday Mercury 1987-08-16
Dr Who under orders to zap Coronation Street Daily Mail 1987-08-20
Who's the greatest! (1987) Liverpool Echo 1987-08-21
Public TV report provides insights Green Bay Press-Gazette 1987-08-23
Air Waves Riverfront Times 1987-08-25
Sylvester, the new Time Lord, is the Real McCoy! Evening Chronicle 1987-08-25
Autumn brings the television nuts The Newcastle Journal 1987-08-25
The Real McCoy Edinburgh Evening News 1987-08-26
Dates for fans of Dr. Who Newcastle Advertiser 1987-08-27
New Season's Preview Starburst 1987-09-01
Doctor makes house call Spokane Chronicle 1987-09-04
Who's taken to the cleaners! Radio Times 1987-09-05
20 things you didn't know about new McWho The Sun 1987-09-05
Sylvester McCoy makes his debut as television's most famous time-traveller Evening Chronicle 1987-09-07
The nice Mr. Briers gets nasty The Herald (Ireland) 1987-09-07
Into the egg box future The Times 1987-09-07
Tops on the box Edinburgh Evening News 1987-09-07
Just the job for Bonnie! The Mirror 1987-09-07
Last night's view The Herald 1987-09-08
When a Dalek's gotta go ... Evening Chronicle 1987-09-09
Microchip is light years away from Dr Who's Dylon kingdom Today 1987-09-09
Dr Who and the battle of Coronation Street The Guardian 1987-09-09
McCoy's bond with 007 The Stage and Television Today 1987-09-10
New office puts police in past The Newcastle Journal 1987-09-10
Is McCoy the real Who? The Stage and Television Today 1987-09-10
Burdened St Ives Weekly News 1987-09-10
Headroom producers nab screen rights to 'Dr. Who' The Hollywood Reporter 1987-09-11
It is sloppy stuff The Sunday Times 1987-09-13
Backchat (The Guardian) The Guardian 1987-09-16
Dr. Who Fan Club Seeks Members Orlando Sentinel 1987-09-18
Who's That? The Oregonian 1987-09-18
Dr Who: This Time The Fight Is Real The Sunday Mail (Queensland) 1987-09-20
Heart-throb Mark turns monster The Mirror 1987-09-20
Sylvester's new look as Dr. Who The Herald (Ireland) 1987-09-21
Who is a good doctor Birmingham Mail 1987-09-24
The gentle Doctor Birmingham Mail 1987-09-24
Dr Who zooms in for books drive Liverpool Echo 1987-09-25
Doctor's bad timing Radio Times 1987-09-26
Bobbies on the beat at Gateshead MetroCentre Evening Chronicle 1987-09-28
Da-lekkin' Street Machine 1987-10-01
Mr Good shows his bad side Today 1987-10-05
Free Tom Baker Starlog 1987-10-06
Harry Sullivan's Travels Starlog 1987-10-06
Dr Who set to become a big budget hero The Stage and Television Today 1987-10-08
Nabil prepares for the cut and thrust The Stage and Television Today 1987-10-08
Doctor Who Makes His Rounds In Exhibition Los Angeles Times 1987-10-09
WMHT (Channel 17) aired its monthly call-in program Wednesday night Times Union 1987-10-09
New Doctor Who is the real McCoy! Radio Times 1987-10-10
Dr. Who visits Mesa on schedule The Arizona Republic 1987-10-16
Doc's a delight! Birmingham Mail 1987-10-23
Who's the piper? The Times 1987-10-24
Look Who's lost 50lb! The Sun 1987-10-26
History and mystery haunt Chiselhurst's ancient caves Toronto Star 1987-10-31
A Doddy Fizz For The Doc The Mirror 1987-10-31
Bonnie's just what the Doctor ordered! Radio Times 1987-11-01
Ken Dodd The Times 1987-11-03
Strictly for space laughs Liverpool Echo 1987-11-06
The real McCoy (Daily Express) Daily Express 1987-11-07
Doctor Who visits Jackson December 5, 6 The Winona Times
The Yazoo Herald
Who's a Laugh Liverpool Echo 1987-11-13
New Who Girl Is Ace! Starburst 1987-11-15
Dr. Who Alert Detroit Free Press 1987-11-18
News and Reviews Lewisham & Grenwich Mercury 1987-11-19
BBC stunned by Grade defection The Stage and Television Today 1987-11-19
British sci-fi television series holds fond memories for ex-star El Paso Times 1987-11-20
Tom Baker's teasing performance and low-budget special effects bring Dr. Who episodes to life Toronto Star 1987-11-21
Galactic nasty for The Doc The Weekly News 1987-11-21
Who's best (Radio Times) Radio Times 1987-11-21
Who's that girl? (The Sunday Mirror) The Mirror 1987-11-22
Dr Who becomes Dr No The Independent 1987-11-23
Telly Pirate Zaps Dr Who The Sun 1987-11-23
Max imposter moons TV viewers The Hutchinson News
Harrisonburg Daily News-Record
Wisconsin State Journal
The Salina Journal
The Palm Beach Post
The Miami News
Lifeline USA Today 1987-11-24
Pirate brings an obscene Max Headroom to screen Lodi News-Sentinel 1987-11-24
2 channels interrupted to the Max Chicago Sun-Times 1987-11-24
Doctor Who's darkest hour? The Daily Telegraph 1987-11-24
A powerful video prankster could become Max Jailroom Chicago Tribune
The Orange County Register
Syracuse Post-Standard
Orlando Sentinel
The San Francisco Examiner
Video prankster's 'return' was a joke Chicago Tribune 1987-11-25
News, notes and nonsense Chicago Tribune 1987-11-25
Chi TV Pirate Grins & Bares It, Interrupting Station Programming Variety 1987-11-25
Headroom Jams 'Doctor Who' Show Farmington Daily Times
Aiken Standard
Annapolis Capital
The Vidette-Messenger
Associated Press
The Bergen Record
Channel 5 unamused by Max Headroom gag Daily Herald 1987-11-26
Look who's in town to support Channel 8 Houston Chronicle 1987-11-27
LPB to begin Winterfest on Nov. 29 The Advocate (Baton Rouge) 1987-11-27
Dr. Who and the electronic pirate Chicago Tribune 1987-11-30
A critical examination of the mythological and symbolic elements of two modern science fiction series: "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who" Louisiana State University thesis 1987-12-01
Chi TV Pirate Causes Worry Over Security Variety 1987-12-02
Club Reveals Who They Love The Harvard Crimson 1987-12-02
Can't say I'm over the moon about the latest Dr. Who series on BBC-TV. The Herald (Ireland) 1987-12-05
Katy's Life After Dr Who The Courier Mail 1987-12-05
BR fans greet "intergalactic good guy" The Advocate (Baton Rouge) 1987-12-13

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