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title publication date
Underworld The Observer 1978-01-01
What is being kept for posterity The Stage and Television Today 1978-01-05
Who says he is a hero! The Mirror 1978-01-07
We must be less respectful to the classics The Stage and Television Today 1978-01-12
Jury told of a 'Dr Who' and an invisible drug The Times 1978-01-28
Doctor Who's on First The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1978-02-01
Of higglers, body snatchers, and Dr. Who (Who?) Ottawa Journal 1978-02-04
New Peril for Dr Who The Mirror 1978-02-11
Dr Who and the Pilgrims of Horror (Episode one) Daily Express 1978-02-15
Wow! Who's a lucky doc.. The Mirror 1978-02-18
Dr. Who's space-mate Daily Express 1978-02-18
Mary joins Dr Who in time... Liverpool Echo 1978-02-18
Who's Who (The Guardian) The Guardian 1978-02-18
New 'Dr Who' girl The Times 1978-02-18
Meeste kinderen bang voor geweld in tv-programma Het Vrije Volk 1978-02-28
Success of the sexy savage The Mirror 1978-03-11
The afternoon Tom Baker sat down quietly to watch Dr Who Sunday Express 1978-03-12
A Life in the Day of Tom Baker The Sunday Times 1978-03-19
Save Our Leela The Times 1978-03-19
Whodunnit? (Look-in) Look-in 1978-04-01
Mary Tamme uus roll Estniska Dagbladet 1978-04-26
Who's next (The Herald) The Herald 1978-04-26
Introducing the new Time Lady--Mary Tamm The Daily Telegraph 1978-04-26
Who'd Be a Who Girl? The Mirror 1978-04-28
Mary Tamm teeb karjääri Vaba Eestlane 1978-05-04
Many seven year olds watch TV until 9pm The Guardian 1978-05-10
If you see this dog floating past ... Belfast Telegraph 1978-05-12
Tomorrow's Adults Snub The Big Show Belfast Telegraph 1978-05-13
Tom Baker, British TV's 'Dr. Who,' Dares To Make A Three-Day Belfast Visit Variety 1978-06-21
David Ellis obituary The Stage and Television Today 1978-07-13
Bone to pick with this dog The Mirror 1978-07-20
Fun of the fair Daily Mail 1978-07-28
Who's Who in Tardis set? Times Higher Education Supplement 1978-07-28
Standing up for Dr Who The Sydney Morning Herald 1978-08-07
Dr Who's Who's Who The Observer 1978-08-13
Who's for Dr. Who? (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1978-08-18
Dr Who is going to America The Mirror 1978-08-18
For 14 years now, a science fiction program, "Doctor Who" has been frightening and entertaining children in Britain The Palm Beach Post 1978-08-26
Meet the stars on BBC stand Belfast Telegraph 1978-08-28
Who's fooling who? Liverpool Echo 1978-08-30
Tamm's a big time lady... Daily Express 1978-09-02
Mary has no love for Dr Who The Mirror 1978-09-02
Good lighting and costumes The Stage and Television Today 1978-09-07
Star Makes BBC's 'Dr. Who' Click The Orange County Register
The San Francisco Examiner
U.S. Invaded By Doctor Who Starlog 1978-10-24
Your next washing machine The Mirror
Belfast Telegraph
TV Star Scene (1978) Santa Cruz Sentinel 1978-10-27
Mr Brian Hayles The Times 1978-10-31
Brian Hayles obituary (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1978-10-31
It would be nice to play a lunatic or something like that Photoplay 1978-11-01
Take care with those fireworks East Fife Mail 1978-11-01
Brian Hayles obituary The Stage and Television Today 1978-11-02
TV Star Scene (1978-11-03) Santa Cruz Sentinel 1978-11-03
By Gummidge, It's Who! The Sun 1978-11-11
Doctor Does Time On Tara The Mirror 1978-11-25
Television birthday Woman's Realm 1978-11-25
Marc's View Radio Times 1978-11-25
Who's Who (Daily Express) Daily Express 1978-12-02
Will runaway Mary escape the Doctor? The Mirror 1978-12-16
Evil .. Ugly and Scruffy The Mirror 1978-12-20
The Swamp People worship Kroll Financial Times 1978-12-23

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