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title publication date
Dr Who: Thirty Years In The Tardis BBC Worldwide 1994-01-01
Who's Latest Starlog 1994-01-04
What Goes Around, Comes Around Chicago Sun-Times 1994-01-09
Sewer Rat Drains The Doctor Daily Star 1994-01-25
Spielberg aims to film Dr Who with Crawford as Time Lord Daily Mail 1994-01-28
Spielberg role The Times 1994-02-01
The 200 Most Important People Starlog 1994-02-01
Dr Who travels forward in time The Independent 1994-02-01
Beep your horn one more time, pal, and I will ... Exterminate! Liverpool Echo 1994-02-04
Dr Who's sex change The Herald (Ireland) 1994-02-12
The Doctor Who Music Invasion Starlog 1994-03-01
Who's Stranger Starlog 1994-03-01
These are our demands--Who has the answers? The Stage and Television Today 1994-03-03
Cheeky VW hitch ride with Dr Whos Daily Mail 1994-03-04
Dr Who gets Spielberg call to Hollywood The Sunday Times 1994-03-06
Hunt for new Dr Who as Spielberg hijacks series The Times 1994-03-07
Tia's to Lord it with hero Dr Who Daily Express 1994-03-18
Mechanical Sea Monster Eats Dr Who Boffin The Sun 1994-03-31
Who's Companion Starlog 1994-04-03
Time flies with you know Who The Newcastle Journal 1994-04-13
Who's On Line Billboard 1994-04-16
RJB The Pinball Store Chicago Tribune 1994-04-24
Exterminate! (1994) The People 1994-05-01
Elevate! The Mirror 1994-05-18
Daleks take to the air Daily Mail 1994-05-18
Dr Who's flying circus The Mail on Sunday 1994-05-22
Now for something completely different Nottingham Post 1994-05-23
Eric stops Idle gossip The Sun 1994-05-27
Pick Alan, not Hugh, as the next Dr Who The Canberra Times 1994-05-29
Fan club gathering Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1994-06-03
I Used To Sneak In And Burn My Son's Clothes Daily Mail 1994-06-14
Eileen Way obituary The Stage and Television Today 1994-06-30
Spielberg plans to revive Dr Who The Straits Times 1994-07-08
Who's a Silly Boy The Sun 1994-07-27
I can barely get through a shave, let alone see myself on television Radio Times 1994-07-30
My perfect day Today 1994-08-06
Peter Cushing, gaunt star of classical, horror films Associated Press
Chicago Tribune
Hammer horror king Cushing dies of cancer Irish Independent 1994-08-12
Peter Cushing obituary Variety 1994-08-15
Tom Baker is a rather rumpled, disheveled Dr. Who Chicago Tribune 1994-08-19
Why are so many Doctor Who fans gay? The Pink Paper 1994-08-19
Could we ever be Time Lords? New Statesman 1994-08-19
You can get very involved in Dr Who The Pink Paper 1994-08-26
Closed Circuits and Monitored Lives: Television as Power in Doctor Who Extrapolation 1994-09-01
Roy Castle The Times 1994-09-03
Here comes K-999 to sniff out crime Daily Express 1994-09-08
On This Week Radio Times 1994-09-17
Trek fan Tina has plans for star date Lichfield Mercury 1994-09-22
Designer of the Daleks 'withdrew from world' The Daily Telegraph 1994-09-23
Brains behind Daleks ended life as recluse The Guardian 1994-09-23
Dalek designer 'wasted away' The Stage and Television Today 1994-09-29
Peter Cushing 1913-1994 Starlog 1994-10-04
The Doctor will see you now (The Telegraph) The Daily Telegraph 1994-10-08
Sabalon Glitz delivered a brilliant set at the Empty Bottle Chicago Sun-Times 1994-10-10
Cuddle up to a Dalek The Times 1994-10-15
The Doctor's last landing St Ives Huntington Town Crier 1994-10-28
Monster Spin-Off As Doctor's Fans Shake It In Space The Observer 1994-10-30
Final adventure for Doctor Who St Ives Huntingdon Post 1994-11-10
Doctor is in as WUSF airs "Who'-dunit The Tampa Tribune 1994-11-11
Beware the cybermen The Pink Paper 1994-11-18
Fancy our Fred? Liverpool Echo 1994-11-25
Futurevision Chicago Tribune 1994-12-04
Look Who's Here! Liverpool Echo 1994-12-09
My Choice: Sophie Aldred Radio Times 1994-12-14
Back in the Tardis for doctor with timeless quality Dr Who: The Seventies The Scotsman 1994-12-15

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