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title publication date
She's Swinging on a Star The Mirror 1964-01-18
A Down-to-Earth pose for a TV Space girl The Mirror 1964-01-18
TV Daleks go to the orphans Daily Mail 1964-02-02
A home for two Darleks The Mirror 1964-02-04
BBC robots for Dr. Barnardo's The Daily Telegraph
Coventry Evening Telegraph
If you want to buy a Dalek try the BBC Daily Mail 1964-02-08
Children's television The Guardian 1964-02-20
Guess Who .. The Mirror 1964-02-22
Marco Polo Radio Times 1964-02-22
Robot to sell rag magazine Birmingham Post 1964-02-28
Everybody loves Saturday night? Television Mail 1964-02-28
Picture parade Ariel 1964-03-01
Let there be (electronic) music The Stage and Television Today 1964-03-12
Place The Face: Carole Ann Ford The Stage and Television Today 1964-03-12
TV for the family The Guardian 1964-03-12
Doing The Boston Crab The Stage and Television Today 1964-03-12
Family programmes Tribune (London) 1964-03-13
Coming Back -- The Daleks! The Mirror 1964-03-13
It occurs to me that -- The Tewkesbury Register 1964-03-27
Do-it-yourself Daleks are coming Reveille 1964-04-02
London Diary New Statesman 1964-04-03
New TV monsters will rival the Daleks Daily Mail 1964-04-09
A new adventure on a strange planet begins today Radio Times 1964-04-09
After the Daleks a new horror— VOORDS Daily Express 1964-04-09
My word—it's a Voord The Mirror 1964-04-11
In the grip of a Voord! Daily Mail 1964-04-11
The Flutters The Mirror 1964-05-16
Dr. Who: The Aztecs The Stage and Television Today 1964-05-28
Children's television (The Guardian) The Guardian 1964-07-03
TV's 'Dr Who' Gets A Dressing Down The Mirror 1964-07-03
Educators Blast British Kid Shows, Both BBC & Com'l Variety 1964-07-08
The Man Who's Who Radio Times 1964-07-16
Stand by for a Dalek invasion The Mirror 1964-08-08
BBC sales success Television Mail 1964-08-14
Verbaasd staren Londense voorbijgangers naar een vreemd voorwerp op de Westminster Bridge Het Vrije Volk 1964-08-22
Susan says goodbye to Dr. Who The Mirror 1964-09-03
Scientists invent a thought machine Daily Mail 1964-09-10
The Children are Watching Contrast 1964-10-01
Top disc jockey for Balmoral exhibition Belfast Telegraph 1964-10-08
60,000 Expected At Radio Show Belfast Telegraph 1964-10-12
The Return of Dr. Who Radio Times 1964-10-29
The cast of BBC-1's Dr. Who The Stage and Television Today 1964-10-29
New Space - Fiction Serial New Zealand Listener 1964-10-30
Dalek of Dr. Who fame The Daily Telegraph 1964-11-13
The Daleks Are Back The Mirror 1964-11-16
The Daleks are Here! Radio Times 1964-11-19
Why can't they write for women? The Stage and Television Today 1964-11-19
Disenchanted with Daleks Woman (England) 1964-11-21
Better Hide Your Wallet, Cause the Daleks are Coming The Pottstown Mercury
Los Angeles Times
Austin American-Statesman
Albuquerque Journal
The Kansas City Times
The Degaullek Daily Mail 1964-11-25
My young son never misses BBC television's "Dr. Who" on Saturdays The Mirror 1964-11-26
Behind every Dalek there's this woman Daily Mail 1964-11-28
Juvenile S.F. The Observer 1964-11-29
Be a real Dalek Judy Picture Story Library 1964-12-01
Reflections in My Kitchen Window The Valley News 1964-12-03
A Viewpointer from Wembley The Mirror 1964-12-03
Maureen has a date with Dr. Who Daily Mail 1964-12-05
The Dalek Book Belfast Telegraph 1964-12-07
Barbara has tea with the Daleks Radio Times 1964-12-10
It is probable in a family household that Dr Who (BBC 1) should be switched on each Saturday Television Mail 1964-12-11
50 Daleks to be won Daily Express 1964-12-11
Be-ware Earth-men! The Mirror 1964-12-11
Win a Dalek! Daily Express 1964-12-12
Meet the Slyther Daily Mail 1964-12-14
Bright ideas for Santa The Mirror 1964-12-15
The Danger in a Dalek The Mirror 1964-12-17
Dalek from Norman Daily Mail 1964-12-18
Mum! It works! -- Come and ask Dad! Daily Mail 1964-12-19
Trap the odd Dalek Reveille 1964-12-24
Daleks are winning the toy counter 'war' Birmingham Post 1964-12-24
Dead, but they won't lie down Daily Mail 1964-12-28
Monsters on march The Victoria Advocate
Fitchburg Sentinel
Burlington Times-News
Pulaski Southwest Times
Corpus Christi Caller Times
Frederick News
The Gaston Gazette
The Register-Herald
Mt. Vernon Register-News
The Lima News
Newspaper Enterprise Association
The LaCrosse Tribune
Raleigh Register
The Edwardsville Intelligencer
Greenwood Index-Journal
The Bridgeport Telegram
The Vernon Daily Record
Freeport Journal-Standard
Austin American-Statesman
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Franklin News-Herald
Daleks steal the show at Olympia The Daily Telegraph 1964-12-29
Out of this world (Daily Mail) Daily Mail 1964-12-29
Queue up, said the Daleks The Mirror 1964-12-29
Dalek shares pulpit with the rector The Guardian 1964-12-30

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