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title publication date
Estreno de la pelicula "Doctor Who y los Daleks", en el Apolo ABC 1967-01-08
Dr Who in a new adventure under the sea Radio Times 1967-01-12
The Atlantean Fish People Aberdeen Evening Express 1967-01-14
Doctor who creates Who The Observer 1967-02-05
In tonight's adventure the space-time travellers land on the moon and encounter again the evil Cybermen Radio Times 1967-02-09
Mr "X" and Dr Who The Herald 1967-02-15
Ugh! Dr. Who Had Better Watch Out Daily Express 1967-03-08
Dr Who turns rent collector The Mirror 1967-03-22
New team write two serials The Stage and Television Today 1967-04-06
Dr. Who Departures The Daily Telegraph 1967-04-13
Dr. Who's loss Daily Express 1967-04-13
Decree for actress The Daily Telegraph 1967-04-18
The Daleks are coming! Famous Monsters of Filmland 1967-05-01
Dr Who and a succession of delightful monsters The Stage and Television Today 1967-05-18
Children's hour The Spectator 1967-05-19
Deborah Watling as Victoria The Stage and Television Today 1967-05-29
Dr Who's Space Adventure Book Terrific 1967-06-17
Dr Who fights on—in Arabic The Mirror 1967-08-01
Enterprises Expands Television Mail 1967-08-11
Deborah Watling: The new girl in "Dr. Who" Daily Express 1967-08-23
Dr Who in the Scottish Highlands The Canberra Times 1967-08-28
In a new adventure the Doctor and his companions land on the planet Telos and face the menace of the terrible Cybermen—and another mysterious peril Radio Times 1967-08-31
Dr Who's success The Times 1967-09-04
Patrick Troughton makes a younger if less cantankerous Dr. Who The Age 1967-09-12
You've Met Her Father New Zealand TV Weekly 1967-09-25
My grouse? It's Mr. Coleman Daily Express 1967-09-27
A long way from 'The Power Game' Daily Express 1967-09-27
Deborah Watling who is playing Victoria The Stage and Television Today 1967-10-05
Hat-trick for the Watlings The Mirror 1967-10-07
Now who's this new monster in Dr Who ? The Mirror 1967-11-11
Look what Father Christmas brought us last year! The Illustrated London News 1967-11-14
TV monsters design contest The Daily Telegraph 1967-11-20
Our Dr Who Monsters-- By the Children The Mirror 1967-12-09
Censorship at home The Guardian 1967-12-11
D.A.N. Jones on Sidney Newman The Listener 1967-12-14
I'm not frightened says girl monster inventor Daily Express 1967-12-15
Aqwa man The Times 1967-12-15
Monsters .. from the Minds of 250,000 Children The Mirror 1967-12-15
The Daily Mail Schoolboys' and Girls' Exhibition opens at the Empire Hall, Olympia, on Wednesday The Field 1967-12-21
No Daleks in the Square The Herald 1967-12-23
The green monster Yorkshire Evening Post 1967-12-27
The lost boys The Guardian 1967-12-28
Holiday Task for Tough Uncles The Times 1967-12-28

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