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title publication date
Doctor Who: Cold-Blooded War! Comics Buyer's Guide 2010-01-01
Doctor Who leads Welsh regeneration as TV dramas get welcome in hillsides The Guardian 2010-01-01
More Dr Who Dancing Times 2010-01-01
Tardis present opens up a world of possibilities for Rob The Northern Echo 2010-01-02
In a blaze of special effects, this Time Lord's time was up The Daily Telegraph 2010-01-02
Time's up Doc (2010) Daily Star 2010-01-02
10 for 2010 Radio Times 2010-01-02
After all this time, our hero is seen off by a Womble The Times 2010-01-02
Doctor Who regenerates The Gazette 2010-01-02
Follow that Tardis, order BBC Scotland executives The Times 2010-01-02
Their brilliant new careers The Guardian 2010-01-04
Exciting times as Doctor Who series 'regenerates' Western Mail 2010-01-04
It's Not What The Doctor Ordered Daily Record 2010-01-07
A sorry affair The Times 2010-01-08
Matt's double is spaced out Daily Star 2010-01-08
Call for the Doctor The Herald 2010-01-13
Fox carries 'Torchwood' to U.S. The Hollywood Reporter 2010-01-19
Cymru am byth from Cribbins tops off night for our award-winners Western Mail 2010-01-21
Doctor Who fans save Tardis from extermination The Times 2010-01-23
More Doctor Who on Audio Audiofile 2010-02-01
Church that Doctor Who made famous up for sale South Wales Echo 2010-02-03
It's Doctor Two Daily Star 2010-02-03
Daleks up for sale The Times 2010-02-05
Science on screen? Get real Times Educational Supplement 2010-02-05
Who's going to be a film star... Sunday Express 2010-02-07
Baddies united Daily Star 2010-02-17
I believe David Tennant is the best Doctor in the history of Doctor Who ... The Courier Mail 2010-02-19
The trappings of Time Lords Financial Times 2010-02-20
Doctored episode The Guardian 2010-02-22
Slip inside and scare the kids: Dr Who fans offered a ramshackle piece of TV history The Times 2010-02-24
Doctor Who fans shell out thousands at props auction Western Mail 2010-02-25
Dr Who Much? The Sun 2010-02-25
Dalek makes a killing The Times 2010-02-25
Keeping up with the Joneses Western Mail 2010-02-27
That strain again — where have we heard this before? Gramophone 2010-03-01
Who's doctor Daily Star 2010-03-02
Doctor in the house (Daily Star) Daily Star 2010-03-06
Doctor Who: The Transmedia Archive Spectator (University of Southern California) 2010-03-15
Doctor Who New Daily Star 2010-03-19
Easter, and the Doctor rises again The Times 2010-03-20
Sci-fi fans check out final frontier The Hawk Eye 2010-03-21
K9 Sunday Mail (Adelaide) 2010-03-21
Steven Moffat: The man with a monster of a job The Guardian 2010-03-22
Dickie Bow Fever London Evening Standard 2010-03-22
Who redo rates in the states: BBC America benefits from first U.S. window Variety 2010-03-22
The Time Travel That I Would Like To See Daily Express 2010-03-24
A spin through time means regeneration for the tweed jacket The Times 2010-03-27
Who Lets The Dog Out (2010) The Sun-Herald 2010-03-28
Who is not tied-up The Times 2010-03-29
Robo-dog bites back The Sydney Morning Herald 2010-03-29
Media Monkey's Diary (2010) The Guardian 2010-03-29
Barking up the right Dr Who legend, that's tinny K9 The West Australian 2010-03-30
Who's the man? The Northern Echo 2010-03-31
The next regeneration Televisual 2010-04-01
Doctor Who saves the world, again. Yawn The Times 2010-04-02
Let Me Through - I'm a Doctor The Daily Telegraph 2010-04-03
What to watch The Daily Telegraph 2010-04-03
The old dog's newest trick The Courier Mail 2010-04-03
Beyond our ken The Spectator 2010-04-03
If the boots fit... Radio Times 2010-04-03
It's about time Radio Times 2010-04-03
Time Team Radio Times 2010-04-03
Who's the baddie? The Sun 2010-04-03
Digging the scene Western Mail 2010-04-03
Doc's had a Tardi up News of the World 2010-04-04
So Didn't Who Do Well The Mirror 2010-04-04
Doctor Wow! Daily Star 2010-04-05
New doctor has the right formula The Times 2010-04-05
Latest Doctor Who is starting to turn ugly Daily Star 2010-04-05
Doctor Who triumph The Times 2010-04-05
Doctor tweedy Financial Times 2010-04-06
How to buy a Tardis Daily Star 2010-04-06
Blasted by death rays of scepticism The Times 2010-04-06
Sonic the Screwdriver The Sun 2010-04-08
Who can fail to like this Doctor? London Evening Standard 2010-04-08
Crossword No. 0410 The New York Times 2010-04-10
Feedback 2010-04-10 Radio Times 2010-04-10
The Doctor and Amy are settling nicely into their intergalactic partnership Radio Times 2010-04-10
Who is the Doctor? The Mirror 2010-04-11
Who's that girl? (Sunday Express) Sunday Express 2010-04-11
The mini-skirts are integral to the plot Sunday Express 2010-04-11
The Beast Below sparkled with ideas and wit while providing nightmarish images The Times 2010-04-12
How BBC viewers wished to turn back time on Doctor Who The Independent 2010-04-13
Some things just don't change with time, Doc Metro (England) 2010-04-13
What's the word on Dr Who's shoes? Financial Times 2010-04-13
Who's The Clown In The Tardis? How Viewers Disliked Every New Doctor Daily Mail 2010-04-13
Doctor Who (Mk 10) adds voice to Labour campaign The Times 2010-04-13
TV viewers are the Doctor's greatest foe The Herald 2010-04-13
Critic's Corner USA Today 2010-04-16
Doctor Who seems poised for a breakthrough Chicago Sun-Times 2010-04-16
He looks awfully young to be a Doctor The Globe and Mail 2010-04-16
An energetic new Doctor is in Chicago Tribune 2010-04-17
Let battle begin again... Radio Times 2010-04-17
A Brand-New Time Lord, but He Sounds Familiar The New York Times 2010-04-17
BBC blocks use of Dr Who as role model for gifted children charity The Herald 2010-04-17
Who's that Doctor? (Red Eye) Red Eye 2010-04-17
The new Doctor is in at last Toronto Star 2010-04-17
A new star shines in the Tardis Daily Express 2010-04-17
Feedback 2010-04-17 Radio Times 2010-04-17
Yes, it's the Bracewell Ironside Radio Times 2010-04-17
Gillan makes a splash Sunday Express 2010-04-18
New Doctor appears in Sarah Jane spin-off Yorkshire Post 2010-04-20
Time Lord's romance flowers with a Daisy Daily Mail 2010-04-20
Who'll be the winner? The Times 2010-04-23
The Doctor's future love who first turned up two years ago in the library of flesh-eating shadows Radio Times 2010-04-24
Is there a Doctor in the house? (New Statesman) New Statesman 2010-04-26
Doctor Who time travels anew North Carolina State University Technician 2010-04-27
Doctor Who, nostalgia and pregnancy announcements Times Educational Supplement 2010-04-30
Young Doctor Who crosses the Atlantic The Gazette 2010-05-01
Feedback 2010-05-01 Radio Times 2010-05-01
Mrs. Who? Radio Times 2010-05-01
Money well spent The Spectator 2010-05-01
Ludicrous show: Pratchett attacks the unconvincing and 'pixel thin' science of Doctor Who The Daily Telegraph 2010-05-06
Was the 907-year-old Doctor's passionate scene a kiss too far? Western Mail 2010-05-06
Feedback 2010-05-08 Radio Times 2010-05-08
Remember, there's no sofa The Northern Echo 2010-05-21
As an actor, you regard being in Doctor Who as becoming part of television history Western Mail 2010-05-22
Sociopathetic Abscess or Yawning Chasm? The Absent Postcolonial Transition in Doctor Who The Journal of Commonwealth Literature 2010-06-01
Authors celebrate 'Doctor Who' Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2010-06-04
The Science of Doctor Who (Science News) Science News 2010-06-05
Portrait of our romcom master Radio Times 2010-06-05
Brit skeins bounce from TV to stage Variety 2010-06-09
Who hits button for BBC games Variety 2010-06-14
If you want to fix the past, call Doctor Who The Times 2010-06-14
12 weeks that changed my life Radio Times 2010-06-19
Feedback 2010-06-19 Radio Times 2010-06-19
Smith is Master of the Universe The Times 2010-06-21
Daleks, Cybermen and children what the Doctor ordered The Herald 2010-06-23
Billie's spotted Daily Star 2010-06-24
Matt stoops to conquer Radio Times 2010-06-26
Will Matt be the richest Dr of all time? Sunday Express 2010-06-27
Torchwood põe sexualidade em primeiro plano em caça a ETs Folha de S. Paulo 2010-06-28
The feminine side of time-travellers The Times 2010-06-28
Run for the Tardis or Amy's dead The Times 2010-06-28
Is Matt's Doctor a turn-off? South Wales Echo 2010-07-01
Leaps of time and missed targets Financial Times 2010-07-03
How will the Doctor get out of this one? The Guardian 2010-07-12
Waterloo Doctor Who buffs build life-sized Dalek Toronto Star 2010-07-17
Never mind the hostile aliens, this is music with a force to be reckoned with The Times 2010-07-26
Doctor Karen keeps in tune Daily Star 2010-07-26
Daleks are in control London Evening Standard 2010-07-26
Exhausted and Exhausting: Television Studies and British Soap Opera Critical Studies in Television 2010-07-27
Male and Female Archetypes in Doctor Who Consciousness, Literature and the Arts 2010-08-01
Murray's mint New Statesman 2010-08-02
The brand doctor The Bookseller 2010-08-20
Proto-electronica vs. martial marches: Doctor Who, Stingray, Thunderbirds and the music of 1960s' British sf television Science Fiction Film and Television 2010-09-01
The Science of Doctor Who Library Journal 2010-09-01
Doctor Who fans materialise for Sheffield convention Sheffield Telegraph 2010-09-02
Louis Marks The Times 2010-09-25
Evacuate! Evacuate! Daily Star 2010-09-26
Andrea Harris and David Smith The New York Times 2010-09-26
Political Satire and British-American Relations in Five Decades of Doctor Who The Journal of Popular Culture 2010-09-28
Cyber-encounters for two Doctors SFX Magazine 2010-10-01
Time to Go Van Gogh Art Review 2010-10-01
Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion: A Doctor Who Radio Adventure School Library Journal 2010-10-01
Docs to rescue! Daily Star 2010-10-04
Nigel Planer Belfast Telegraph 2010-10-09
The Main Event: Doctor Who Live Scotland on Sunday 2010-10-10
Daleks and cybermen star in Will Brenton's show for the Doctor's fans The Times 2010-10-11
Who's bid for movie Daily Star 2010-10-12
Graham Crowden The Times 2010-10-21
Geoffrey Burgon Goldmine 2010-10-22
Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary Aiken Standard 2010-10-24
Doctor Who explained Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2010-10-28
Pete and Dud fans can smile again as home bootlegger produces lost episodes The Times 2010-11-01
Day with the Doc Daily Star 2010-11-01
The Doctor Is In The Atlantic Monthly 2010-11-01
Lost soul of literature revels in the adventures of the Doctor Scotland on Sunday 2010-11-14
L.A. set to woo Dr Who Daily Star 2010-11-14
Beware Cyborg terror! Daily Star 2010-11-25
Special Christmas gift for U.S. Dr. Who fans Aiken Standard 2010-11-26
U.S. gets Dr. Who special Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2010-11-28
Mervyn Haisman obituary The Guardian 2010-12-10
The host of Christmas to come Radio Times 2010-12-11
Things That Look Like... Eric Pickles New Statesman 2010-12-13
Doctor turns tale of the flying shark into a Christmas cracker The Times 2010-12-14
Doctor Who is coming to town! Radio Times 2010-12-18
Gonna need a bigger Tardis The Times 2010-12-18
This year politics was blockbuster TV, with the same must-watch import as Hollyoaks The Times 2010-12-18
Now Dr Who is the spirit of Christmas Sunday Express 2010-12-19
It's the ghost of Christmas past Sunday Express 2010-12-19
Who's Scrooge Sunday Mercury 2010-12-19
Panto favourite's career really took off with Doctor Who role Evening Times 2010-12-21
Paying the price to be the Doctor Herald Sun 2010-12-22
What The Dickens! Evening Times 2010-12-22
Festive Tardis right on time The Age 2010-12-23
Who knew the Doctor was a footballer too? The Courier Mail 2010-12-24
Christmases Past, Present and Sci-Fi The New York Times 2010-12-25
Just What the Doctor Ordered Wales on Sunday 2010-12-26
A special gift for Aussie The Sunday Mail (Queensland) 2010-12-26
Fast-tracked TARDIS The Sunday Telegraph 2010-12-26

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