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title publication date
Basement tapes Sight & Sound 2004-01-01
Brian McDermott The Stage and Television Today 2004-01-03
Bill Strutton obituary (The Stage) The Stage and Television Today 2004-01-08
Alfred Lynch The Stage and Television Today 2004-01-15
Former Dr Who Peter Davison has found himself a new generation of fans Daily Express 2004-01-20
Doctor Who Fans To Go Back In Time As Long-Lost Episode Found Scotland on Sunday 2004-01-25
Spooky TV Radio Times 2004-01-31
Ain't it grand Variety 2004-02-12
Look who's given up the wild times Sunday Express 2004-02-22
Russell Hunter obituary The Times 2004-03-01
Drop the dead Daleks, it's Dr Who the sex machine The Sunday Times 2004-03-07
Who's a Dirty Doctor Daily Star 2004-03-08
Doctor Who Is Really Taking Off Radio Times 2004-03-13
The saviours of the BBC... Bruce, Cilla and Dr Who! Daily Express 2004-03-17
Eccleston's £1m Deal To Step Into Tardis Daily Express 2004-03-20
Shakespeare actor Eccleston reincarnated as Doctor Who The Guardian 2004-03-20
BBC names actor to play ninth Dr Who The Times 2004-03-20
New Dr Who on the way Irish Independent 2004-03-20
The star taking Dr Who to a new dimension The Daily Telegraph 2004-03-20
So guess who's the new Dr Who Daily Express 2004-03-20
Cracker Chris is the new Dr Who The Mirror 2004-03-20
New Dr Who is a Cracker Daily Mail 2004-03-20
The news about the Beeb's revival of Doctor Who The Mirror 2004-03-23
Look Who's In Line For Top Actor Award Yorkshire Evening Post 2004-03-23
New Who Not Up To The Test Daily Star 2004-03-27
Return Of The Daleks .. Without The Sink Plungers Daily Star 2004-03-30
Who in Toon Cinefantastique 2004-04-01
Bill Strutton Science Fiction Chronicle 2004-04-01
Return of the Tardis The Pink Paper 2004-04-02
Doctor Chris, That's Who... TV Times 2004-04-03
England Looks to the Future: The Cultural Forum Model and "Doctor Who" The Journal of Popular Culture 2004-04-07
Who'll be Doctor's Girl? Daily Express 2004-04-24
Inner pain of the new Doctor Who The Times 2004-04-29
Ninth life The Times 2004-04-29
A step-up for Daleks Daily Star 2004-04-30
Martian Arts Gay Times 2004-05-01
Is Doctor Who Political? European Journal of Cultural Studies 2004-05-01
Ex-tor-tion-ate! Daily Express 2004-05-04
Guess Who's on Xmas TV Daily Star 2004-05-05
Time Lord of the manor Radio Times 2004-05-08
BBC timelord setting course for academia Sunday Herald 2004-05-09
Anthony Ainley obituary The Guardian 2004-05-15
One for all and all for one The Stage and Television Today 2004-05-20
Just Who the Doctor ordered ... Metro (England) 2004-05-25
Billie's on board Tardis as Doctor's sidekick Western Mail 2004-05-25
Becks to do battle with the timelord The Mirror 2004-05-25
Billie Piper is 'dynamic' new Dr Who assistant Irish Independent 2004-05-25
Dr Who and the teenage pop star Daily Express 2004-05-25
My brilliant Billie is a great star reborn Sunday Express 2004-05-30
Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors Science Fiction Chronicle 2004-06-01
Dr Who wins libel case on 'violence' remark Irish Independent 2004-06-30
Doctor still causing a Who-ha Times Higher Education Supplement 2004-07-02
Exterminated! (The Sun) The Sun 2004-07-02
Daleks snub sparks demo Daily Star 2004-07-03
Daleks silenced The Times 2004-07-03
Dalek Attacks Beeb The Sun 2004-07-06
Look Who's Back (Daily Mirror) The Mirror 2004-07-22
Who's That Girl? (Daily Star) Daily Star 2004-07-22
Dr Who time machine back The Mirror 2004-07-23
The return of the Tardis Daily Express 2004-07-23
Dalek's Boo-Who The Sun 2004-07-23
Who's there Daily Star 2004-07-28
Three reasons why the Daleks didn't get Blair The Daily Telegraph 2004-07-28
Dr Who's world of leather The Mirror 2004-07-28
Who Next? The Sun 2004-07-30
From Gladiator to Gallifrey Televisual 2004-08-01
Where's the Tardis when you need it? The Mail on Sunday 2004-08-01
Terror cops' Who-ha Daily Star 2004-08-02
Doctor Who still will do battle with Daleks The Hour
The Ellensburg Daily Record
All Resistance Has Been Exterminated! The Sun 2004-08-05
Exterminate the Daleks? You must be joking The Times 2004-08-05
Daleks fight on in Dr Who Daily Express 2004-08-05
The Daleks roll back with a vengeance Daily Mail 2004-08-05
Daleks to roll again after all Western Mail 2004-08-05
Re-birth of the Daleks Daily Star 2004-08-05
Beeb u-turn rescues exterminated Daleks Irish Independent 2004-08-05
Daleks are saved from extermination The Daily Telegraph 2004-08-05
Dalektable bosses Financial Times 2004-08-06
Daleks back to ex-ter-min-ate The Australian 2004-08-06
Anatomy of the Daleks The Times 2004-08-06
Worst thing we ever did-- giving them legs The Sun 2004-08-09
Daleks to have da-legs The Sun 2004-08-09
Dalek star is back Daily Express 2004-08-10
I ... was ... a ... Dalek The Daily Telegraph 2004-08-10
Resurrection of the Tory Daleks The Times 2004-08-12
The OK! Celebrity Charts Daily Express 2004-08-16
I thought it would be nice to bury the hatchet The Times 2004-09-01
Frederick Jaeger obituary The Guardian 2004-09-08
New Doctor Gets Battered, Sexy Look TV Times 2004-09-11
The Name Game Daily Mail 2004-09-13
Past masters Radio Times 2004-09-18
Who's coming to Glenbogle Radio Times 2004-09-18
Tardis legend Tom has never heard of new star Eccleston The Sun 2004-09-21
Ex-Doctor Who Baker 'may return as villain' Western Mail 2004-09-22
Dressed to kill, the new Doctor Who Daily Express 2004-09-22
Billie in the bad ol' days Daily Star 2004-09-22
Exterminated (2004) The Sun 2004-09-23
You're seeing Who? The Mail on Sunday 2004-09-26
Dr Who brings a tonic to the Glen Sunday Express 2004-09-26
Admit it, Billie there's something going on with you and Dr Who The Sun 2004-09-27
UK's Top Cult TV Boffins Journal of Community Nursing 2004-10-01
Secret love of new Dr Who star Daily Mail 2004-10-05
Quick, get behind the sofa... here come the flying Daleks Daily Express 2004-10-30
Levitate..Exterminate The Mirror 2004-10-30
Watch skies for Daleks Western Mail 2004-10-30
Police were alerted yesterday after Daleks were involved in a shoot-out with armed guards Western Mail 2004-11-02
Doctored Who The Sun 2004-11-03
Sitting pretty The Observer 2004-11-07
Billie and Chris MkII The Sun 2004-11-10
Now Look Who's Holding Hands... Daily Star 2004-11-10
Look Who's Walking... Metro (England) 2004-11-10
Who's Next! Billie and Chris pose for cameras South Wales Echo 2004-11-10
Hand in hand: Billie and the Doctor Western Mail 2004-11-10
In The Picture - The Gentleman Who Wants To Be A Lord The Northern Echo 2004-11-13
Dr Who in a tight spot Daily Star 2004-11-21
As queer as Dr Who? The Times 2004-11-23
Doctor Who back in time for winter on BBC1 London Evening Standard 2004-12-01
Fans' Death Threats to new Dr Who Daily Star 2004-12-02
Dr Who: Lost in Time The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2004-12-22
Bring back police boxes to curb our spiraling crime rate Daily Express 2004-12-23
Bring Back the Tardis! Daily Star 2004-12-23
Exterminate Ant and Dec Daily Star 2004-12-30

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