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title publication date
New Who Radio Times 1982-01-02
Doctor Who Is Hit For Six The Sun 1982-01-02
Why Long Tom Baker feels as sick as a parrot! The Sun 1982-01-06
Concorde The Times 1982-01-12
Doctor Who's Aussie Helper The Australian Women's Weekly 1982-01-13
The Doctor and the Master have joined forces The Daily Tar Heel 1982-01-15
Gemcom To Distribute BBC Show Disks In U.S. Variety 1982-01-20
Dr Who: From stone age to charm New Scientist 1982-01-21
Worzel who? New Scientist 1982-01-28
The how and why of Doctor Who Radio Times 1982-01-30
Science fiction program gaining fans at Carolina The Daily Tar Heel 1982-02-04
The Foundation Bookstore The Daily Tar Heel 1982-02-04
Who's Who (Starlog) Starlog 1982-02-09
Comics for Collectors The Ithacan 1982-02-11
Whodunnit? The Sun 1982-02-15
Dr Who scripts New Scientist 1982-02-18
Write a letter and you could win £300 The Daily Telegraph 1982-02-26
Campus Calendar The Daily Tar Heel 1982-02-26
Under Doctor's Orders Tit-bits 1982-02-27
THE C Page has two unofficial reporters who keep us up-to-date with all the latest news of that popular TV hero, Dr Who The Age 1982-03-04
Loons and toons fan the mirth at the Nimrod The Sydney Morning Herald 1982-03-05
Area fans know who's Who Wilmington Star-News 1982-03-14
Dr. Who's lad is dead unlucky Daily Mail 1982-03-17
Dr Who at bay New Scientist 1982-03-18
PBS funding pledged The Daily Tar Heel 1982-03-19
How does something sinister crawling up your leg sound? The Globe and Mail 1982-03-20
Public TV fundraiser nets $203,125 in pledges Central Michigan Life 1982-03-24
Date That Robot Playboy 1982-04-01
Pirates give Sylvester new plank in his stage career The Herald 1982-04-06
Dr. Who series draws fanatic followers Daily Herald 1982-04-16
We've Got ... Doctor Who Daily Herald 1982-04-16
Will the doctor bowl 'em over? The Age 1982-04-22
A new face for 'Dr Who' The Sydney Morning Herald 1982-04-26
Former "Dr Who" star Tom Baker has split after only 16 months of marriage from actress Lalla Ward Daily Express 1982-04-28
I still love Lalla says sad Dr Who The Sun 1982-05-03
On a bicycle made for Who! The Sun 1982-05-08
Two on a bicycle made for Who ... Daily Express 1982-05-08
Doctor Who Fever Rises in Chicago The Chronicle (College of Lake County) 1982-05-10
Mini-reviews: Shows get cute and nutty and nice Detroit Free Press 1982-05-14
Dr. Who fans plan convention Wilmington Star-News 1982-05-16
Super-Heroes! Girl and Dreamer 1982-05-22
Doctor Who fans to convene Wilmington Star-News 1982-05-22
CMU's public television number one Central Michigan Life 1982-05-26
Who Was Dr Who's Father? Synthese 1982-06-01
Marriage is full of irritations... Daily Express 1982-06-08
Dr. Who materializes for Chicago Convention Illinois Entertainer 1982-07-01
Icy hello The Sun 1982-07-12
A hero for all ages, Dr. Who is just out of this world Chicago Tribune
Boca Raton News
Dr Who Beauty To Quit The Sun 1982-07-15
U.S. fans go wild for Dr Who and Nyssa Daily Express 1982-07-19
Dr Who society The Canberra Times 1982-07-21
Beauty and the Daleks Daily Star 1982-07-26
Bring 'Dr. Who' back to Iowa TV Waterloo Courier 1982-07-30
Make up a monster The Mirror 1982-07-31
Dr. Tom? I'd rather see Dr Jon Daily Express 1982-08-03
The New Doctor Who Starlog 1982-08-05
How the BBC channels its television sales to audiences in the United States The Christian Science Monitor 1982-08-20
Dr Who finds time his ruler The Age 1982-08-26
Contest for Dr Who fans The Age 1982-08-26
Who's for Dr. Who? Scene 2 and 17 1982-09-01
10 Doctor Who games to be won! Super Spiderman 1982-09-01
Middlesex Polytechnic Times Higher Education Supplement 1982-09-03
Can You Outguess Dr. Who? Starlog 1982-09-07
The Doctor Who Episode Guide: 1982 Season Starlog 1982-09-14
Mark's time for Dr Who! The Sun 1982-09-16
Dr. Who is double agent Daily Mail 1982-09-16
The regeneration game New Zealand Listener 1982-09-18
Dr. Who invades LU; U.N.I.T Irregulars hit Loyola Phoenix 1982-10-15
Letters to outer space! Liverpool Echo 1982-10-25
In the bag The Times 1982-10-26
For Children The Illustrated London News 1982-10-30
Alvin's misses teams up with Dr Who! The Sun 1982-11-02
Dr. Who a surprise syndication success Electronic Media 1982-11-04
Dr Who: Similarity and Difference Australian Journal of Screen Theory 1982-11-15
Doctor Who News Scene 2 and 17 1982-12-01
Children in the grip of television Daily Express 1982-12-01
The Doctor Who Void The Eagle 1982-12-03
Doctor Who captures American imagination San Antonio Express-News 1982-12-05
Dr Who escapes The Stage and Television Today 1982-12-23

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