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The Daily Telegraph

articles (182) date
Week-end Broadcasting Programmes 1963-11-23
BBC robots for Dr. Barnardo's 1964-02-04
Dalek of Dr. Who fame 1964-11-13
Daleks steal the show at Olympia 1964-12-29
6ft ant is BBC's latest TV monster 1965-01-06
BBC ban on 'Morse code' record 1965-01-29
Dr. Who losing his fellow travelers 1965-04-02
The Daleks meet their match in this flame-belching Mechanoid 1965-04-15
Daleks' Doom 1965-04-17
Dr. Who and his space adventurers meet a new enemy 1965-06-25
Kid's Stuff 1965-06-25
Dr. Who v Vargas 1965-08-07
The Daleks split the audience 1965-12-22
Dr. Who Quits 1966-08-06
Tougher Dr. Who is chosen 1966-09-02
Dr. Who Departures 1967-04-13
Decree for actress 1967-04-18
TV monsters design contest 1967-11-20
Space hero replacing 'Dr. Who' 1969-06-02
Dr. Who role for Jon Pertwee 1969-06-21
Family viewing 1970-02-23
M P Attacks 'Dr Who' Kits 1970-05-25
This Dr. Whose daughter has a timeless style 1971-04-06
Daleks back for a spot of ex-ter-min-a-tion 1972-01-03
TV serial cuts worry producers 1972-02-15
Dr. Who star killed in crash 1973-06-20
Pertwee to quit as Dr. Who 1974-02-09
Latest Dr. Who once played Rasputin 1974-02-16
Tom Baker, the actor, was nursing a badly injured arm 1974-10-01
Fruity Dr. Who faces new Dalek menace 1974-12-17
Actors wins fight for annuity 1975-02-20
The original Dr. Who dies at 67 1975-04-25
Intergalactic pod now faces Dr Who 1976-02-02
BBC sorry for sadism in Dr. Who 1976-12-29
Violence for young audiences 1977-01-13
Switch it off 1977-01-24
Rooms with a view ... 1977-09-20
Introducing the new Time Lady--Mary Tamm 1978-04-26
Brian Hayles obituary (The Telegraph) 1978-10-31
Lalla Ward, the actress now playing Princess Astra 1979-02-07
It's the Tardis 1979-07-12
Sue's role: as easy as falling off a horse 1979-08-31
Daleks herald attack on new season 1979-09-03
Australian Girl for Dr Who 1980-10-24
Tom Baker, television's Dr Who 1980-11-20
Dr Who Recruit (The Telegraph) 1980-11-22
Creator of TV 'Doomwatch' dies at 53 1981-05-28
It was the inability to make a fire which kept the plot busy 1981-11-08
Write a letter and you could win £300 1982-02-26
Peter Glaze 1983-02-22
Villain from 'Brothers' is new Dr. Who 1983-08-20
The Five Doctors 1983-11-25
Mr. Baker is taking over the role from Peter Davison 1984-03-16
Richard Hurndall obituary 1984-04-14
Dr. Who divorce 1984-09-17
Aliens at war! 1984-09-21
Doctor Who comes of age 1984-09-21
Georgia Elizabeth 1984-12-29
BBC cash curbs ground Dr Who 1985-02-28
Fans attack BBC at Dr Who break 1985-02-28
BBC buys £¾m mini-series after Dr Who decision 1985-03-02
Patrick Troughton obituary (The Telegraph) 1987-03-30
Doctor Who's darkest hour? 1987-11-24
Poetry or common sense? 1988-01-14
Sounds a bit odd 1988-03-26
Machine watched 1988-03-30
BBC saves the Daleks from extermination 1988-04-13
Reviving few golden oldies 1988-07-27
Daleks Have Knees Too 1988-09-30
Dr Who actor battered to death by guest 1988-10-13
Sophie Aldred and Sylvester McCoy, not about to overcome the Cybermen 1988-11-23
I am baffled by the continuing success of Dr Who 1988-11-24
Dr Who on star-trek for sci-fi scholars 1988-12-31
In search of the truth about volatile Verity 1989-05-24
First of a four-part adventure set during World War II 1989-10-25
A Timeless Time Lord! 1989-10-26
National TV archive is urged by film institute 1989-11-21
Harvey (Norman Pace) puts a price on timelord Sylvester McCoy's head 1989-11-22
Doctor to go private? 1989-12-01
BBC trade-names 1990-05-02
Video Highlights 1990-05-26
BBC television costumes being unloaded yesterday 1990-07-31
Dr Who and cult cartoons in satellite TV battle 1990-08-30
A Doctor Who weekend special interspersed with documentaries, star interviews, monsters, props and gadgets 1990-09-22
Global phone campaigners call for Dr Who 1990-12-01
A Cyberman costume 1991-03-27
Sabotage by Space Invaders 1991-03-30
Television's 'lost' classics still coming to light 1991-06-05
Will Doctor Who ever rematerialise? 1991-07-29
BBC banks on nostalgia with a TV binge 1991-08-19
Resistance Is Useless 1992-01-03
Dr Who turns up in Hong Kong cellar 1992-02-13
When does a repeat become a TV classic? 1992-02-15
To badly go 1992-03-07
When Dr Who rematerialised 1992-04-02
£1,000 label on Dr Who jacket 1992-07-20
Whose lot is it? 1992-08-20
Dalek auction 1992-08-22
TV wizards save Dr Who classic from mists of time 1992-10-14
They ain't half old, mum ... 1992-10-21
Dr Who actor Peter Davison is to divorce 1993-06-05
Who... when... why? 1993-06-18
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Telegraph) 1993-08-23
Designer of the Daleks 'withdrew from world' 1994-09-23
The Doctor will see you now (The Telegraph) 1994-10-08
Dr Who takes off in £5m TV revival 1996-01-11
Time proves no barrier to police box 1996-04-19
Time Lord travels to the Nineties 1996-05-04
Doctor Who comes down to earth 1996-05-20
The true eccentric who was born to be Dr Who 1996-05-21
The world of Dr Who mourns Jon Pertwee 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (Daily Telegraph) 1996-05-21
A Time Lord's place is in the past 1996-05-28
That very odd one-off Americanised feature length instalment of Dr Who 1996-06-01
Boom to bust and back again 1996-08-24
BBC sued for £14m over Dr Who deal 1996-08-24
Terry Nation obituary (The Telegraph) 1997-03-12
Dr Who fanatic pirated tapes 1998-07-07
Pick of the week 1998-11-21
Lost Dr Who episode found 1999-01-14
Regenerate! 1999-08-05
Dalek sold for £6,670 1999-08-19
She's got it wrapped up 1999-11-26
F — you're fedorable 2000-04-15
25 years on, Basil Fawlty's antics cannot be surpassed 2000-09-06
Doctor Sceptic 2000-09-07
British artist flies the flag of controversy at Biennale 2001-06-07
TV clean-up campaigner Mary Whitehouse dies 2001-11-24
Mary Whitehouse 2001-11-24
Obituary of John Nathan-Turner Doctor Who's ninth producer who introduced a new look to the show 2002-05-07
Dr Who's timely victory over the Met 2002-10-23
Doctor Who ready to come out of the Tardis for Saturday TV series 2003-09-26
Doctor Who will survive 2003-09-27
The star taking Dr Who to a new dimension 2004-03-20
Three reasons why the Daleks didn't get Blair 2004-07-28
Daleks are saved from extermination 2004-08-05
I ... was ... a ... Dalek 2004-08-10
BBC hopes for a rescue by Doctor Who 2005-03-09
Everyone has a favourite Doctor Who as a matter of accident of birth, not of taste 2005-03-12
It's properly scary and funny 2005-03-19
The A-Z of Doctor Who 2005-03-19
A tale of British boffins 2005-03-19
Radio choice 2005-03-19
In short, I have a vanishingly small part in the new run of Doctor Who 2005-03-23
Doctor Who: funny he never married ... 2005-03-24
Doctor Who arrives in modern times. And it works 2005-03-26
BBC says sorry to new Dr Who over typecasting claim 2005-04-05
Too frightening for parents? 2005-04-15
Casanova's next conquest is the Tardis 2005-04-16
The timely Doctor Who saves family audience Daleks make a welcome return to the living room 2005-05-21
Obituary of Dave Martin 2007-04-17
Obituary of Verity Lambert 2007-11-24
Doctor Who and Kennedy. Who said Proms were elitist? 2008-04-09
Reinventing Davros 2008-07-05
Weird — but Doctor Who prom was perfect for our geeky times 2008-07-28
Surviving Doctor Who 2008-11-22
Obituary of Barry Letts 2009-11-04
In a blaze of special effects, this Time Lord's time was up 2010-01-02
What to watch 2010-04-03
Let Me Through - I'm a Doctor 2010-04-03
Ludicrous show: Pratchett attacks the unconvincing and 'pixel thin' science of Doctor Who 2010-05-06
Actor who starred opposite five Doctor Whos as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart 2011-02-24
Doctor Who's new mission in an alien world - America 2011-04-21
I did cool, evil things to Doctor Who 2011-05-14
Two more chances to hide behind the sofa 2011-12-13
There should be a ceremony 2011-12-17
Doctor Who 'inspired by Blackadder' says Matt Smith 2012-12-11
Merlin star wants Doctor Who to age 2013-01-22
Doctor Who anniversary show to reunite all 11 Time Lords 2013-02-15
The men with the real sonic screwdrivers 2013-07-04
I was really hoping for a new female hero 2013-08-07
Time flies when we're having fun 2013-08-31
Missing Doctor Who episodes found 2013-10-11
Rediscovered episodes of 'Doctor Who' from the Sixties show the series' chutzpah 2013-10-11
Once in a lifetime 2013-11-09
Many happy returns 2013-11-09
Doctor Who swindler jailed for two years 2014-01-08
Doctor Who cameraman's '£59,000 fraud attempt' 2014-03-06
Unsettling Capaldi is a fine and edgy Doctor 2014-08-08
Finally, I'm on board the Tardis 2014-08-23
Are we all deluded about Doctor Who? 2014-08-30
Steven Moffat on Doctor Who Christmas special: The scariest bits are for the kids 2014-12-19