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Liverpool Echo

articles (60) date
Risky? It's all a matter of taste 1968-10-22
It's Mum who loves monsters, says Jon 1971-03-13
Hunt for Daleks plea to children 1973-06-07
The Yo-Yo Makes a Comeback 1975-02-06
TV's First Dr. Who Dies Aged 67 1975-04-24
Be warned ... 1975-04-28
Feet up for Dr. Who's Sarah 1975-12-20
Your chance to ask about UFOs 1976-04-06
Tom's fanmail from the children answers the question: Who's afraid of Dr Who? 1977-04-25
All Your Own 1977-07-16
He's here, there and everywhere 1977-10-18
Mary joins Dr Who in time... 1978-02-18
Who's fooling who? 1978-08-30
Action ext-erminate ... Dr Who faces dreaded Daleks 1979-09-01
All geared up to halt the Daleks 1979-09-08
Dr. Who journeyed back in time over 30 years to-day 1979-10-10
Now Dr Who Faces Parents' Attack 1980-02-15
Time tripper's fear of flying 1980-02-22
Strike ends at the BBC 1980-09-19
Janet's the new girl in life of Dr. Who ... 1980-10-23
It's time for a change, says Dr Who 1980-10-25
Dr Who to wed Romana 1980-11-19
K9 Gets A 'Vet' With A Nose For Fear ... 1980-12-06
Lis aims to be a slimline Sarah Jane 1981-09-07
Letters to outer space! 1982-10-25
Win a who's who guide to the mysterious Doctor Who 1983-03-26
Hiccup delays Worzel Gummidge 1983-07-07
Dr Who's monster party 1984-10-18
Patrick's magic 1984-11-17
Battlecry of the Dr Who fans 1985-02-28
Star role 1985-12-02
Will Dr. Who make the Grade? 1986-01-13
Bubbly Bonnie joins the Doctor 1986-01-23
Dr Who comes down to earth 1986-04-21
Sarah's Dalek dialect! 1986-07-04
Dr Who meets an alien 1986-07-28
Calling Dr Who: It's time to fly! 1986-09-06
Who's that actor? 1986-10-29
Homeless Dr Who helps kids 1986-11-17
Who's That Fiend? 1986-11-19
Who's the greatest! (1987) 1987-08-21
Dr Who zooms in for books drive 1987-09-25
Doctor's prescription for long life 1988-11-05
Dr Who's safety film 1990-01-18
I love funerals 1990-11-13
Daleks are up for grabs 1991-03-26
Going, going, gone! 1992-01-23
Carry on, Doctor! 1992-03-25
Send for the Doctor! 1993-11-13
Beep your horn one more time, pal, and I will ... Exterminate! 1994-02-04
Fancy our Fred? 1994-11-25
Look Who's Here! 1994-12-09
TV Sophie joins tribute to Dr Who 1995-01-07
Star struck! 1995-01-17
Paul's Lazenby connection 1996-09-14
I made the Doctor cry on my first day 2011-11-09
Will the Doctor weed out the space gardeners 2011-12-24
OOuuttoofftthhiisswwoorrlldd!! 2013-08-10
Frank gets his Doctor's appointment 2014-04-06
Vickie made up to win a BAFTA 2014-05-01