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title publication date
Creator of Daleks Uxbridge and West Drayton Gazette 1991-01-02
The Doctor: In Recovery Starlog 1991-01-03
Tempra is a luxury space traveller The Times 1991-01-18
Convention beckons confirmed Trekkie Chicago Sun-Times 1991-01-18
The Sunday Doctor Scene 2 and 17 1991-02-01
Backchat New Statesman 1991-02-15
Who's watching whom? The Stage and Television Today 1991-02-21
Major contender for Dr Who role Daily Express 1991-02-22
Magnum Opus Convention Flagpole 1991-02-27
Sergeant At Arms Starlog 1991-03-05
Robot Ron (1991) News of the World 1991-03-17
Daleks are up for grabs Liverpool Echo 1991-03-26
£2,000 to own a real Dalek! Daily Express 1991-03-27
Space invaders The Times 1991-03-27
A Cyberman costume The Daily Telegraph 1991-03-27
Guess Who (Chicago Sun-Times) Chicago Sun-Times 1991-03-28
Sabotage by Space Invaders The Daily Telegraph 1991-03-30
Doctor Who star Davison attends Dallas fest Big Spring Herald 1991-04-04
Dr Who runs out of space The Mail on Sunday 1991-04-07
Who's on first? Orland Park Star 1991-04-11
Gerald Blake obituary The Stage and Television Today 1991-04-25
Moving moments for Dr Who The Stage and Television Today 1991-05-02
A Time Lord's Times Starlog 1991-05-02
It was "idiotic" to get rid of the props Daily Express 1991-05-11
Tardis just the ticket! The Mail on Sunday 1991-05-12
Dodo's travels with The Doctor TV Zone 1991-06-01
Television's 'lost' classics still coming to light The Daily Telegraph 1991-06-05
Dr Who comes to Waterloo Uxbridge and West Drayton Gazette 1991-06-19
Take a trip into times now past The Newcastle Journal 1991-06-25
Who says a lady can't play the Doc? The Newcastle Journal 1991-06-27
Doctor Who: The Next Generation Starlog 1991-07-02
Classics too good to be forgotten The Stage and Television Today 1991-07-04
Dr Who meets his eternal foes again The Times 1991-07-05
Accumulate! Accumulate! New Statesman 1991-07-05
Milton Subotsky (Variety) Variety 1991-07-08
Dalek-voice kidnapper's 15 years for wife snatch Daily Express 1991-07-16
Rutger Hauer Niet In Dr. Who-Film De Telegraaf 1991-07-16
Arriving at end of the Lime The Stage and Television Today 1991-07-18
Milton Subotsky (The Times) The Times 1991-07-20
Let's Do The Time Warp Again... Midweek 1991-07-25
Will Doctor Who ever rematerialise? The Daily Telegraph 1991-07-29
The Lost Doctor Who Starlog 1991-08-01
Sexterminate Him! Dr Who's Too Blue News of the World 1991-08-11
Don't exterminate Dr Who Daily Express 1991-08-12
BBC banks on nostalgia with a TV binge The Daily Telegraph 1991-08-19
Prentis Hancock TV Zone 1991-08-29
Farewell to the fantasy factory Radio Times 1991-08-30
Warm glow of the Lime light Daily Express 1991-08-31
Who's who (Insight) Insight 1991-09-01
Milton Subotsky Science Fiction Chronicle 1991-09-01
Behind the Sofa The Illustrated London News 1991-09-01
For some reason, many Americans don't get into Doctor Who until they reach age 21 Starlog 1991-09-03
Lloyd's tribute The Stage and Television Today 1991-09-05
Alan Wheatley Variety 1991-09-09
Scriptwriter, bridge player Nashua Telegraph 1991-09-14
Gerry Davis Variety 1991-09-16
It's all Go again! Liverpool Echo 1991-09-20
Designs on the Doctor News of the World 1991-09-22
Who knows The Newcastle Journal 1991-09-27
Ring Me Up, Scottie CIO 1991-10-01
Why was there no mention of the most famous mutants of all, the Daleks Starlog 1991-10-01
Dr. Who is just what the doctor ordered for Lambs Farm coffers Chicago Tribune 1991-12-02
Pamela Salem: An Actress from the year dot TV Zone 1991-12-19
Timewyrm: Revelation TV Zone 1991-12-19
Frazer Hines: The Second Doctor's Kilt-Swishing Highlander TV Zone 1991-12-19
Bernard Wilkie: The Effective Pioneer TV Zone 1991-12-19

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