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Do you plan to purchase any new episodes of Doctor Who? Scene 2 and 17 1992-01-01
Tom Baker is just one Doctor journeying through time Radio Times 1992-01-03
Who's on First? (Starlog) Starlog 1992-01-03
Resistance Is Useless The Daily Telegraph 1992-01-03
Behind-the-armchair time travellers The Scotsman 1992-01-10
Time, gentlemen, please! What's on TV 1992-01-11
The return of Who Chicago Tribune 1992-01-14
Sophie isn't crying into her beer Bournemouth Evening Echo 1992-01-16
A timely look at the Timelords Edinburgh Evening News 1992-01-18
It's not a what-not you know, it's Dr Who you know The Stage and Television Today 1992-01-23
Going, going, gone! Liverpool Echo 1992-01-23
Who's next? (Edinburgh Evening News) Edinburgh Evening News 1992-01-31
BBC pushes to screen more archive shows The Stage and Television Today 1992-02-06
Dr Who turns up in Hong Kong cellar The Daily Telegraph 1992-02-13
When does a repeat become a TV classic? The Daily Telegraph 1992-02-15
To badly go The Daily Telegraph 1992-03-07
Dr Who: The Videos The Pink Paper 1992-03-15
Carry on, Doctor! Liverpool Echo 1992-03-25
Deborah Watling: In Time-travelling they can hear you scream... TV Zone 1992-03-26
Sci-Fi Cable Network Likely to Be Bought by USA TV Channel The Wall Street Journal 1992-03-31
Invasion from Outer Space: Cable's USA Network to Launch Sci-Fi Channel Associated Press 1992-03-31
Artists, writers take up challenge Uxbridge and West Drayton Gazette 1992-04-01
Terrance Dicks: Writing the Past, Present and Future TV Zone 1992-04-01
When Dr Who rematerialised The Daily Telegraph 1992-04-02
Dr Who fans set to get a special treat The Newcastle Journal 1992-06-09
Promoting, not exterminating The Newcastle Journal 1992-06-23
The velvet jacket worn by actor Jon Pertwee The Newcastle Journal 1992-07-20
£1,000 label on Dr Who jacket The Daily Telegraph 1992-07-20
The Daleks mean business this time The Stage and Television Today 1992-07-23
Directing the unfinished Shada TV Zone 1992-07-30
The New Adventures: Witch Mark TV Zone 1992-07-30
Dr Who star Jon collapses Daily Express 1992-08-06
Whose lot is it? The Daily Telegraph 1992-08-20
Cybermen and Daleks on sale Belfast Telegraph 1992-08-21
Dalek auction The Daily Telegraph 1992-08-22
Love a TV show? Join the club Chicago Tribune
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Dr. Who followers produce their own MPT pledge videos The Baltimore Sun 1992-08-29
How Doctor Who was rescued from oblivion New Scientist 1992-08-29
A Channel for Science Fiction Omni 1992-10-01
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Stage and Television Today) The Stage and Television Today 1992-10-01
The Economics of Underwriting Spawn Off-Beat Public Television Warfield's Business Record 1992-10-02
Tardis shirt mystery Evening Chronicle 1992-10-06
Time's up for Rambo The Herald (Ireland) 1992-10-06
Sly in Tardis Riddle The Sun 1992-10-06
Tyneside Time Lord on trail of a Doctor Evening Chronicle 1992-10-06
Support a free-standing BC ... uh, BBC The Daily Tar Heel 1992-10-14
TV wizards save Dr Who classic from mists of time The Daily Telegraph 1992-10-14
Who could resist it? Evening Chronicle 1992-10-17
They ain't half old, mum ... The Daily Telegraph 1992-10-21
The action is more cerebral than Flash Gordon Billboard 1992-10-24
Classics from outer space Radio Times 1992-10-31
Sci-Fi Favorites USA Today Magazine 1992-11-01
Feeling sick over Doctor's return Daily Express 1992-11-06
Japanimation, kitsch classics no kids' stuff Chicago Tribune 1992-11-06
Dr Who episodes never before broadcast in America The Daily Pennsylvanian 1992-11-09
Colour coordinating the return of the Doctor The Stage and Television Today 1992-11-12
Return of The Daemon Radio Times 1992-11-14
Sci-fi fans can feast at holiday convention Daily Herald 1992-11-17
Resistance is useless ... St Ives Weekly News 1992-11-19
The colour of Dr Who Worcester Evening News 1992-11-20
Visions Of Sci-Fi TV Stars Due Here Chicago Sun-Times 1992-11-23
Soldier Blue Perthshire Advertiser 1992-11-24

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