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title publication date
Doctor Who Is Doctor Who, Really? Airwaves 1985-01-01
Move Over, Trekkies The Wall Street Journal 1985-01-03
The time of Nicola's life! Daily Mail 1985-01-05
Anna of the Five Towns Bournemouth Daily Echo 1985-01-09
Doctor Who in the Flesh Chicago Reader 1985-01-11
Goody! Faith goes straight Daily Star 1985-01-12
There's trouble in store for Sarah Radio Times 1985-01-12
Naughty Nicola Daily Star 1985-01-26
Ostrander awarded 'Dr. Who' merchandising Chicago Metro News 1985-01-26
Do You Look Like Who? Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1985-02-01
The Doctor Lives Scene 2 and 17 1985-02-01
Nicola takes time off for some time travel Daily Express 1985-02-02
Exciting new software for your micro (Radio Times) Radio Times 1985-02-02
Who goes back with the Master Radio Times 1985-02-02
Dr Who loses his castle Manchester Evening News 1985-02-05
Speaking of double lives The Eagle 1985-02-08
Just what's Who all about? The Pantagraph 1985-02-09
Who is Mr. Spock? The Daily Pennsylvanian 1985-02-14
20 things you don't know about Doctor Who The Sun 1985-02-16
For Doctor Who diehards, it's a must-see The Philadelphia Inquirer 1985-02-16
Whovian festival The Tampa Tribune 1985-02-18
Doctor Who To Appear At Festival Philadelphia Daily News 1985-02-23
Who's getting 300 fan letters a week? The Sun 1985-02-23
Caught in a time warp Daily Mail 1985-02-23
Doctor Who-The New Season Starburst 1985-02-25
WHA wants to know favorite Dr. Who' Wisconsin State Journal 1985-02-26
Unmasked Daily Mail 1985-02-28
Fans attack BBC at Dr Who break The Daily Telegraph 1985-02-28
BBC cash curbs ground Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1985-02-28
BBC enters a time warp The Guardian 1985-02-28
Dr Who down-Graded! Daily Mail 1985-02-28
Hard-up BBC axe Dr Who Daily Express 1985-02-28
Doctor zapped by Beeb The Mirror 1985-02-28
Dr Who fans protest Financial Times 1985-02-28
BBC Daleks threaten the Doctor with hibernation The Scotsman 1985-02-28
Broke BBC shelve Dr Who Daily Express 1985-02-28
Ta-ta Tardis! The Mirror 1985-02-28
Aunty's runaway arrogance Daily Express 1985-02-28
Temporary time warp for Dr Who The Times 1985-02-28
Dr. Who fans distressed ... series may fade out Times Colonist 1985-02-28
Dr Who is axed in a BBC plot The Sun 1985-02-28
Beeb's shock for Dr. Who Daily Star 1985-02-28
Hands off Dr Who! Daily Record 1985-02-28
Dr Who axed in plot by the BBC The Sun 1985-02-28
Doctor may go back in time Edinburgh Evening News 1985-02-28
Battlecry of the Dr Who fans Liverpool Echo 1985-02-28
Out of town The Illustrated London News 1985-03-01
Typecast Los Angeles Magazine 1985-03-01
WEDU, Channel 3, is having a double feature of "Doctor Who" episodes Saturday night Lakeland Ledger 1985-03-01
More complaints because you axed Dr Who, Mr Grade The Sun 1985-03-01
Wait don't tell me ... I never forget a face .... Daily Mail 1985-03-01
Dr. Who gaat voorgoed in rook op Trouw 1985-03-01
Dalek, you were wonderful The Times 1985-03-01
Still Looking for Who's Who Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1985-03-01
Clubs try to save Dr Who The Times 1985-03-01
Hooked on Who Daily Star 1985-03-01
Save our Tardis! The Sun 1985-03-01
Time to scrap the BBC's license to intimidate Daily Express 1985-03-01
Fight for the Time Lord Daily Star 1985-03-01
Baddies of the Beeb Daily Star 1985-03-01
Who's Doc American Film 1985-03-01
Carry On Doctor (Daily Star) Daily Star 1985-03-02
Fury of the fans forces re-think over Dr Who Daily Express 1985-03-02
BBC buys £¾m mini-series after Dr Who decision The Daily Telegraph 1985-03-02
The Time Lord's travelling companion Peri Edinburgh Evening News 1985-03-02
BBC pays £1/2m for unmade mini-series The Times 1985-03-02
Who dunnit, and why bother? The Guardian 1985-03-02
The Dr. Who Festival Tallahassee Democrat 1985-03-03
A Bird's Eye View The Canberra Times 1985-03-03
Inquiry into ads on BBC The Observer 1985-03-03
No. 10 by Maddocks Sunday Express 1985-03-03
Tardis star is left forlorn The Times 1985-03-03
Who's sorry now? The Sunday Times 1985-03-03
MP Angry at BBC's New Buy The Mail on Sunday 1985-03-03
Good riddance Dr Who The Mail on Sunday 1985-03-03
A power crazed madman The Guardian 1985-03-04
A wicked plot to kill the Doctor Edinburgh Evening News 1985-03-04
Don't blackmail the Doctor fans Daily Express 1985-03-05
Janet Fielding: "Lucy Van Pelt in Space" Starlog 1985-03-07
Guess Who's coming here? Doctor's friends Madison Capital Times 1985-03-07
From Mr Peter Anghelides The Times 1985-03-08
Wisconsin public TV's spring pledge drive begins today Green Bay Press-Gazette 1985-03-09
BBC plays stars' Dr Who protest Daily Express 1985-03-09
Thatcher favors advertising but prospect horrifies BBC Times Colonist 1985-03-11
From the Managing Director of BBC Television The Times 1985-03-13
Channel 38 will carry the "Dr. Who" programs voted most popular by viewers this weekend and next The Post-Crescent 1985-03-13
Dr. Who fest scheduled Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-14
It was the right place to be for Whovians Lakeland Ledger 1985-03-15
Dr. Who Convention The Ithaca Journal 1985-03-15
The Who's who of girls Daily Mail 1985-03-16
Doctor No (Longer) Melody Maker 1985-03-16
Doctor...Who Cares? New Musical Express 1985-03-16
Asians cite those who do the balancing act Los Angeles Times 1985-03-16
Doctor Who Festival Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-03-19
Whoray! The Dr. will be back for 21 years Daily Express 1985-03-21
A Dr. Who Club is being organized at the East Chicago Public Library The Times of Northwest Indiana 1985-03-21
From Mr Dennis Guerrier The Times 1985-03-21
It is the longest-running science fiction television show in history Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-22
From creatures to teachers Radio Times 1985-03-23
Ahhhh, what a time had at 'Doctor Who' festival Madison Capital Times 1985-03-23
Dr. Who? Wisconsin State Journal 1985-03-23
Who Cares? Cuts Album Variety 1985-03-27
The Wisconsin Educational Television Network reports its spring fund drive was its most successful Green Bay Press-Gazette 1985-03-30
Moondog's Comicland Chicago Tribune 1985-03-31
Who-a-holics meet at library The Times of Northwest Indiana 1985-04-01
Real "Who" Fan Club Scene 2 and 17 1985-04-01
Doctor treated shabbily Tallahassee Democrat 1985-04-02
Michael Grade Brings Hollywood Style to BBC The New York Times
The Globe and Mail
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Gallup Youth Survey Associated Press
The Herald-Palladium
The News-Leader
St. Petersburg Times
The Pottsville Republican
Dr. Who To 146 Variety 1985-04-10
High Anxiety The Listener 1985-04-11
Doctor Who's Who's Who The Philadelphia Inquirer 1985-04-20
Early harum scarum days The Stage and Television Today 1985-04-25
Convention: Fiction Mixed with Fantasy Omaha World-Herald 1985-04-26
Mary takes another swipe at TV Liverpool Echo 1985-04-27
Mary blasts soap 'smut' The Mail on Sunday 1985-04-28
Things open up The Christian Science Monitor 1985-04-30
Gimmickry Scene 2 and 17 1985-05-01
Fantasy open house: war games, fiction Times Colonist 1985-05-01
Who Was First? Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1985-05-01
Dr. Who devotees to meet Saturday Stevens Point Journal 1985-05-03
Friends of the Doctor Statesman Journal 1985-05-03
The Doctor: In Distress Starlog 1985-05-07
Mary Tamm: A Noble Romana Starlog 1985-05-07
Whovians: A loyal band The Southern Illinoisan 1985-05-13
Dr. Who stays on Times Colonist 1985-05-15
Here's the who, what, when, where, how and why on popular television show Wausau Daily Herald 1985-05-23
Doctor Who reaches a planetary landmark on KCET Los Angeles Herald Examiner 1985-05-24
Doctor Who on the air Daily Mail 1985-05-25
Dr. Who due on Channel 13 Longview News-Journal 1985-05-26
Dr. Who Lives Los Angeles Times 1985-05-26
A timely new role for Tardis traveller Nicola London Evening Standard 1985-05-29
U.S. TV looking British Scripps-Howard News Service
The Province
Clarity Of Youth OutRage 1985-06-01
Reminiscent of TV's Golden Age Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1985-06-01
Who, what, and why? Character motivation in Doctor Who Children's Literature Association Quarterly 1985-06-01
The Tardis Shuffle Starlog 1985-06-06
The Destiny of the Doctor Starlog 1985-06-06
The Doctor on Hold Starlog 1985-06-06
New crisis for the Doctor The Sun 1985-06-08
Meanwhile, Doctor Who, another public TV import, is trapped in a time warp Wilmington Star-News 1985-06-09
Dr. Who back in age of steam London Evening Standard 1985-06-10
Channel 24 Reviving The Clever 'Dr. Who' Orlando Sentinel 1985-06-12
Eq., Chicago "Dr. Who" Back Stage 1985-06-14
Dr. Who returns to air Battle Creek Enquirer 1985-06-14
Dr. Who Event Set For Saturday Ocala Star-Banner 1985-06-21
Who Fan Club The Tennessean 1985-06-21
The metallic destroyers Lichfield Mercury 1985-06-21
Valentine Dyall The Times 1985-06-26
Robot hired as waiter in restaurant The Sun 1985-06-27
Small-screen vet and space-hopping Time Lord Peter Davison steps out Daily Express 1985-06-29
I'm 14 years old and a big fan of "Dr. Who" The Tampa Tribune 1985-06-30
Every Dollar Counts Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1985-07-01
Un-Conventional N'awlins Convention Expects 1,200 Fans The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1985-07-07
Who's behind the Doctor? Portsmouth Evening News 1985-07-12
First 'Doctor Who' is TV Malpractice Orlando Sentinel 1985-07-12
He Who knows . . . Daily Mail 1985-07-12
Dr. Who will resume production next year The Tampa Tribune
Muncie Evening Press
The Daily Dispatch
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Orlando Sentinel
Wisconsin State Journal
Knight Ridder
La Crosse Tribune
BBC Video Radio Times 1985-07-13
Convention's theme is out of this world The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1985-07-13
Whoies Play Doctor At Convention In New Orleans The Victoria Advocate
The Canberra Times
Associated Press
The Clarion-Ledger
The Daytona Beach Morning Journal
Hattiesburg American
Poughkeepsie Journal
Sioux City Journal
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
The Lincoln Star
Los Angeles Times
The Odessa American
The Shreveport Times
Whoies Hold Fan Panopticon The Victoria Advocate 1985-07-16
Dr. Who Fans Associated Press
Florida Today
Daily World
Rocky Mount Telegram
The Odessa American
Dr. Who Fans Put Up A Fight The Tennessean 1985-07-17
Starry Eyed The Mirror 1985-07-21
Time, the ultimate trip past and future are fertile ground for today's imagination Orlando Sentinel 1985-07-21
Look-alikes' Tardis talk-in The Argus 1985-07-27
Pirate of the airwaves Radio Times 1985-07-27
Strictly for the Dr. Who Devotees The Vancouver Sun 1985-07-27
Memories of Who The Guardian 1985-07-29
What Would The Doctor Think? - Sci-fi Buffs Taken Out of the Real World Omaha World-Herald 1985-08-04
World premieres set the stage for Chicago's 1985-86 theater season Chicago Tribune 1985-08-08
Patrick Troughton stars as the Doctor on a perilous mission to defeat the deadly Ice Warriors Return of the Jedi 1985-08-10
Friends of Dr. Who Members Find Sci-Fi Character Out Of This World The Charlotte Observer 1985-08-13
Concise Crossword (No 722) The Times 1985-08-14
Who's Who? He's the Doctor, Who Else? The Vancouver Sun 1985-08-17
Free Time Guide To Arts and Leisure Indianapolis News 1985-08-23
A weekend feast for sci-fi gourmets; Sheraton show caters to Trekkiest tastes The Boston Globe 1985-08-25
This British sci-fi show is down to earth USA Today 1985-08-28
Whovians strike back Tallahassee Democrat 1985-09-01
Socket to the Doctor Evening Chronicle 1985-09-07
Perry Makes Up For Lost Time Spidey Comic 1985-09-14
Briefly noted Lakeland Ledger 1985-09-25
Out of this world (Bournemouth Advertiser) Bournemouth Advertiser 1985-09-26
How Martin's models became TV stars Bournemouth Advertiser 1985-09-28
Dr. Who ontmoet reuzenhagedis De Telegraaf 1985-09-30
Dit is Dr. Who De Waarheid 1985-10-07
Doctor Who Festival and exhibit tour Syracuse Herald-Journal 1985-10-10
Skin Horse' Attacks Myths About Disabled Sun-Sentinel 1985-10-16
Reality, what a concept for Who The Observer (University of Notre Dame) 1985-10-16
Grade slams Dr Who team The Stage and Television Today 1985-10-17
Dr. Who, that's who The Morning Call 1985-10-19
The return of a science fiction great The Globe and Mail 1985-10-19
A misunderstanding The Globe and Mail 1985-10-23
My hero The Daily Tar Heel 1985-10-23
Tardis travel The Sydney Morning Herald 1985-10-27
Dr. Who is om te lachen én om bang voor te zijn De Telegraaf 1985-10-28
Who--it's Colin Baker, the newest traveler of time and space, continuing the 20 year tradition of television's oldest science fiction hero SF Movieland 1985-11-01
John Nathan-Turner's Who Confessions Starlog 1985-11-05
Doctor Who in '86 Starlog 1985-11-05
Calling itself Tardis 22 Variety 1985-11-06
For Penn-Princeton Viewers, the Final Gun Sounded at 4 O'Clock Philadelphia Daily News 1985-11-08
Inside New York Newsday 1985-11-15
Watch for an announcement at next weekend's Tardis 22 Chicago Tribune 1985-11-20
Dr. Who fans to meet Saturday Green Bay Press-Gazette 1985-11-21
Dr. Who celebrates Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-11-22
Radio Who Starburst 1985-11-23
Dr. Who is scheduled to land at the Hyatt next weekend Northwest Herald 1985-11-23
Dr. Who convention to preview stage version Chicago Tribune 1985-11-28
Role-playing contest open door to romance, adventure Chicago Tribune 1985-11-29
Dr. Who vs. the BBC: The tale of a superhero's setback and its consequences Chicago Tribune
Ottawa Citizen
Lakeland Ledger
Dayton Daily News
Albuquerque Journal
Daily Press
Edmonton Journal
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Daily Register
Wisconsin State Journal
La Crosse Tribune
TARDIS draws who's who of 'Dr. Who' Chicago Sun-Times 1985-11-29
Attention all Doctor Who fans ... Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1985-11-29
Who-weeeeee! Daily Herald 1985-11-30
Dr. Who reunion Chicago Sun-Times 1985-11-30
Doctor is Tops Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1985-12-01
A Journey Through Time Fine Tuning (Milwaukee) 1985-12-01
CBS-Fox Video to Offer Home Video of BBC-Produced Shows Associated Press 1985-12-02
Star role Liverpool Echo 1985-12-02
U.S. actor to play Dr Who Daily Express 1985-12-02
Whovians are campaigning to get 'Dr. Who' on the air The Indianapolis Star 1985-12-03
I, too, am a fan of "Dr. Who" The Paducah Sun 1985-12-04
All the Dr. Whos get together Indianapolis News 1985-12-05
It Never Occurred to Me I Could Be The Doctor Starlog 1985-12-05
Gratuitous violence for kids' TV The Canberra Times 1985-12-08
Whovians come out in force in support of their program The Indianapolis Star 1985-12-10
Roger Mueller stars as the first American Dr. Who Chicago Sun-Times 1985-12-13
Who, indeed! The Sydney Morning Herald 1985-12-15
Who Dey The Cincinnati Enquirer 1985-12-16
Dr Who, your time is up The Canberra Times 1985-12-16
Box of Delights a real treat for all The Age 1985-12-19
When it comes to raising funds, Channel 12 officials realize the importance of being earnest Illinois State Journal-Register 1985-12-27
Now that I'm Mr Nobody, by Dr Who The Mail on Sunday 1985-12-29

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