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title publication date
I miss Doctor Who Metro (Australia) 2003-01-01
Daphne Oram obituary The Times 2003-01-24
Laying the track for a new sound Daily Express 2003-02-13
What a sci-fi guy The Age 2003-02-14
Search for footage travels back in time Blackpool Gazette 2003-02-28
A hard knock life The Stage and Television Today 2003-03-06
Doctor Matrix The Australian 2003-04-01
Celebrating an alien obsession The Australian 2003-04-02
Digital destiny The Stage and Television Today 2003-04-10
Death of the Daleks Daily Express 2003-04-11
Exterminate, exterminate! BBC kills off its Daleks workshop The Times 2003-04-11
BBC Director-General Greg Dyke is facing a staff rebellion Daily Express 2003-04-24
Look who's TV favourite Daily Express 2003-05-13
Exterminate! (2003) New Scientist 2003-06-14
Doctor makes peace with Daleks for convention The Northern Echo 2003-06-23
Do not exterminate The Pink Paper 2003-06-27
Shane set for Dr role Sunday Express 2003-06-29
Who goes there? (2003) Radio Times 2003-07-19
Cult hits grow Web roots Chicago Tribune 2003-07-26
Timeless lord Bristol Post 2003-07-31
What and when plague Dr Who's return The Courier Mail 2003-08-09
Back to the future New Statesman 2003-08-11
Look Who's Back Evening Gazette 2003-08-25
Post-ironically, I failed New Statesman 2003-09-01
Fact fudging Daily Express 2003-09-02
The Doctor is in (The Age) The Age 2003-09-06
About time The Age 2003-09-18
Peter Russell The Stage and Television Today 2003-09-25
Doctor Who ready to come out of the Tardis for Saturday TV series The Daily Telegraph 2003-09-26
The time's right for a new Who Daily Star 2003-09-27
Cult Favorite 'Doctor Who' Coming Back Associated Press
Lansing State Journal
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
The Daily Chronicle
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Fond du Lac Reporter
Opelousas Daily World
Time to return? Radio Times 2003-09-27
Doctor Who will survive The Daily Telegraph 2003-09-27
Should Dr Who be reincarnated as a Time Lady? The Sunday Telegraph (England) 2003-09-28
Exterminate Alistair Campbell The Sunday Times 2003-09-28
Time for a Timelady in Tardis says ex-Dr Who Daily Star 2003-09-29
BBC back to cult favorite 'Doctor Who' The Hollywood Reporter 2003-09-29
BBC tuning up time machine for 'Dr. Who' The Hollywood Reporter 2003-09-30
Doctor Who? (Antiques and Collectables) Antiques & Collectables 2003-10-01
Eddie's time for Dr Who Daily Star 2003-10-02
Eddie is set to be Dr. Who The Mirror 2003-10-03
Eddie to be Dr Who? Daily Express 2003-10-03
Who is the best Doctor Daily Star 2003-10-03
A camp transvestite doctor would breathe some new life into this ancient programme Daily Star 2003-10-04
Guess Who's coming to town The Des Moines Register 2003-10-04
New Dr Who located on planet of the character actors The Sunday Times 2003-10-05
Welcome back, Dr Who Financial Times 2003-10-07
There's a Doctor in the house ... Woolwich News Shopper 2003-10-08
The Tardis is winging its way back, but who'll be at the controls? Radio Times 2003-10-11
Who's the Doctor? Radio Times 2003-10-11
Bookies Close Betting As The Smart Money Goes On Alan Davies To Be The New Doctor Sunday Express 2003-10-12
The Good Bad and the Ugly Daily Star 2003-10-17
The 14-year wait could soon be over for Doctor Who fans Televisual 2003-11-01
Who's Who? (Gay Times) Gay Times 2003-11-01
Who's who of Dr Who Daily Express 2003-11-08
Richard E Grant's emergence as the ninth Doctor Who - albeit in cartoon form - will also herald the character's full regeneration on television Sunday Herald 2003-11-09
Doctor Who takes over in cyberspace The Times 2003-11-13
Doctor Who: The Tenth Coming The Independent 2003-11-16
Who goes there (2003) The Western Australian 2003-11-17
Preparing the way for the 10th coming of Doctor Who The New Zealand Herald 2003-11-18
News delays Dr Who Woolwich News Shopper 2003-11-19
Un-ex-ter-min-ate... the return of Dr Who The Times 2003-11-21
Sounds out of this world Radio Times 2003-11-22
Taking the plunger Radio Times 2003-11-22
Lost tapes turn up Radio Times 2003-11-22
The Regeneration Game (2003) TV & Satellite Week 2003-11-22
All New Who Radio Times 2003-11-22
The Whos' Who's Who Radio Times 2003-11-22
Happy Birthday, Timelord TV Times 2003-11-22
Who do you do? Radio Times 2003-11-22
Who's Who In Dr Who Birmingham Post 2003-11-22
Tom Baker on ... Radio Times 2003-11-22
The RT Files Radio Times 2003-11-22
Captured in time Radio Times 2003-11-22
My favourite Doctor Radio Times 2003-11-22
Can't wait for the TV series? Radio Times 2003-11-22
Docs on the box Radio Times 2003-11-22
Who was the real me-and how, says Tom Baker Sunday Express 2003-11-23
A Doctor Who Refuses To Be Exterminated Daily Post 2003-11-24
Masters Of The Whoniverse Daily Post 2003-11-24
Cyberfans Demand Daleks Time-Travel Back To 2003 Western Mail 2003-11-25
The cult of Frisbie Cityview 2003-11-26
Bill Strutton obituary The Times 2003-12-04
Doctor Who plays it straight TV Times 2003-12-06
The ratings war New Statesman 2003-12-15
Gordon Reid The Times 2003-12-15
The Story of Doctor Who Radio Times 2003-12-20
You will obey! Radio Times 2003-12-20
Alfred Lynch obituary The Times 2003-12-20
What Britain's Top TV Critic Watched Last Night Daily Express 2003-12-31
The Story of Dr Who The Guardian 2003-12-31

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