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New Who In Town (1987)

1987-06-02 Starlog 120 p8 composite.jpg


... We met Sylvester McCoy, the new Doctor Who, at this world debut in Atlanta, GA at the U.S. Doctor Who Van Tour.

At first, McCoy's small stature and Scottish accent are surprising for the character of the Doctor, but he immediately puts one at ease with his zany comedy. His bizarre humor seems an attempt to bring back the lightness of the Tom Baker years. Sylvester mentioned that his tentative costume is still in the making, but he gave a hint by removing his glasses and tipping his odd-looking straw hat.

"I was hired Monday and they said, 'You'll be on a plane to Atlanta Thursday,'" remarked McCoy. Understandably, he displayed moments of nervousness during the weekend, but he covered it well with a charming personality and cheerful grin.

John Nathan-Turner was there to assist McCoy out of "tight spots," but Nathan-Turner received questions as well.

The air was tense when a fan asked the Who producer, "Weren't you supposed to have finished this job with Doctor Who last season?" But laughs arose when Nathan-Turner answered, "I thought I was through, too!"

Jon Pertwee also enchanted the audience with his endearing ways and gentle manners.

It was a great weekend. On behalf of all Georgia "Whovians," we want to thank everyone associated with the Van Tour for treating us to a wonderful show.

Tina Gross & Katherine Beetscher

La Grange College

La Grange, GA

. . What happened?! The last I heard, Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor Who, was willing and eager to play the Doctor for as long as they would let him (STARLOG #105). Today, I happened to tune in to the tail end of an interview special on TV, featuring Jon Pertwee (the Third Doctor), John Nathan-Turner, and someone named Sylvester McCoy, who was a complete stranger to me. From the little bit of conversation I was able to catch, this stranger is about to takeover the role of the Doctor. Is Colin Baker leaving already? Can you tell us anything about what's currently happening with the Doctor? Or have I missed something you've already printed?

Veronica Eller

Baker's departure from the series was reported in STARLOG #118. For a first encounter with the new Who, Sylvester McCoy, see page 12 this issue.

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