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A-t-t-e-n-t-i-o-n : You can win a dalek!

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1965-07 Lion.jpg

  • Publication: Lion
  • Date: July 1965
  • Author:
  • Page:
  • Language: English

YOU'VE seen the Daleks on television ... some of you might also have seen them in a new colour film now going the rounds.

The ones we are offering will thrill you even more. They are battery-operated, with amazing robot action and mysterious blue light ... and there to be won NOW, so on with your thinking caps, chaps !

Only members of the Lion Club may enter this competition, but newcomers can become members right away and take part by filling in the membership form below and posting it in the same envelope as their entry card.

How to Enter : Look carefully at the list on the right. The names of six well-known planets are given, but the following letters are missing : A, U, S, T, V, N, Y, M, 1, R, O, P. You have to insert them in place of the stars (two in each line) to spell out the planets' names in full. Got it ? Good !

List the six answers, in numbered order on a postcard, with your full name, address and date of birth, then ask an adult to sign it as your own unaided work.

On the address side, print " PLANETS " in the top left corner, and post to reach the Club by Thursday, 5th August.

The Daleks will be awarded for the six neatest correct entries, according to age, and my decision is final !—THE CLUB EDITOR.


(1) .. *ERCUR*

(2) .. *A*URN

(3) .. *E*US

(4) .. *LUT*

(5) .. UR*N*S

(6) .. JUP*TE*

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