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A timely look at the Timelords

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VIDEO-WATCHING: Brian J. Robb with the latest and the greatest in video

FIRST SCREENED in the wake of the Kennedy assassination, Doctor Who still has amazing staying power.

BBC Video have released a vast number of intergalactic adventures on home video, featuring all seven faces of the enigmatic Timelord, as well as an array of classic tea-time monsters. The first Doctor was William Hartnell. At first BBC Video were rather reluctant to release any of these creaky black and white episodes, fearing they wouldn't sell nearly as well as the all-colour exploits of most popular Doc, Tom Baker. Despite these misgivings, the release of tapes like The Daleks proved runaway best-sellers. Other classic Hartnell stories on video are the very first episodes, An Unearthly Child, historical adventure with The Aztecs, and the return of the pepper-pot aliens in The Dalek Invasion of Earth. Second Doctor Patrick Troughton hasn't fared so well on home video release. In a crazy move during the Seventies, the BBC wiped many of the original episodes, not realising what an asset archive television was to become. Of the Troughton tales released, The Mind Robber is a surreal classic which sees the Doctor doing battle with the likes of Cyrano de Bergerac!

Jon Pertwee was the third Doctor and the first to be transmitted in colour episodes, many of which (including two Dalek adventures) are now available. Tom Baker is the Doctor everyone remembers and his seven years in the part have left BBC Video with a vast range of stories. This month sees his first ever adventure, Robot (from 1974), out on video.

All tapes retail at £10.99. NEW THIS MONTH FROM BBC VIDEO:

Dr Who: Robot (BBCV4714, 99 minutes).

Dr Who: The Caves of Androzani (BBCV4713, 101 minutes).


WE HAVE TEN sets of THREE classic Doctor Who adventures to give away, thanks to BBC Video. The first ten names out of the hat correctly answering the question below will win copies of:

Planet of the Spiders, starring Jon Pertwee in his final adventure in 1973

Robot, starring Tom Baker in his first adventure made in 1974

The Caves of Androzani, starring Peter Davison in his final tale from 1983.

All you do is answer this question:

•Who played the Doctor in the two Doctor Who movies made during the Sixties?

The first ten correct answers received by Friday win a triple pack of Doctor Who adventures. Send your entry to:

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