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Aliens at war!

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THE year is 2089. Earth has been invaded by monstrous three-legged metal aliens towering 80ft tall.

And in occupied England it was a special day. Capping Day. Boys and girls aged 16 must have their heads shaved and a wire mesh moulded to their skulls.

After that gruesome ritual, they are the slaves of the monsters—devoid of emotion, anger, pity and ambition.

But three youngsters—called Will, Henry and Beanpole— decide to run. The odds are stacked against them as they flee across Europe.

Surely our heroes can't topple the tin-can giants ? Or villain take can they. . .

To start to find out, switch on to The Tripods on BBC1 at 5.20 this evening.

The producer of this new sci-fi series, Richard Bates, pleads for no comparison between The Tripods and Dr Who and his Daleks. Some chance.

It is in the same time spot, albeit different season of the year. It has the same sci-fi overtones.

Clearly the BBC is confident of success with The Tripods. Three series have been ordered, and these days that is a rare burst of enthusiasm and confidence by the planners.

For the first time with a major project calling for super-imposing actors on to fake backgrounds everything is on video instead of film. That will eliminate the giveaway "join."

On screen the metal aliens look terrifyingly life size ; off screen they are models a mere few feet high.

Producer Richard Bates, who has The Avengers, Public Eye and a whole string of dramas to his credit, says : "Even two years ago it would have been technically, impossible to do this series."

For the three young actors who share the lead roles John Shackley, Jim Baker and Ceri Seel — it is the chance of a lifetime.

Now, let battle for popularity commence — The Tripods versus the Daleks!

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