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Back on earth for The War Games

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Dr. Who is off on his last adventure for a while. Here Gay Search recalls his exploits—and looks into the future

IN THE two-and-a-half years since Dr. Who, by using one of his more impressive secret formulas, managed to make himself a couple of thousand years younger, he has travelled billions of miles through space and almost as many years through time.

The young version of Dr. Who, played of course by Patrick Troughton, had his first taste of adventure in a tussle with the Daleks, an old enemy. His second adventure took him back in time into the eighteenth century, to the battle of Culloden, where he managed to rescue some defeated Highlanders from the gallows or transportation.

One of these Highlanders—an obstinate lad by the name of Jamie —chose to stay with the doctor and left with him in the Tardis. 'Jamie did become a bit more flexible as time went on,' says Frazer Hines, who plays the part.

Together they fought off Cybermen and the Macra and again came up against the Daleks. From their evil clutches they rescued Victoria —played by Deborah Watling—daughter of a Victorian scientist, who, after her father was killed, chose to join the crew of the Tardis. In the course of their travels they came up against the Cybermen, the Yeti, the Ice Warriors, but for Victoria the seaweed creature was the last straw—she decided to stay on earth.

Poor Victoria did have a terrible time one way and another,' says Deborah. She was always being scared out of her wits, but I enjoyed it enormously.' Deborah has found that the outfits aid wore in the series were extremely popular, and customers in the boutique she now owns often ask if they can have copies of them!

Zoe (Wendy Padbury), who joined the doctor and Jamie on their next adventures, was no timid Victorian miss. She was a girl from the future whose brain power sometimes astounded even the doctor. The three of them have fought the old enemies and, most recently, the Space Pirates. Now they're back on earth for The War Games, their last adventure for the time being.

Dr. Who will be back in the New Year in glorious colour without Jamie or Zoe and with a new doctor. Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines are both sad that their long relationship is coming to an end. 'It's been great fun,' Patrick Troughton says, and he adds philosophically : Now I'm going to sit at home again and wait for the telephone to ring.'

Frazer Hines says : It's been marvellous working with Patrick and I've learnt a lot—improved enormously — through watching him. He says I haven't!' One small consolation for Frazer, though, is that he won't have to wear the kilt any more. It's no joke on a windy day—and have you ever tried riding a horse in one? '

Both Wendy Padbury and Deborah Watling are full of admiration for Patrick Troughton.

But Patrick is making sure that this Dr. Who goes out in a blaze of glory. The final action-packed adventure of the present series is centred on various wars in mankind's history, and the doctor is captured by his own people, the Time Lords.

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