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When people aren't complaining that the Big Brother celebrities aren't famous enough, they're grumbling that the new Doctor Who is too young. "Toddler in the Tardis", warns a dismayed posting on a BBC messageboard. True enough, Matt Smith, ceremonially unveiled over the weekend as the successor to David Tennant, is only 26 -- the most junior doctor ever. Doctor Who, on the other hand, is 903, making an 877-year discrepancy, if you are going to be picky about it. Which people clearly are. Some are suggesting it should have gone to an actor with more suitable amount of experience, which, if you wish, you can interpret as a subtle way of saying Bruce Forsyth.

You could hardly announce a new Doctor Who without upsetting someone, though. The Time Lord is the most iconic figure on contemporary television. After Simon Cowell, of course. What should encourage the doubters is that Smith says he "hasn't slept" since he was told he had got the job, just before Christmas. Remember, he isn't even due to snatch up the Sonic Screwdriver until 2010, after Tennant "regenerates" in the 2009 Christmas special. A full year of sleeplessness on, with sagging eyelids and a few tired lines between those pastry-cutter cheek-bones, he'll be fine. Amazing thing, though, regeneration. And, in a way it's what the contestants on Celebrity Big Brother are hoping for, too. The one with the dark hair, especially. You know — the one who was in a soap. Or was she a singer? That one.

Caption: Another year without sleep should see him right

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