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Booked in with beloved doctor

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Booked in with beloved doctor

MATT Smith as the new Doctor Who. Of course. Perfect.

Doctor Who seems to have been around since the dawn of television. Anyone with children who are getting on a bit will have been immersed in the time lord milieu since the days of afro hairdos and Holden Geminis.

I had an afro when our kids first tuned in to Jon Pertwee doing his doctor turn. Before him there was Patrick Troughton. After him came Tom Baker. The Whovian lineage reads like a record of Biblical succession, each wise and venerable leader begetting the next.

We had a Gemini as well. It was bright yellow and we drove it for so long the driver's seat collapsed one day from sheer wear and tear. One minute the seat was sitting upright, the next it was sliding all over the place and we had a battle to see above the dashboard.

We wedged some cobbled-together device behind it to keep it in place. So long as the old Gemini got us to the shops and the hockey ground and on hair-raising trips to the West Coast, where there was always the risk of the make-shift seat falling apart en route, that was OK.

In a generation removed from urban 4WDs and sedans with more accessories than Paris Hilton's handbag, what you drove didn't matter. Give us four wheels, four doors, a windscreen wiper and a tape deck that belted out the latest Devo and that was us sorted.

They were cheap and cheesy Doctor days. The kids and I wouldn't miss him for quids. What the hell if Davros owed his malevolence to a tinny voice, a latex fright mask and a wheelchair dolled up with a few knobs and flashing lights? Who cared if the Zygons were about as scary as Betty Boop? And if the extra-terrestrial camped it up in plastic lizard scales and the good earth guys had the charisma of fence palings -- it took nothing away from the escapist fun of it.

Now after 45 years and 10 doctors, Matt Smith gets to be the guy from Gallifray. Doctor fans have given him the thumbs up. The main drawback with some nitpickers is his floppy hair. Works for us in Party Animals. And after all, Jon Pertwee got around in a velvet jacket and frilly shirt and he still managed to give the Daleks what for.

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