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Oriole's I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek is what I call carrying a gimmick a little too far! Even during this season of goodwill. True, those fascinating electronic and mechanical creatures, the Daleks, are very popular but the overall treatment of The Go-Gos on this disc is much too childish to be acceptable. Childish voices, extremely banal lyrics and all the added electronic sound effects make it seem ultra-contrived; therefore, insincere — and no children's disc. play or book will be a success with the children if they sense insincerity. The Daleks were originally conceived by the BBC for the viewing of children in the now celebrated "Dr. Who": I say originally conceived because, as it turned out, children of all ages took to the Daleks as a very sound example of science fiction. They were believable: they did not play DOWN to their audience. On this disc there is nothing particularly festive really; the melody, such as it is, is extremely run-of-the-mill basic stuff — and the treatment takes the easy, ever-obvious way out, with no attempt at subtlety. I doubt very much whether any child over the age of file would find this one either bendable or interesting.

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