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Buskirk-Chumley hosts 'Intruders,' 'Doctor Who' premieres

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Hundreds of people decked out in bow ties, fezzes and police box dresses gathered Saturday night inside the Buskirk-Chumley Theater to view the season eight premiere of "Doctor Who" along with the series premiere of BBC America's new paranormal thriller, "Intruders."

Before the show, people posed for pictures with cardboard cutouts, taking pictures with phones that had police box covers.

They took free handouts while trying to escape the rain. The Buskirk-Chumley allowed guests to enter the venue early.

"We let folks in because of the weather," said Rebecca Stanze, associate director of the Buskirk-Chumley.

An hour before the event even started, Stanze said she was expecting about 400 people in all.

Young and old, people came from miles around to see the show for free, including Matt Broussard, who said he and his wife drove for more than an hour from Center Point, Ind., to come to the show.

Broussard stood dressed as Matt Smith, the season seven Doctor.

"My wife and I are huge fans," Broussard said.

He said he likes the show because it is intelligent and funny. He and his wife have been following the show since season one of the new era.

"I expect to be pleasantly wowed by the new Doctor," Broussard said.

He also said he believed he would enjoy "Intruders" as well because he is a fan of "The X-Files."

Bloomington local Jaqueline Xavier said her love of "Doctor Who" made attending the premiere a must.

"I think it's going to be pretty good," she said.

Also in attendance and first in line at the doors were members of the IU Doctor Who Society.

President of the society, sophomore Alexandra Koyfman, said the group is made up of a collection of fans who get together to discuss the show, make crafts and eat "Dr. Who"-themed foods.

The group started in 2012 and is officially titled, "Whovians at Indiana University"

Koyfman, eagerly awaiting the new season, said she picked up the show about a year ago and has loved it ever since.

"I'm expecting a different Doctor of course ... who is a little darker," she said.

As a representative from BBC took the stage, the audience went wild, cheering and seemingly agreeing they loved the Doctor.

The audience was able to watch the series premiere of "Intruders" three hours before the rest of the world, and they seemed stunned by what they saw.

When a character said he thought his friend "had just ended up in Indiana," the crowd laughed hysterically, but other than that, the audience rarely reacted audibly.

"It was grittier than I thought it was going to be," Broussard said.

He said he was sure they were building to something big, but he needs at least three more episodes to answer the whos and whys he didn't get from the first.

Koyfman agreed and said, "I'm not entirely sure what my opinion is yet."

As the pre-show began, the audience roared for Chris Hardwick, the host of the live countdown.

The season eight premiere inspired far more reactions from the audience than the "Intruders" screening, with people laughing and applauding at Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor, and Jenna Coleman, who portrayed his companion, Clara Oswald.

Dr. Who follows a time-travelling humanoid as he explores the universe and helps ordinary people and civilizations.

Each season the main character is portrayed by a different actor.

At the end of the seasons, the doctor is reincarnated and oftentimes has an entirely new personality.

Although the character has been played by 12 different actors throughout it's run, each one is part of the same doctor.

"I feel like Peter Capaldi is the Doctor," Koyfman said.

She said she felt he interpreted the role in a very new way.

"The new season was amazing," Broussard said.

He said he was pleased with Capaldi and will definitely be re-watching the show with his wife.

At final count, Stanze said 347 people were in the house for the two premieres.

"The weather, I think, really hurt us," she said.

Of the people who did show up, though, Stanze said she thinks they definitely enjoyed themselves and that if a showing like this were to occur again, she'd love to have it at the Buskirk-Chumley.

"I love that people were wearing their costumes," she said as crowds of "Whovians" walked past her to the exit, discussing what they were expecting in next week's episode.

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