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I'm rather surprised KCET didn't choose to strip Dr. Who in nightly chapters rather than running the spooky British serial on a once-a-week basis, beginning tonight (at 7:30 on Channel 29). It's the longest-running series in the history of the BBC with a cliff-hanger at the end of each chapter in which either Dr. Who (Jon Pertwee) or his pretty miniskirted assistant Liz Shaw (Caroline John) is at the mercy of sore fearful beast or is involved In some other dilemma

A few weeks ago I wrote about an experiment in teaching children In Florida to read via television in which a 43-year-old movie serial, one of those Saturday-matinee thrillers, was used. Shown nightly in the place of Bewitched reruns, the serial not only was valuable to the kids in relating the words spoken to the dialogue in the script, but it received double the ratings of any of its opposing shows (Bonanza, the FBI) and even outrated the chapters of Bewitched it replaced.

KCET picked up 72 chapters of Dr. Who. which could give them tots of audience and a good long run of a nightly strip. Once a week, they've got a year and a half of product. But shown nightly I would think every kid within shouting distance would be glued to the set every evening. and a lot of adults too.

Dr. Who, incidentally, is a dashing figure in velvet coat, ruffled shirt and flowing tie who wears a cloak with a scarlet lining and is pulled in to solve bizarre situations that baffle the authorities. Each of his adventures runs for a few weeks to a conclusion and then is succeeded by another.

The opener, "The Silurians," is a seven-parter in which military authorities call Dr. Who and Liz to an underground nuclear plant built in vast old caves in the north of England. There's been a mysterious periodic loss of power which has held up operations, plus death and injury to various investigators attempting to find out what is wrong. Dr. Who finds prehistoric monsters living underground in the caves and ... tune in next week....

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