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Could time be up for Tennant as Time Lord?

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IT has had children hiding behind sofas since it first hit our screens in 1963 and tonight millions of us will be glued to our televisions, gripped by the latest grand finale of Dr Who.

Fans of the cult sci-fi show have been wishing the last week away, desperate to know if the Doctor, played by Bathgate-born David Tennant, really is going to "regenerate".

For those readers who may never have owned a television set, this is the process that sees the Doctor change his physical form, and has allowed a succession of actors to play the role.

Tennant is tipped to be replaced by another Scots actor, Robert Carlyle, although there is still much debate as to whether he'll leave the show at all.

In the 45 years since the Time Lord made his debut appearance with William Hartnell in the title role, there has been much regenerating going on in Doctor Who.

A string of actors - including Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and the flamboyant Tom Baker - has played the role, and everyone has their own favourite.

Some say that David Tennant with his off-kilter good looks and no-nonsense charm, is the best yet - although many older viewers would certainly disagree.

Here, we talk to an array of viewers and ask them what they think of this quirky British institution.

Martin Rogerson

38, Edinburgh Dr Who group leader, of Meadowbank

"Up until very recently, I would have said Tom Baker was my favourite Doctor but that's just my age. I remember it vividly and even still it gives me a little chill. I think the things I remember most are the monsters - they are so creepy.

"When I was around six or seven, I thought they were just horrible, but somehow you were still drawn to it, despite the fear.

"I think the new shows are much more emotional and it seems like it's much more about ordinary people so it's easier to empathise with them.

"Tonight I'm watching it with a few friends and we all can't wait to find out what happens. Last week, we were all shouting at the TV set, just going crazy."

Arron Usher

31, actor, of Meadowbank

"I was brought up with Dr Who. As a child, I remember loving the fact that it was limitless in that the Doctor could travel through the universe and would never really die. It's great for kids' imaginations. I think that's why it has lasted so long - because anything can happen.

"Peter Davidson was my favourite Doctor because he was the first that I was really remember clearly when I was a kid but I think David Tennant is probably the best actor who has played the role. I'm loving this latest series and the storyline over the last two weeks has been the best ever.

"I think tonight we are going to see the Doctor half regenerate - something he might be able to reverse.I also think there's going to be heartache in that Donna [Catherine Tate] might die - but maybe that's too obvious."

Belinda Robertson

48, knitwear designer, of the West End

"I have loved the programme since Jon Pertwee when I thought it was really scary. I don't find it scary any more but as a young child I really did hide behind my younger sister.

"I don't think kids are so scared of it now - they're much tougher these days - but it's still a great programme and I think it's brilliant that they brought it back.

"I think it's a fantastic thriller and I love the thrill of the chase and all its mystique."

Susan White

30, bank worker, of Easter Road

"To be honest, I don't really watch it. I maybe watch the first five minutes just to get a quick fix of David Tennant. He's so good-looking."

Keith Peacock

37, taxi driver, Danderhall

"I loved Tom Baker best because his voice was so captivating. I couldn't take Peter Davidson seriously because he just reminded me of the vet from All Creatures Great and Small.

"I really did hide from the Daleks and even to this day I can't watch a horror film - I think Dr Who's definitely to blame."

Andrew Driver

20, Hearts midfielder, of Newhaven

"I despise the programme. I think it's total rubbish. I watched it once when it first came back on the TV and I thought it looked cheap and was stupid. I didn't like it at all."

James Brock

29, self-employed, Bruntsfield Place

"Sylvester McCoy or Peter Davidson were probably my favourites, simply because they were around when I was growing up.

"I do like David Tennant, and I think it'll be a shame if he leaves as he's really been the driving force behind the success of the recent series. It has become a little silly, though, so I could see why he might want to move on."

Dr Caroline Watt

45, parapsychologist at Edinburgh University

"There's a word for people who are real Doctor Who aficionados - 'Whovers' - but I'm certainly not one of those.

"When I was a child, I found it very scary but I know when my kids look at the special effects from those shows back then, they think it is ludicrous. I think Jon Pertwee was my favourite, which probably gives away my age."

Grant Stott

41, radio broadcaster and Evening News columnist

"My favourite is Jon Pertwee because that's when I started watching it in the early 1970s."

"Although I never went behind the couch, I was petrified when the Daleks appeared - I'd never seen anything as scary as that.

"I think the appeal lies in its fear and its excitement and the fact they can go on so many different kinds of journeys - it's limitless."

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