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Doctor...Who Cares?

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ON PAPER, it really did look like the big one Forget 'Starvation', forget all those massive donations that our caring sharing pop fraternity have so selflessly sent abroad in recent months.

In fact, forget charity records all together. This one was going to make Band Aid look like the tea party it really was.

Of course, no one was too sure who was going to turn up for the making of this historic slice of vinyl but the air was alive with rumours. Frankie. Culture Club. Wham! Oh. the list was endless

And the cause was, naturally, unimpeachable, all monies were to go to cancer relief, but the main raison d'etre for this gathering was to protest, in the strongest terms possible, at the BBC's decision to axe Doctor Who from our screens. The song is called 'Doctor In Distress'

Thus at 5 30 last Thursday evening the 'names' started to arrive at Soho's Trident Studios oblivious to the fact that - according to the BBC in a phone conversation with NME half an hour earlier - the good Doctor was not for the execution He was merely to be chopped from 45 minutes an episode to 25.

Still, a heavy political blow, right? So heavy in fact that Trident's studios were awash with, well no one There was Sally Thomsett who once starred in Man About The House and nothing much since.

There was Faith Brown, there was Ian Levine, head of Record Shack and author of the song in question, and, funnily enough nearly every Record Shack artist currently under contract.

Caption: The assorted galaxy of who? An autographed Paulo Mew in photo to anyone who recognises six or more people

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