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2006-04-17 Times The Knowledge p27.jpg

  • Publication: The Times
  • Date: 2006-04-17
  • Author: Caitlin Moran
  • Page: The Knowledge, p. 27
  • Language: English

The traditional checklist of the journalist is the mantra "What? Why? When? Where? Who?" On Saturday. pleasingly, the answer became "Who Who Who Who and Who!" — for Doctor Who (BBC One) returned for its second series under the fabulous Russell T. Davies, and the entire medium of television immediately looked 50 per cent brighter and more fun.

The key question of every episode of Doctor Who is — what is the scary hit? In this case, the scary hit was a disease made of Rice Krispies in which the secondary symptoms appeared to be mass hamnrery in serried ranks of extras". God bless drama, but it's never yet cracked a convincing zombie. The great actors will tackle the most challenging of roles but none, as yet, has had a pop at the automaton corpse. Pacino's zombie. Hoffman's zombie, the zombie of Dench — you've put to figure, if these titans of thespians blench from rocking front foot to foot, arms outstretched, drooling "Ooone of uuus", what hope has some kid fresh out of stage school got?

Poor zombies aside, however, this was a great bit of cheap, imaginative television with perfect casting. Billie Piper became possessed with the spirit of Cassandra, the atomically coquettish Last Human Being, and showed a real skill for comedy — like Lucille Ball, but with the teeth of a wolf. David Tennant, meanwhile, wore an extremely fetching pair of spectacles. and continued to project the aura of a phenomenally great lay with access to a Tardis — in other words. the lint Timephwoard.

Happily for those who agree with me — which I would roughly estimate to be anyone between the ages of 13 and 60 who has eyes Russell T. Davies appears to have decided that a major facet of Tennant's Doctor will he lung. running intergalactic sexual tension with Piper — thus paving the way for the longest, hottest summer since David and Maddy bantered over the corpses in Moonlighting.

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