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Is new Doctor too scary for kids?

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HE promised his Doctor would be 'less user-friendly' and a 'little darker'.

And yesterday, hours after Peter Capaldi made his debut as the 12th Doctor, some viewers questioned whether the Time Lord was too scary for their children to watch. As the 80-minute episode unfolded, fans took to Twitter to celebrate the show's return, 51 years after its very first episode. Some revealed the season opener titled Deep Breath, had left their children cowering 'behind the sofa'. One Twitter user @Northsea_view said the show was 'still scary', adding: 'Shouldn't it be on after the watershed? It disturbs children.'

Andy Piper complimented the 'fantastic performances' of Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, who plays sidekick Clara Oswald, describing the show as 'funny, scary and exciting'. Vaughan Anscombe tweeted: '#drwho clockwork robots still scary, just ask my daughter. She's behind the sofa.' A fellow Twitter user added: 'I liked it but I think It's too scary for children.'

A peak of 7.3million viewers tuned in to the BBC1 show, which aired simultaneously at 440 British cinemas and in major cities in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Deep Breath saw the hero investigate gruesome murders in Victorian London, while settling into his new form. In a first for the show, he speaks with a Scottish accent, noting, 'I am Scottish, I've gone Scottish ... I can complain about things.' Capaldi and Coleman travelled 35,000 miles on a publicity tour ahead of the new series, visiting seven countries in 12 days. Best known as a foul-mouthed spin doctor in BBC satire The Thick Of It, Capaldi 56, is joint oldest Doctor with the first, William Hartnell. He replaces Matt Smith, 31, who returned for a cameo in a phone call to Clara. The previous incarnation of the Doctor asks her. 'Please tell me I didn't get old - anything but old ...Oh, is he grey?'

In an interview a few weeks ago Capaldi said of his Doctor. 'I was keen he be a little darker. He's struggling with himself and who he is.'

Caption: Darker: Peter Capaldi with co-star Jenna Coleman

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