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It's an urban thriller - very James Bond

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New series DOCTOR WHO Sat BBC1 6.15pm

He's had a succession of beautiful assistants over the years, and Doctor Who's latest companion could be the most stunning of them all as the gorgeous Jenna-Louise Coleman permanently steps into the role of Clara.

After two guest star appearances alongside Matt Smith last year, the new series features Jenna-Louise finally installed in The Tardis as the Doctor's sexy sidekick proper.

Together they now embark on a series of epic adventures battling classic baddies such as the Cybermen, and brand new monsters.

We chat to former Emmerdale and Waterloo Road star Jenna-Louise, 26, about her special bond with Matt and why she loves Easter...

Are you excited to finally be confirmed as the Doctor's companion?

Yes, it's weird because this feels like Take Three, after my first episode as Oswin in Asylum Of The Daleks, then as Clara in the Christmas special, The Snowmen. So it feels like I've had first-day-at-school nerves three times over. But The Bells Of St John is Clara's first real adventure as the Doctor's companion. It's a new beginning.

Tell us about the opening episode.

It's an urban thriller set in contemporary London and it feels very James Bond-esque. We filmed at The Shard, near St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Bridge and around Big Ben. It felt so unbelievably British, riding on a motorbike with Doctor Who past the Houses of Parliament.

What else can we expect from this series?

There's an episode set underwater on a Russian submarine, another in the infinite interior of The Tardis, and a " period-themed adventure on the Yorkshire Moors in the 1890s. My personal favourite was Clara's first journey to an alien planet. It's like the film Avatar - at one point the Doctor and Clara are surrounded by a packed amphitheatre full of weird aliens.

You filmed an episode with Jessica Raine as a guest star, didn't you?

That was really nice as it was my first day on set and it was great to have another girl around. I was really excited to work with Jess because I love Call The Midwife.

Tell us about the 50th anniversary celebrations planned for November.

I feel really lucky to be a part of it all. Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi show on television and this anniversary makes me realise what a huge thing the half-century birthday is. I recently went to the Royal Mail launch of the 50th anniversary Doctor Who stamps, which was attended by lots of old Doctors and was signed off by the Queen!

The show is watched by 72 million people worldwide. Are you daunted by that?

Wow! I didn't know it was that many. Goodness no, I can't even think of things like that while I'm filming, as I'd be too scared to go on set. I've been in big shows like Emmerdale and Waterloo Road, but the interest and hype of Doctor Who can be quite overwhelming. At my first photo-call I couldn't believe how many people turned up. It was a shock to the system, but it's cool to live in the Doctor Who bubble.

How do you get on with Matt Smith?

Great! He told me that Doctor Who bonds actors together in a way no other show does. We've saved each other's lives and stopped the world from ending already.

Will the on-screen flirtation between Clara and the Doctor continue?

There's always a chemistry between the Doctor and his companions. The flirtation between Clara and the Time Lord will be a slow burn throughout the series, but I don't want to give too much away. The Doctor hates an unsolved mystery and that's exactly what Clara is to him.

Are you a big fan of Easter?

I remember at school we would have an arts and crafts competition, where you boiled an egg and decorated it. I loved that and even won it one year! They used to bring cute little chicks into class too. These days, my favourite type of chocolate egg is Kinder.


THE WEEPING ANGELS: Sinister statues featured in four seasons. They did for Amy and Rory Pond.

THE DALEKS: Unquestionably the Doctor's most iconic enemy. First appeared in 1963. EX-TER-MINATE!

THE CYBERMEN: Evil cyborgs boasting human brains in metal bodies. Due back in this series.

THE ZYGONS: Memorable monster from 1975. for ICE WARRIORS: Reptilian beasts also re-invented for 2013.

Great! "The flirtation between Clara and the Doctor is a slow-burner throughout the series"

GRAPHIC: SOAP ROLE: With Charley Webb (right) in Emmerdale

IN THE CITY: Jenna-Louise felt very British filming the opening episode alongside various iconic London landmarks

CHEMISTRY: Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise

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