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The Empire's silent stalker, Boba Fett puts aside his Wookie scalps and unplugs his jet pack long enough to tell us about the actor behind the helmet.

Early "Who"

Aside from Empire, Bulloch has only appeared in two other science-fiction features—both were episodes of the British SF institution Dr. Who. "I did the second story of Dr. Who way back in 1962 when I was 16 years old. I was the leader of a race of children. They were a very intelligent race. We had this swept back hair, pointed ears and sort of funny eyebrows on top of our foreheads. They blocked out our real eyebrows and put these eyebrows on the tops of our heads. The special effects didn't work at all."

Ten years later, Bulloch appeared in another segment of Dr. Who as a different character. By this time the series was into its third doctor, Jon Pertwee, and the special effects had much improved. "In this segment," says Bulloch, "I played Hal, the Archer, who is like a Robin Hood character. The telephone box arrives, and there's Dr. Who and all these people from the Middle Ages. I'm supposed to be a nice young man, a brilliant archer with long hair, tights and all that. Suddenly. this creature from space arrives, an ugly sort of lizard-looking creature. The only way to kill this creature was to fire this arrow from my bow into a tiny hole in the back of his neck. Right at the end of the series I do kill him, and the doctor goes off quite happily."

Bulloch says he recently spoke to the producer of Dr. Who and told him, "Look it's been 10 years since I did the last one; so I'm ready to come into it again." He said, 'Well, we'll see.' There is a possibility. I've dropped the suggestion, and I hope they pick up on it. I feel that 1982 is my time to come back into it again because it will be 10 years since I did the last one and 20 years since I did the first."

Should the producers ask Bulloch to appear in a Dr. Who segment, he already has an idea of the type of character he would like to play—"a masked creature, that would be nice. I've been seen in the other two. I think I could go by the mask this time—or be just a voice."

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