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Doctor Who fans will remember K9, the Doctor's faithful robot dog. Well now he has a show of his own, K9, which sees him team up with three young adventurers and a crazy professor to fight aliens and the dark forces trying to control the world.

K9 premieres on Ch 10 at 9.30am on Saturday, April 3.

Chill spoke with K9 producer Penny Wall about the new series:

CHILL: How far into the future is K9 set?

PW: Well we refer to it as the "near future". Somewhere around 2050. We wanted to give it the feeling that things had changed in our normal world somewhat, and we were now being visited by aliens, and living in a world that had been noticeably impacted by global warming. It's identifiable, but it's not necessarily today.

It's seems a slightly sinister future, with robot police running around arresting people ...

The government obviously has changed due to the devastation that's occurred from the warming and other events. The world has changed to a degree that governments have taking on a more controlling element, but there are good and bad elements within those governments.

The whole show is a lot of fun and a rollicking adventure, but there are deeper issues such as separation from family and the like.

We live in a world where families are no longer mother, father and three kids. It's a world where there is a lot of separation and family units are not necessarily the same as they once were. These are the series' underlying issues, but they're not what this series is about - we wanted to create a fun world of action and adventure.

Do you think K9 will appeal more to boys or girls?

I'm hoping that it will appeal to boys, as it is an action-adventure. But we do think that there's enough in it to appeal to girls as well.

I can see Jorjie (Phillipa Coulthard) becoming something of a hero to girls ...

Oh, I think so, and she's a gorgeous young actress.

You must have been very happy when John Leeson, the original voice of K9 from Doctor Who, agreed to take part?

Oh yes, we were delighted when he said he'd come back and do the voice of K9. It connects the original K9 with our regenerated K9. John was wonderful, and we had a great time.


K9 is the hero who initiates the action while the others follow.

Fiercely loyal to Starkey, the duo will face any challenge, investigate any mystery and confront any alien monster.



Even Professor Gryffen has to eat - enter the street-smart motor mouth Darius, who delivers to scientist's groceries and anything he needs for his experiments. Darius isn't a fan of K9, and the feeling is mutual.



Jorjie Turner comes from a privileged home. Her mother June is a bigwig in The Department, a government agency set up to keep tabs on aliens.

Jorjie wants excitement and escape from her cloistered world, and in K9 and Starkey she's hit the motherload.



When K9 flies out the door to confront an alien threat, Starkey will be hot on his heels and Starkey will have a plan.

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