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Liza: I'm not a druggie

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1996-04-30 Star.jpg

  • Publication: Star
  • Date: 1996-04-30
  • Author: Peter Burt and Barbara Jones
  • Page: 20
  • Language: English

LIZA MINNELLI has lashed out at speculation over her bizarre behavior in recent months — claiming rumors of drug use are untrue.

But the singer's pals are becoming increasingly concerned by many of the things she says and does, as well as by her gaunt appearance.

In an interview promoting her new album Gently, Liza admitted she was concerned about stories comparing her with mom Judy Garland, who died of a drug overdose at age 47.

Liza, 50, who did a stint in the Betty Ford Clinic in 1984 for her own drug problems, said she recently called her sister, Lorna Luft, to talk about the rumors.

"What are they doing?" she asked Luft. "This is so weird."

And Liza told USA Today: "You don't do the kind of work that's on this album or all the concerts I've done if that (drug use) is going on.

You couldn't do it. The work is the proof."

But others question why she has been acting so strangely.

Liza was to appear at New York's Planet Hollywood on April 13 to accept an award for her mom from the Hollywood For Children Foundation. She was a no-show, even though she has an apartment 10 blocks away.

Another time, she stood up a crew from the British TV show The Full Wax that waited for two days in Nashville to tape a scheduled interview. She claimed through an aide to be sick.

A few months later Liza was in England and arranged to do the show at her suite in the Savoy hotel, where she was staying with her childhood pal, English actress Katie Manning.

Assistant producer Karen Rosie — and British TV viewers — were stunned at her appearance.

"I was pretty shocked by the way Liza was," says Rosie. "She was very giggly and over the top through the entire shoot. Hyper-hyper. Pretty impossible, although it suited us for Liza to be that wacky. Overly excited, you could say."

Liza promised to come clean with STAR about her health and weight loss, but hasn't yet delivered.

Caption: Liza Minnelli was gaunt and giggly when she was with English actress Katie Manning (right) in London

Spelling correction: Katy Manning

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