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Me, Dalek.

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Say 'Dalek' in England and everybody rushes around scream- ing 'ex-term-in-ate! ex-term-in-ate!'

So what the hell is a Dalek?

'Me, Dalek'.

The mean, mechanical Daleks. They wanted to take over the world. Well, they didn't quite make it. But they sneaked into a TV series for the kids. And pretty soon they had all the grown-ups enslaved.

They invaded Shepperton Studios and made a glorious film called "Dr.Who and the Daleks".

Even that wasn't enough.

They took over toyshops. And department stores. And plastic astro-ray pistols.

And fluid neutralisers. And sneakers. And quiz games. And books. And do-it yourself kits. And candies. And cookies. And film strips. And balloons. And candles. And cards. And play-slates. And charms. And kites.

In short they escalated into a big business, like the Beatles, or the Swiss Family Robinson, or Davy Crockett.

Putting it another way, they conquered the kids. And kids are the same the world over.

So watch it, New York.

We will ex-term-in-ate you!

Lion International Films

The International Division of British Lion

US Representative Gary Dartnall, Suite 1900, 1501 Broadway. NYC. Telephone: Lackawanna 4-6760. Cables: Lionfilm New York.

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